6 Reasons Why You’ll Love the Teamoy Knitting and Crochet Supplies Organizer

July 13, 2022

Do you love knitting and crochet? A lot of people do! It's exciting to take some yarn and a hook or needles and sit on a comfortable sofa or by the porch, creating something lovely. But as any knitter or crocheter knows, all that crafting can cause a lot of chaos. Yarn balls rolling around on the floor, tools getting lost in the couch cushions, hooks disappearing under piles of fabric—it's enough to make your head spin! 

Luckily, there's a simple solution: the Teamoy knitting & crochet supplies organizer. So, if you’re looking for something to give yourself a treat, you found one. Let’s get into the details on why you’ll love this product.

1.Organizer for crocheters and knitters

Because of the many similarities crocheting and knitting have, often, people enjoy doing both. If you are among these crafters, the Teamoy organizer can be home for your knitting and crocheting supplies from yarns, needles, scissors, and even washi tapes to name a few. 

Get these crocheting tools ready for organization:

  • Crochet hook
  • Yarns
  • Yarn needles
  • Scissors
  • Stitch markers
  • Measuring tape
  • Blocking mats and pins

Don’t forget to collect your knitting supplies, too, so you can fit them in the bag:

  • Straight and circular knitting needle
  • Knitting yarns
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stitch markers
  • Stitch holders
  • Washi tape/sticky notes
  • Needle caps

2.Various sizes to organize different supplies

The Teamoy organizer comes in small and large sizes. 

Small organizer bag size details

  • Bag dimensions: 11.4” x 7.9” x 8.9” 
  • Continuing projects compartment size: 2.5”
  • Yarn compartments: 5.4” x 3.5” and 5.4” x 2.2”

Large organizer bag size details

  • Bag dimensions: 15” x 9.8” x 11”
  • Continuing projects compartment size: 3”
  • Yarn compartments: 6.8” x 2.5”

Make sure to pick the organizer proportionate to the size of your supplies, so all of them can fit in. 

3.Well-designed yarn storage

Aside from the ample space for your crochet and knitting yarns, the bag has more pouches and storage space for your various tools. One of the clear PVC covers for the yarn is multipurpose. Not only does it cover the yarn and keeps them clean and free from dust, but it can also store as many as 14 knitting needles.

There are three pockets on the left, right, and back of the bag where crochet and knitting books, gadgets, and more needles can fit. The front pocket is designed to store crochet hooks, measuring tapes, scissors, markers, pins, and more!

4.Yarns free from tangles

Each crochet and knitting tool has its organizational challenges. One of the biggest challenges? Tangled yarns! Good thing, Teamoy organizer is designed to prevent this chaos from happening by providing compartments for all your yarns, the ones you use, and your yarn stash.

You don't need to take out the yarns when you start crafting. The bag has yarn holes that make each yarn accessible. When you need to pause, just fit the unfinished projects’ yarn cloth in the other compartment; the magic tapes for each yarn will keep them securely in place. 

5.Travel-friendly design

The Teamoy crocheting and knitting supplies bags are portable and lightweight, so you can take them with you when you travel. With its size, it can easily fit inside the back of your car. The design allows you to hand-carry the bag, lengthen the shoulder strap, or even wear it in a cross-body style.

Want to bring your knitting supplies with you to the office? Just place the bag on the chair next to you so your supplies are always within reach. Going on vacation? Position your bag on a chair in front of you for that added layer of style!

6.Eye-catching bag pattern and colors

The Teamoy bags are available in hues as colorful as your creations. You can get them in black, dark blue, purple, gray, green, pink, and gray polka dots. All are equally beautiful, so you can pick your favorite color, the shade that represents your personality, or the one that is easiest to match with clothes. 

If you are gifting it to someone else, it would be thoughtful to know that person’s favorite color to make your gift more appealing and special.

Social Proof Glimpse

If you check the Teamoy crochet and knitting supplies organizer on Amazon, you’ll see a tantamount number of feedback from customers. The product listing also has a perfect 5-star rating! These are what satisfied customers say about the organizer:

  • They can fit other things inside the bag. Aside from the crochet and knitting must-haves, buyers have also used the bag for their books, headphones, and gadgets.
  • Their goal for the organization is achieved. The Teamoy organizer has lived up to its promise of organizing needles, yarns, hooks, and more knitting and crochet tools. 
  • Crochet and knitting supplies fit in the huge bag space. Have a stash of yarn supplies or collect crocheting needles and hooks? The bag has space for them.
  • You can place it beside the couch. Skip the hassle of keeping your supplies inside drawers and rummaging through them when it’s crafts time. Place the bag beside the sofa where you knit and crochet for easier access.

As responsible buyers, part of the research should be social proof, so we hope these encouraging client remarks can help you decide.

A Few Considerations Before Buying

Nevertheless, just before you click that buy button, let us share a few considerations with you. Knowing them gives you a full view of the product and allows you to make an informed decision.

  • Getting the wrong bag size can mean some of your supplies won’t fit in, as other buyers have experienced.
  • Some clients also commented on receiving bags with factory defects.
  • If you are into patterned designs, you will find the Teamoy organizer lacking as it only has one patterned bag design.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an attractive and efficient way to organize your knitting or crochet supplies, the Teamoy knitting and crochet supplies, yarn, needles, and hooks organizer is a great option. It comes in various sizes to fit different materials, features well-designed ports and pouches, prevents yarn tangles, and can be carried with you on your travels. 

It also comes with a five-star rating of social proof in the form of customer reviews. Before buying this product, there are a few considerations, but overall, it’s a great investment for crocheters and knitters alike. The final verdict? For the Teamoy organizer of knitting & crochet supplies, beginners and seasoned knitters and crocheters will love this!If you need more information about supplies organizers, knitting and crocheting supplies, sewing, embroidery, quilting, and more, please check out our review and buying guides. We have more for you!

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