Handheld Sewing Machine: Our Top 3 Picks for Your Quick Tailoring Needs

March 10, 2022

Isn't it a hassle when your favorite clothes have tears and you can't fix them right away? Or do you have bedsheets, curtains, and other house fabrics that need quick fixing? 

You do not need to throw them out and shop for new ones; you can fix them yourself with a portable sewing machine. 

A mini sewing machine is convenient for everyday use, a perfect tool to have around the house for your daily sewing needs. In this blog post, we will discuss the highlights and drawbacks of some handheld machines and pick out which is the best for your needs and gives you great value for your money. 

Keep reading as we share with you our top three picks! 

Our 3 Recommendations for a Handheld Sewing Machine Kit

If you are a busy bee, you cannot afford to dwell too much on tasks that will ruin your rigid schedules. You need to deal with minor inconveniences in a flash. So, we gathered the best portable sewing machines on the market for your quick fixing needs. Let's take a closer look at each one and see what suits you best. 

singer 01163 quick stitch portable mending machine

SINGER 01663 Quick Stitch Portable Mending Machine 


  • The SINGER 01663 works best with light fabrics like thin cotton, silk, and satin. Also, if you need a temporary stitch for fixes or a guide for a more permanent stitch, this machine is perfect. 
  • This handheld machine is lightweight and perfect for bringing on travels. The machine has a single thread feed excellent for basting. In addition, the machine is cordless and battery-operated, so you won't have to deal with tangled cords or power loss. 
  • When you purchase the SINGER 01163, it comes with complimentary sewing accessories, including bobbins, three basic color threads, thread spindles, and SINGER needles. You can also access the manual of this machine via the QR code printed on the product packaging. 


  • The single stitch of this machine is not strong enough for permanent stitches. Moreover, the stitch cannot hold for long if you plan to use it on heavy fabrics or body-fit clothes. 
  • The machine is battery-operated, yet the kit does not include batteries upon purchase. Thus, it is best to always have a spare battery if it drains out. Additionally, battery replacements can be costly if you use your sewing machine all the time. It is better to opt for a rechargeable one. 

Buyfitcase Handheld Portable Electric Sewing Machine 


  • The Buyfitcase is great for multiple sewing projects. It can repair light fabrics as well as jeans, denim, wool, toys, pillows, and leather. 
  • The machine is user-friendly. All you need to do is to insert the edge of the fabric on the feed, and it will start stitching for you. That's why many prefer this machine for DIY projects, and it is a good tool to teach yourself machine sewing instead of jumping to a heavy-duty one right away. 


  • The exterior body of this portable sewing machine is made out of plastic. And since the machine is lightweight, dropping it or putting it under too much pressure can break the exterior shell and cause damage to its parts.
  • Although this machine can handle more types of fabric compared to other portable sewing devices, the stitch this device makes is no thicker than 1.8 millimeters. Thus, if your fabric is thicker than the stitch capacity, the stitch will become weaker or will not stitch together at all. 
singer quick stitch portable mending machine

SINGER Stitch Quick (Two Threads) Handheld Mending Machine 


  • The SINGER Stitch Quick is a heavy-duty handheld sewing machine because of its two-thread feature. Most portable machines have a single thread for a temporary stitch, but the SINGER Stitch Quick can reinforce your stitches because you can put two threads in the machine at once. 
  • The two-thread feature also allows you to put two threads of different colors. Thus, you can use this machine for decorative sewing projects. 
  • This handheld machine has a double-speed feature if you want to speed up your repairs. It also has an ergonomic design, so it feels well-balanced in your hand, and you can sew better and come up with excellent outcomes. 
  • The machine has built-in sewing notions, so the accessories you need are organized and within your reach. Furthermore, this machine comes with a basic sewing kit and other necessary accessories upon purchasing it. 


  • Some users report that the device's battery becomes hot when used for a while. Thus, this could be a fire hazard and could even melt the battery casing. They even tried inserting new batteries, but the same issue happened. 
  • The product packaging does not come with a manual, and some customers found it hard to use for the first time. 
  • The strength of the stitch depends on how hard you press the lever that activates the stitch function. It puts significant stress on your hands, so take breaks in between to have a consistent and strong stitch. 

Tips on Using and Maintaining a Handheld Machine 

Portable sewing machines are convenient tools to have, but for them to function effectively, you should know when and how to use them properly. Here are some practices for proper maintenance of your handheld sewing device. 

  1. Portable machines have levers to start stitching. Don't push them down too hard when you want a stronger stitch; it can damage the needle and the feed dog. Instead, run the fabric twice or thrice for reinforcement. 
  2. The main purpose of portable sewing machines is for quick and temporary repairs. If you force it to do repairs that a regular sewing machine can do better, expect your portable machines to break down after a few uses. 
  3. Your machines may be only compatible with certain handheld sewing machine accessories. Because of the portable size, accessories and other removable parts are smaller for these devices. Make sure to use the proper components to avoid jamming and breakage. 
  4. Make it a habit to clean the lost thread after using the machine. Doing this allows the device to run smoothly when you use it next time. Tangled threads can also cause dents and needle breakage. 
  5. Always read the user manual before using the machine to know the proper way to use it, especially when it's your first time operating the device. 
  6. Store your machines in a dry place. Moreover, cover it so liquids can't penetrate the machine and cause motor malfunction. 
  7. When your machine breaks or does not run properly, don't fix it yourself. Instead, bring it to a service station or a skilled machine repairman for diagnosis and repair. Doing the repairs yourself can cause more damage to your portable devices. 

Make Quick and Easy Repairs Today 

A sewing machine is a handy tool to have in every household. But for occasional uses and quick repairs, it's much handier to have a handheld sewing machine, a lightweight tool that's easy to use and you can bring anywhere. 

We hope our list of recommended portable sewing machines will help you make a more informed choice for your next purchase. For other sewing needs, you can check out our reviews and buying guides for more information. 

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