Quilting Made Easy with These Top-Rated Long Arm Quilting Machines

April 26, 2022

Hand quilting is a fun way to create art with fabric, threads, and needles. Some people find it an interesting hobby, and others do quilting for a living. Either way, quilting manually can be time-consuming, but it’s worth it. However, if you love quilting, some machines can make your crafts more refined and make the process much quicker and easier. 

We searched the market for some highly rated quilting machines available. We'll compare their price points, features, and lowlights to find the machine that's best for your quilting needs. 

4 Best Picks: A Comparison of Quilting Machine Brands 

Four brand names stand out among the others in sewing, embroidery, and quilting. They offer different features that make working with fabric and vibrant threads easier, giving room for you to explore your creativity further. So, take note of these long arm quilting machine models and determine which one is for you. 

eversewn sparrow quilting machine

Ever Sewn Sparrow QE Professional Sewing and Quilting Machine 

The brand Ever Sewn is relatively new compared to other sewing machine brands, but its popularity is rapidly increasing because of the brand's durability and excellent sewing quality. Let's discover what their quilting machine has to offer. 

Product Description: 

  • This modern sewing and long arm quilting machine is perfect for professionals and beginners. It's easy to use and has a competitive price point of $712 that’s surely worth every penny. 
  • The Sparrow QE machine has a committed control panel that contains all the different functions within reach of your fingertips. Furthermore, the device has 70 built-in stitch patterns for basic and creative sewing. 
  • The sewing machine has a wide throat plate that allows you to twist and maneuver large pieces of fabric. Moreover, the throat plate has an interchangeable size to accommodate any size of the project you do. 
  • The machine has a knee lift system that also allows you to run the engine and keep your hand steady on a project at all times. Additionally, this is a relatively lightweight machine that only weighs approximately 40 lbs. You'll have no problem moving this machine around. 

Product Lowlights 

  • Many users find it frustrating and a hassle that the Ever Sewn machine is not compatible with a twin needle. In addition, the machine package does not include a walking foot and extension table, which are standard inclusions in other brands. 
brother ps1500sl sewing and quilting machine

Brother PQ1500SL Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother is an international brand and is known to many households. This brand has been awarded multiple times for its machines' design and functionality. Let's take a look at the excellent features of the PQ1500SL long arm quilter

Product Description: 

  • If you're looking for a long arm machine that will allow you to do more in less time, then this model is perfect. This machine can perform 1500 stitches per minute. This maximum speed is the highest among portable devices available in the market. 
  • The machine has an extension table that can carry long and bulky quilting projects. Additionally, the device comes with the essential accessories you need for your projects. 
  • The machine has an advanced needle threading system that is fast and efficient. It has a built-in anti-jamming stitch regulator feature to ensure you can work continuously without the thread breaking and getting messy during the procedure.
  • The Brother PQ1500SL has a pressure foot dial adjuster for you to configure the height of the feed dog with a turn of the knob. This feature is handy when you work with different thicknesses of fabrics. 

Product Lowlights: 

  • If you use this machine, make sure to place it in your committed workstation. The Brother PQ1500SL is bulky and heavy at over 15 kilograms. It will be difficult for you to move this machine from place to place. If necessary, there are long arm quilting machine frames with wheels to help you move your heavy machinery around. 
  • The machine has advanced features, perfect for professional sewing and quilting. Beginners can also use this, but it will take time to perfect your work and familiarize yourself with the controls. 
juki computerized quilting machine

Juki HZL-F600 Computer Sewing and Quilting Machine

The Juki Corporation is a Japanese brand that has provided quality sewing machines for 75 years. The Juki sewing machines are known equipment in the apparel industry. They also have heavy-duty machines for upholstery, industrial fabrics, and home textiles. Now, let's take a more detailed look at their Juki HZL-F600 sewing and quilting machine. 

Product Description: 

  • The Juki HZL-F600 has ten built-in sewing patterns, including the most popular patterns like the applique and blanket stitch. You can change sewing patterns conveniently by pushing the buttons found on the machine. 
  • This machine is designed with advanced technology for it has 16 styles of buttonholes. Just set in your desired button configuration, and the machine will automatically sew for you. 
  • This is the first computerized sewing machine on our list. The device can store over 70 decorative stitches and alphanumeric patterns in its memory. This feature will help you elevate your creativity in quilting. 
  • The machine has a large LCD screen that allows you to see your delicate work up close and precisely. 

Product Lowlights: 

  • Since many people are used to traditional machines, a computerized one may be too advanced for beginners. Furthermore, this machine has numerous controls and commands that may be confusing. It will take weeks of familiarization to work with this machine. 
  • This machine is the most expensive one on the list. The Juki HZL-F600 costs a little over $1000. At this price point, you can buy two quilting machines. Consider other sewing brands if you're looking for a more budget-friendly device. 

Singer 9960 Sewing and Quilting Machine 

The SINGER brand is a household name. When it comes to sewing machines, SINGER has been providing functional devices since 1851. With its practical design, people all over the world trust this brand over and over again. They have a new line of sewing machines; from electronic and computerized to heavy-duty ones with new technological innovations, SINGER has got them all. Now, let's examine what the 9960 sewing and quilting machine has to offer. 

Product Description: 

  • The SINGER 9960 has a vast collection of built-in stitches. 600 stitching patterns come with this machine, with 13 styles of buttonholes. This machine is perfect for all-around projects, repairs, and crafts. 
  • The machine has an automatic needle threading machine feature. You don't have to squint your eyes and frustrate yourself with inserting the thread into the needle. The device can do that for you directly from the attached spool. 
  • The machine has a high-speed sewing capability reaching 850 stitches per minute. Moreover, the device has interchangeable presser feet for all your sewing and quilting needs. 
  • You can purchase this long arm quilting machine with a frame and other essential accessories like the machine case, bobbins, and spools of thread for a discounted price directly from SINGER. 

Product Lowlights: 

  • The machine runs on 110V only. So, if the power outage in your workstation is different, you’ll have to buy a regulator to work the machine.
  • The SINGER 9960 is computerized with 600 built-in stitches, but you cannot save your own patterns into the machine. When you need other patterns, you will have to do it manually, which can affect the outcome of your project. 
quilting patterned fabric 

Final Verdict 

The four big names of long arm quilting machines are nothing short of impressive. These devices are definitely worth your money with built-in stitches, computerized patterns, high-speed sewing capabilities, thread control, durability, and machine inclusions. 

If you love quilting, invest in these long arm quilting machines and make your process more manageable. You can even create more of your quilting crafts and use them as your source of income. We hope these reviews on the highly-rated quilting machines in the market can help you make a more informed choice. 

If you're looking for reviews on all kinds of sewing machines, tools, and accessories, make sure to explore our other blogs for more information. 

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