Don't Let Their Size Fool You: The Giant Benefits of Mini Sewing Machines

May 26, 2022

Like most people, sewing and embroidery isn't something you consider a portable activity. But what if you had a mini sewing machine that you could take with you wherever you go? A portable sewing machine is an excellent way to sew on the go. Whether you're traveling or want to be able to sew while you're out and about, a portable machine is a great option.

We understand that using a sewing machine, especially for beginners, can be intimidating. Large machines tend to scare us away no matter how motivated we are in doing our craft. There are many knobs to turn, buttons to press, and switches to control. It's a headache! 

We want to help you turn your headache into an exciting hobby! So we've rounded up the best features and benefits of mini sewing machines to convince you to start your very first—or your one hundredth—sewing project.

sewing machine carrying case

What is a mini sewing machine?

A mini sewing machine is a more compact and portable version of the regular sewing machines found in retailers. They have all the basic features of a full-sized sewing machine, but they are much easier to use and transport.

Mini sewing machines are quite adaptable, one of their best features. You can use them for various projects, from mending clothes to creating small crafts. A portable sewing machine can be a terrific addition to your crafting arsenal, whether you're a novice or an expert sewer.

What are the benefits of a mini sewing machine?

A tiny sewing machine has numerous advantages over its larger counterpart. To begin with, they are far more user-friendly than full-sized machines. If you love crafting, a portable sewing machine can help you get accustomed to using a sewing machine without all of the bells and whistles of a larger model.

Continue reading, and let us convince you to purchase the best mini sewing machine for your craft! 


One of the biggest benefits is that mini sewing machines are much more portable. If you are starting your sewing journey and if you do a lot of traveling or are always on the go, a mini sewing machine is an ideal companion. It's simple to pack and carry with you wherever you go, whether to a friend's house or vacation.


Tiny sewing machines are also great for small spaces. If you don't have a lot of room in your home for a large sewing machine, a small one is a perfect solution. They take up minimal space when not in use and can be tucked away.


Another benefit is that they are usually much cheaper than full-sized sewing machines. This makes them a great option for people who are just starting with sewing or for those who don't sew very often. 

Easy to use

Even for beginners, little sewing machines are simple to operate. They usually have fewer features than a full-sized machine, making them simpler. Additionally, most mini sewing machines come with clear instructions on using them.

mini sewing machine hard case

The downsides of mini sewing machines

Now that we've gone over all the great features of a mini sewing machine, it's time to talk about some of its potential downsides.

Fewer features and accessories

The most significant disadvantage is that they have fewer features than full-sized machines. This makes them less versatile and limits what you can do with them. Additionally, they often come with fewer accessories.

This can be a problem if you are looking for a machine that can do more than the basics. In that case, you might want to consider a full-sized model.

Issues with quality

Some people complain that the foot pedals on tiny sewing machines are toy-like and plastic. Though it can be beneficial for beginners.

Less power

Another thing to keep in mind is that mini sewing machines are not as powerful as their larger counterparts. This means that heavier textiles or thicker fabrics may be difficult for them to handle.

If you are looking to sew something like a denim jacket or a heavy curtain, you might want to consider a full-sized machine.


One of the most visible distinctions between full-size and small sewing machines is that the latter is a little slower. This feature alone makes it ideal for beginners and first-time sewers since it allows greater room for error and more time to adjust the stitch. 

Limited space

Another potential downside is that these machines have a limited work area. This can be an issue if you want to sew larger projects or if you need to move fabric around a lot. 

In short, mini sewing machines are best for small projects and simple stitching. If you need something more powerful or versatile, you might want to consider a full-sized model.

Mini Sewing Machine

What types of projects are best for a mini sewing machine?

Despite their limited features, there are still plenty of projects you can do with a portable sewing machine. Here are some examples:

  • Sewing on patches
  • Mending clothes
  • Hemming pants and skirts
  • Making small crafts 
  • Sewing doll clothes
  • Quilting smaller projects
  • Making pillowcases
  • Sewing tablecloths and napkins

As you can see, there is a lot you can do with a mini sewing machine. So, if you're looking for a machine that is portable, space-saving, and easy to use, a mini sewing machine might be the perfect fit for you. Just keep in mind that they are best suited for small projects and simple stitching.

What are the different types of mini sewing machines?

There is no one mini sewing machine—like their regular-sized counterparts, mini sewing machines come in different types. Let's take a look at the different available ones to help you choose the portable sewing machine tailor-fit for your tailoring projects!

Mechanical mini sewing machines

The mechanical sewing machine is the simplest type of machine. They usually have fewer features than electronic models and can be operated with a hand crank. They are very easy to use and are a great option for beginners.

Electric mini sewing machines

An electric sewing machine is slightly more complex than mechanical models. They usually have additional functions and can be controlled with a foot pedal, though. Additionally, most electronic mini sewing machines come with a built-in LED light that helps you avoid eye fatigue during sewing.

Computerized mini sewing machines

The most advanced type of small machine is the computerized sewing machine. These models are operated with a computer and usually have a lot of features. Additionally, they often come with an LCD screen to see what you're doing. Computerized mini sewing machines are the most expensive but also the most versatile. They feature an automatic needle threader, automatic thread cutter, variable stitch speed, and a reverse sewing lever.

Machine accessories: Mini sewing machine case

Though it’s not required to purchase, a mini sewing machine case will protect your device from unwanted scratch marks whenever you stow it away when not in use or when you want to bring your crafting wherever you want. 

You can find a mini sewing machine carrying case that doesn't only look stylish on the outside but is fully functional and efficient on the inside. You can also protect your precious device from dust and dirt through a mini sewing machine hard case. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, if portability combined with functionality is what you are looking for, mini sewing machines are a must-have!

Start crafting by understanding the fundamentals of sewing and dressmaking with this handy dandy little starter machine, which usually includes beginner stitches, a few decorative selections, and one-step or four-button step buttonhole sewing. 

Now that you know all about mini sewing machines, it's time to purchase one for yourself! They're a great investment for anyone who enjoys sewing or wants to learn. Check out our sewing machines archive to know more about awesome machines and sewing projects you can do.

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