Meet The Top 10 Sewing Needles For Machine Sewing

June 22, 2022

You are eager to get started with a new and exciting hobby when your friend tells you about the wonders of sewing and how they are even making money out of it. They give you a shirt they made from scratch to further sell you on the idea. As you slip it on, you mull over the idea of taking on sewing as a hobby. Not long after, your head becomes filled with creative sewing ideas.

Finally, you decide that sewing can be a fun, rewarding, and maybe even profitable hobby to pursue. You drive to the nearest craft store to purchase everything you would need to get started with your sewing journey. Unfortunately, the sewing needle aisle stands over you like a Goliath—there are too many sewing needles to choose from!

Know your way around different sewing needles for machine sewing by reading the rest of the article below!

How Do I Pick The Perfect Sewing Machine Needle For The Job?

sewing needles machine - Woman seamstress work on the sewing-machine

Getting started with sewing seems pretty straightforward: get a machine, needles, threads, and some fabric. However, you will soon realize that the reality is much more nuanced. You need to look over some things before investing in spools of thread, yards of fabric, and a needle set. Continue reading this section to know what some of these things are.

Fabric Type

Consider the type of fabric you will use the needle on. You have to have the right equipment for the job, as they say. Some kinds of needles work better on certain kinds of material than others. For instance, universal needles work with a broad range of fabrics. However, when you want to work with special fabrics, you will have to search for the appropriate and specific needle.

Fabric Thickness

Are you confused by the numbers on the needles' packaging? Usually, these numbers indicate the thickness of the needle's diameter. As the number gets bigger, the bigger the needle you will get. When working with thicker types of fabrics, you would need an equally thick needle. Don't make the mistake of using a small needle for thick fabrics. Otherwise, you might break them.

Thread Thickness

Aside from checking the thickness of the fabric you are working with, it would be best if you also determined the thickness of the thread you wish to use. When working on a project that demands a big thread, you have to use a needle with a matching size. So how would you determine which thread is which? If you want finer and thinner threads, go for threads with a larger number, and vice-versa.

What Kinds Of Sewing Machine Needles Are There?

sewing needles machine - Woman sewing a dress on a sewing machine. Close-up, selective focus

Singer sewing machine needles have become the industry standard for machine needles. Even other manufacturers adhere to the same naming schemes and categories used by the company. This section tackles the main kinds of sewing machine needles. Get acquainted with each one of them and continue reading!

Universal Needle

Universal needles enjoy a wide range of use among different types of fabrics. They come in various sizes from 60/08 to 12/19, lending them flexibility typically not found in other types of needles. If you see yourself working with natural, synthetic, and woven fabric, you can rely on universal needles to do the job right.

Stretch Needle

Usually sold in 80/12 and 90/14 sizing options, stretch needles effortlessly pierce through medium weight fabrics. The rounded point lets you work with thicker materials with ease. For instance, when working with fabrics like spandex and Lycra, stretch needles are the needle of choice. The "scarf" found on this needle type prevents stitch skipping, making it perfect for elastics.

Ballpoint Needle

If you wish to knit sweaters, scarves, and other knitted garments for your friends and family, ballpoint needles would be your best bet. These needles are designed with a round tip to pass through knit fabrics without cutting and snagging the fabric's threads. They come in 70/10, 80/12, and 90/14 sizing variants.

Overlock Needle

Do you own and operate a serger? A serger is a machine that lets you stitch a seam, trim the excess, and overcast your fabric's edges. This purposely designed machine requires a specially designed needle to work with it. Overlock needles do the job and can handle medium-weight fabrics like polyester, denim, and cotton jersey knit.

Microtex Needle

Is heirloom stitching something you want to do in the future? You may want to think about stocking up on Microtex needles. This sewing needle helps you stitch evenly without hurting your sensitive fabrics. Since you have to do heirloom stitching with the utmost delicacy, these needles' very precise acute points will make it easier for you. They come in smaller sized numbers, from 60 to 90.

Leather Needle

As you move from lighter fabrics to heftier ones, you will realize how difficult and challenging it is to work with leather. Leather needles can help you make stitches on leather, vinyl, suede, and other imitation leather fabrics. A leather needle has a sharp wedge, making it possible to pierce leather material without creating huge holes.

Denim Needle

Denim pants and jackets never go out of style. If you plan on creating denim garments, you can rely on denim needles to reliably make stitches on your thick denim fabric. When using a denim needle, you don't have to worry about skipping stitches and breaking the sewing needle itself due to the reinforced blade and the tip bearing a tapered shape.

Topstitch Needle

Those who would like to explore different projects such as embroidery and quilting will appreciate what a topstitch needle can do. This needle type comes with a huge eye which helps you stitch perfectly straight lines using thick threads. Working with medium-weight fabrics will be easy peasy, thanks to these needles.

Embroidery Needle

Do you want to create personalized gifts for your friends and family? With an embroidery needle, you can add a personal touch to your presents to your loved ones. Embroidery needles work well with specialty fabrics like nylon, polyester, and rayon. Their huge needle eye and round point work together to prevent excessive friction and damage to the material.

Titanium Embroidery Needle

Because of their titanium plating, titanium embroidery needles last longer than any other kind of needle. The material lends its properties to make the needle more resistant to abrasion. The titanium coating also reduces the chances of the needle breaking or warping during operation. As a result, they work perfectly with densely woven fabric like rayon and polyester.

Final Thoughts

All needles boil down to being pieces of metal with a pointy end. However, the tip's shape and needle length all matter when choosing the right one for the situation. You have to ensure that your needle, machine, thread, and fabric all match to achieve the desired output. Knowing which needle to use for each type of sewing project can mean an entire world of difference.

Otherwise, if you don't have the time to spare, you can skip familiarizing yourself with each needle type by buying a Singer sewing machine needles assorted set.

Once you have settled on a set of sewing needles for machines (like Singer), you should take the next step and purchase a sewing machine. With all the options out there on the market, picking the perfect one for your needs will be a very challenging task. Let us help you out with our Sewing Machines section!

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