Finders, Knitters: Protect Your Craft With The LAVIEVERT Yarn Storage Bag

June 7, 2022

Knitting can be your creative outlet, but it also can be your source of stress. Most especially when you find your yarn strewn across tables, floors, and chairs. In addition, tangled or matted yarn displayed in your workplace is very unsightly and annoying.

Instead of letting the balls of yarn roll everywhere, arrange the mess, be clean, and use storage that will keep yarn organized and tangle-free. The perfect solution? A yarn storage bag! This knitting bag is designed to help you complete unfinished projects without suffering from a headache.

Want to keep your knitwork untouched? Read on to learn more about knitters’ problems and how a yarn storage bag can save you from a tangled mess.

Knitter’s Problems: Resolve It With a Yarn Bag 

All knitters understand how stressful it is to have yarns go missing, become dull, or tangle. Instead of worrying, keep your workspace tidy with a yarn storage bag organizer! Here’s how this storage bag offers a lot of protection for your knitting materials.

Protect From Dust and Dirt

Yarn is susceptible to dust and dirt, just like any fabric. These contaminants can cause the yarn to break down, making it weak and brittle. But a yarn organizer bag can repel the stains and keep your projects from being damaged.

Protect From Pets

While it's adorable to play with your cats, knitting with them is also troublesome. In fact, studies show that most cats are irresistible to playing yarn due to their natural hunting instinct. They paw the yarn the same way they capture prey.

It’s inborn so we can’t do anything if they start scratching your yarn. Therefore, you need a storage space where they won't reach or notice your knitting yarn.

Protect From Pests

The bag is constructed with a spacious compartment that stores finished and unfinished knitworks like knitting pattern books and accessories.

Protect From Heat/Sunlight

Like dirt and dust, these two elements can also cause the yarn to fade, weaken, or even break. So, the best way is to store your yarn in a bag to keep it looking and feeling new.

Protect From Mildew/Moisture

Yarn storage bags allow excess moisture to escape and prevent mildew or musty smells. In this way, your yarn won't break down or become unusable.

Our Recommendation: The LAVIEVERT Knitting Bag Yarn Storage

LAVIEVERT Knitting Yarn Storage Bag

We highly recommend the LAVIEVERT Knitting Yarn Storage Bag to every knitter and crocheter out there. This project bag can help you become organized when knitting. Check out some of the highlights of this item and see if it’s worth buying.

LAVIEVERT Storage Bag Details

Before we get to the highlights, let’s get to the product details first and distinguish what makes this storage item a big league to several users.


This bag is perfect for yarn storage and knitting supplies. It comes with the following measurements:

  • Dimension: It measures 15 × 11.8 × 4.7 inches, which is large enough to hold all of your things without being too cumbersome.
  • Weight: It weighs only 1.98 pounds, so you can easily carry it with you wherever you go. 


The bag is constructed with a spacious compartment meant to store finished and unfinished knitworks as well as knitting pattern books and accessories.


The LAVIEVERT yarn storage bag for organizing is made from a durable canvas with a printed linen design that makes it both stylish, durable, and functional.


The yarn tote bag is a great combination of beige color and leafy design that is both attractive, neat, and unobtrusive. 


This bag features a detachable handle. This means that you can carry it as a tote or wear it as a shoulder bag. 


This yarn storage bag has plenty of pockets for different uses. Here’s how to use them:

  • Front upper pocket: This space has three grommets to draw yarns from.
  • Back pocket: This holds a spare ball of yarn.
  • Window pocket: This clear section lets you see what yarn you have in your bag.
  • Bottom pocket: This area stores basic knitting supplies like needles, crochet hooks, a tape measure, and scissors.
  • Zippered pocket: The inside of the compartment has a zippered pocket that you can use for other small items.

Needle Storage

The longest needles that will fit in this slot are 13.5 inches. But if they have large heads, they might have to be shorter. So depending on the size of the needle, you can fit two to four in one spot. 

LAVIEVERT Yarn Storage Bag: Reasons To Buy It

There are plenty of reasons why LAVIEVERT is a perfect choice for your knitting tools. Here are some:

Good for Unfinished and Finished Projects

The bag can handle small to medium yarn projects like scarves, hats, socks, and coasters, so you can always have something on hand to work on . 


If you're heading to your local knitting group or taking a trip abroad, this knitting tote bag is convenient to bring everywhere since it's lightweight and has a two-way handle.

Practical to Use

The yarn that feeds through the three grommets helps you knit without the need to take yarn balls. This function avoids the yarn from being tangled or twisted.

Can Handle Daily Necessities

Aside from being a great yarn storage bag, the LAVIEVERT knitting tote bag can also handle other daily necessities such as your laptop, books, and cellphones.


The walls inside the bag are well-padded to protect the supplies from impact, dirt, and moisture.

LAVIEVERT Yarn Storage Bag: Reasons Not To Buy It

You might be tempted to purchase the LAVIEVERT Knitting Tote Bag. But before you add it to your cart there are a few downsides you should be aware of.

Not for Big Projects

The bag only accommodates small to medium-sized projects. Thus, you'll need to find another, bigger storage bag if you're planning on knitting large sweaters or other large projects.

Some Pockets Aren't That Deep

The storage component next to the crochet needle section is open. This opened pocket can mix your craft supplies like safety pins and needles with the crochet hooks.

Every Knitter's Dreams: Simplicity and Efficiency

Is the LAVIEVERT's knitting briefcase a game-changer for knitters on the go? 

We think it could be. It offers protection and organization for your knitting projects, which is sorely lacking in most yarn storage bags. The combination of ample storage space, sturdy construction, and well-thought-out organization make this bag a winner in our book. 

In the meantime, feel free to explore our website. We'll update you with more innovative yarn storage solutions that come onto the market. Happy knitting!

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