Unique Ways To Use Brother Embroidery Thread

June 9, 2022

Have you exhausted the last of your ideas for your embroidery hobby? Or maybe you are running an embroidery business and wish to diversify your product portfolio? There will be times when you need a little help with coming up with fresh ideas for your embroidery endeavors. Sometimes, the deep well whence creative juices flow runs dry, as they say.

Fortunately, the flexibility of machine embroidery lets you use it on almost any surface you can get your hands on. Shirts, curtains, napkins, pillowcases, denim jackets—you name it! As long as you can put it under the needle of a sewing machine, you can do your magic on any type of fabric (if your Brother embroidery machine can handle it, of course).

Are you eager to know what else you can do with your Brother embroidery thread kit (like the Simthread 63 Brother Colors polyester embroidery machine thread kit)? Then, read on and peruse these one-of-a-kind machine embroidery projects!

What Creative Machine Embroidery Projects Can I Do?

brother embroidery thread - Sewing tools on a desk

As you will discover in the following list below, there are plenty of creative ways to take advantage of your embroidery skills and your supply of 63 Brother Colors embroidery machine thread. Whether you are a long-time embroidery enthusiast or a new one, you will appreciate these new and imaginative embroidery projects. You can use some of these projects yourself and even make a profit out of them if your work is good enough to sell.

Patch A Hole (and Save the Planet!)

Many fashion boutiques today sell fashionable clothes for a meager price. Some would even argue that such good-looking garments have never been so accessible to the average Joe than ever before. Fashion companies make them fast and phase them out just as quickly. This business model is widely known as "fast fashion."

Unfortunately, the fast fashion industry produces up to 92 million tonnes of waste annually. So what can you do about it? Instead of sending your clothes to the landfill, you can repair and mend them. You can use your creative embroidery designs to patch holes in your denim jackets and jeans. Your friends might even ask where you bought your rugged and retro denim jacket!

Make Clothes Your Own

Any clothing you buy from stores will have hundreds of thousands of copies. You may even end up in an awkward situation where you encounter a random stranger wearing the very same shirt as you. Despite its merits, mass clothing production made it hard to express ourselves through the garments we wear uniquely.

However, embroidery lets us express our individuality and creativity through the language of decorative stitches and spools of polyester embroidery thread and sewing thread. You can take a piece of any store-bought clothing and apply your creative stitches to it. For instance, you can stitch an exciting pattern around the sleeves. You can even use embroidered patches to add character to your otherwise dull and run-of-the-mill shirts and pants.

Fun and Colorful Pillow Covers

Less is more, as they say. Following this design principle, pillow covers now often come in plain solid colors and nothing else printed. Decades ago, it was common to see living room couches and beds lined with pillows with floral prints and other repetitive patterns. Much has changed, but you can use modern pillowcases to your advantage.

Instead of condemning these pillowcases to an overwhelmingly empty aesthetic, you can use this emptiness as a canvas for your embroidered designs. You can search online for pillowcase templates and apply your embroidery to them. Maybe when your friends visit your home, they'd see your customized pillowcases and ask you for commissioned work!

A quilting machine works great in tandem with Brother embroidery machines (like the Brother PE770) to produce quilted pillowcases, blankets, sheets, and related products.

Eye-catching Bookmarks

Are you fond of reading books? What if you could fuse your love for reading and passion for embroidery? Instead of using pieces of paper, your old cards, and random knick knacks on your desk as your bookmarks, why not stitch some small pieces of fabric together and create your own beautiful and personalized bookmarks?

The best part about this is that you can tailor your bookmark specifically for the book you are reading. This way, the bookmark becomes a part of the book! You can take your cue from the book cover as design inspiration. For instance, if you are reading the all-time classic "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee, you can make an embroidered adaption of the iconic book cover on your bookmark.

You can even use embroidery software to import complicated embroidery designs into your Brother machine.

Put A Name To It

Don't you hate it when you and your siblings mix up your belongings? God forbid that you accidentally exchange toothbrushes! You then decided to put names and assign colors to your personal belongings to prevent this unfortunate scenario. Even moms write their children's names on their undies so they would know which one is theirs.

Whether it is a table napkin or a pair of socks, you can lend ownership to your clothing by putting your name on them. Aside from the practical reason of letting the world know that it is yours, you also make your clothing a bit more special by adding your name to them in beautifully embroidered typography. There may be thousands of napkins exactly like it, but this one is yours.

Add Color To Your Shoes

Ever wanted to purchase a limited edition pair of shoes? Aside from being too pricey for your budget, you’ll have thousands of other people lined up ahead of you. Instead of purchasing hyped-up footwear, you can make your own! You can buy any decent pair of shoes and embellish them with your own personality. They wouldn't be merely "limited edition," they would be "one-in-of-a-kind!'

The best kind of shoes you can get for this embroidery project are those made from canvas. Those sneakers from Converse and other similar brands would be the most suitable candidate for your project. The fewer details there are on the shoes, the better. With the hundreds of free embroidery templates on the internet, you would never run out of fashionable embroidery designs.

Final Thoughts

Not only can embroidery projects bring you joy, but they can also be something that you can profit from. With a few decorative stitches here and there, a pair of scissors, some spools of specialty threads (such as the 63 Brother Colors embroidery machine thread), and a head full of creative design ideas, you can add more value to your clothes and other belongings. Embroidery can add practical and aesthetic value to any everyday item you can get your hands on.So get stitching and make your embroidery experience better by getting yourself sewing Ttools and accessories today!

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