Thread Organizer and Storage Ideas for a Neat Sewing Space

February 18, 2022

Organizing things can feel like a tremendous accomplishment. You'll know this feeling if you've ever done some thorough house cleaning! A neat-looking place feels like a well-oiled machine that runs accordingly. And the sense of accomplishment comes from knowing you did all this work with your own hands. Moreover, an organized workspace makes it easier and more fun to work—you’re not plagued with cluttered thoughts (and physical clutter).

Getting this feeling of accomplishment in your sewing space is possible. You just need a few ideas to grease your creative and productive gears so that you can do more, and we're happy to oblige.

A Quick List of Thread Organizer Ideas You Can Do

As a sewist, it's easier to start if everything is organized. So if you're ready to sort out your threads for productive sewing, these ideas will help you out. The products featured can either be purchased, built, or scavenged around the house.

Mounting your sewing thread organizer on the wall

Lining up your threads on the face of your wall in a neat and orderly fashion looks satisfying. You can make this possible by building or purchasing a hanging thread rack and mounting it up on your wall. You can then organize your threads in a way that complements each other that would bring an aesthetic quality to your space. It would seem like hanging an abstract painting on the wall.

This thread storage option is space-saving because it makes use of the wall—a component of the house that's reserved for display—and makes storing even seldom-used threads visually pleasing.

Installing a thread shelf

If you're keeping only a few threads and are using it frequently but want to be practical about your space, you can install a thread shelf instead. A shelf can be one or several wood pieces that run across your wall. It would look like a miniature ledge where you can line up all your threads.

You can install this shelf on the wall adjacent to your sewing machine so you can pick out the thread you want to use immediately. Then, you can purchase it or improvise something on your own.

thread organizer - A tray with uniformed borders with assorted threads stored in it.

Using a thread keeper organizer box

Thread keeper boxes are plastic casings that look like kindergarten lunch boxes. Most of them come as transparent or semi-transparent, with borders that separate them into colors or whatever classification you want.

The organizer box's main selling point is its portability. You can carry all of your essential threads in one small case wherever you go, easily whip it out, and take the thread you need to use. It's also small in size and can fit most sewing table drawers. So if you're not traveling, you can store the box near your sewing machine for later use.

Getting a bobbin holder

Bobbins are essential parts of sewing machines. So unless you sew threads using your hands, you'll have a lot of bobbins lying near or around your table.

Finding missing bobbins can be a pain, especially if the thread it carries is the one you use frequently. You don't want to strip another bobbin off just to reload another one—it's time-consuming. So get yourself a bobbin holder to store all your threads ready for a sewing machine to use.

The bobbin holder is great if you're doing a quilting project wherein you need multiple threads.

Using thread storage racks

Storage racks look like miniature towers with rods sticking out of their façade. You can store your threads around it.

Thread racks are ideal if you're using many thread colors when sewing. These organizers can stand on your sewing machine table surface, ready for picking whenever you need them. In addition, it's efficient and organized without taking up drawer space.

thread organizer - A plastic casing that houses threads and other sewing equipment.

Thread trays are also clever

If you have a spacious drawer where you can dedicate thread organizers and storage, a thread tray will be useful for you. These trays place a border on your drawer, provided it fits inside. It helps keep things organized should you put threads plus other sewing equipment you choose to put in.

You can purchase thread trays online or make one yourself by cutting out cardboard boxes.

Vertical sewing kit using pegboards

Another neat idea making use of your blank wall and saving space is to install pegboards. You can hang all your small to medium sewing items and tools, such as threads, scissors, and bobbins.

What makes pegboards awesome are the possibilities they can offer. For example, if you buy golf tees to fill your pegboards, you can creatively hang threads and bobbins and turn them into an improvised wall rack. On the other hand, you can also hang other things on the pegboard like fabrics and sewing tools and make your wall look like a vertical sewing kit.

The old cookie can storage is a popular one, especially for those doing usual fabric fixes. Cookie cans can store several threads, bobbins, needle cushions, and other small stitching items in one place, ready for use whenever there's a button that needs to be reattached or a hole that requires patching. So find old cookie jars and keep them. Just make sure you label them when you store your sewing kits inside to not disappoint any innocent bystander looking for a quick cookie treat.

Toolbox as thread and bobbin storage

Believe it or not, your garage toolbox can be a great way to organize and store your threads. What usually holds wrenches, screwdrivers, nuts, and bolts can also hold bobbins, needles, and most importantly, threads. 

A toolbox is great for carrying your threads around the house, plus you can turn it into a sewing kit when you're traveling. Tap your household handyman for a spare toolbox and get started with this cool way of organizing sewing threads.

Baskets as thread storage kits

You can also use picnic baskets to store threads and thread boxes. On the other hand, this will be more suitable to larger and thicker tread types as well as those that are seldom used or are classified as thread reserves. What keeps your picnic food warm can also preserve the life of your threads, so harness the basket's power for your thread stocks to keep them fresh.

Choose your own creative way to organize

We hope these storage and organizing ideas sparked some creativity and inspired you to sew more. These storage and organization ideas are just the start. Put your own flavor to it, depending on how much sewing space you're given. Ultimately, the goal is to have everything in its right place, so you can confidently strike that needle and make something beautiful and cohesive.

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