Prym Ergonomics Value Pack Large Crochet Hook Set: The Ergonomic Crochet Hook That Will Make You Crochet Your Day Away!

May 25, 2022

Many would say that crocheting is an addicting craft. Why? Just imagine the many possibilities you could do with a hook and a thread. You can go from simple items as small as a coaster to bigger things as big as a blanket. You can even make your own crocheted dolls of your favorite characters or even create a doll version of yourself. Anything is possible with crocheting—the only limitation is your imagination!

Crocheting is a delicate art that balances imagination, skill, and dedication. You can always have the imagination and skill, but everything will be wasted if you lack the commitment to finish your work. 

We understand that crocheting takes a lot of your time (and patience), especially if you create gigantic projects. But we also know that many crafters tend to stray away from this hobby because of the discomfort they feel on their hands and wrists. Of course, we all want to be at ease whenever we do something that takes a long time to finish.

Take the time to read this post as we review the Prym Ergonomics Value Pack Large Crochet Hook Set that will definitely change your view on crocheting. You might get addicted soon, so read and learn more!

The Ideal Ergonomic Crochet Hook Set for You!

Prym Ergonomic Value Pack Large Crochet Hooks Set

Whether you try it out on your very first project or your 200th one, the Prym Ergonomics Large Crochet Hook Set will be your best friend. We specifically love this set because of its ergonomic features that make it perfect for crafting all day long.

A Quick Look at the Prym Ergonomics Value Pack Large Crochet Hook Set

About this item

SizeLarge (7mm, L, M, N, O)
Item weight4.8 oz


Comfort is always important in whatever we do. So to begin, determine the size and kind of hook that is most suitable for you. Start with simple yarns, then try out a few fundamental stitches and basic patterns; then, when you feel comfy with your hook set, you can progress to more advanced stitches and be a pro in no time!

How will these ergonomic crochet hooks change your life? As mentioned, discomfort can make you change your mind and make you want to leave crocheting forever. The Prym Ergonomics Crochet Hook Set’s ergonomic form makes it relatively easy to work. The crochet hooks’ ergonomic soft grip was fashioned to make your life painless and relaxed.

These hooks are small, flexible, and extremely comfortable to hold. You'll never leave a project unfinished after getting your hands on this hook set. This may be the best ergonomic crochet hook for you!


Let's admit it. We are also big on aesthetics. Most of us find it more enjoyable and exciting to work when we have nice things. When we have a cute pen, we are driven to jot down our plans; when we have a brand new set of workout clothes, we feel like we're ready to sweat it all out all day long! Right? 

It's the same thing with crocheting. The Prym Ergonomics Value Pack gives the aesthetics you are looking for. The optimum design is too cute to handle! The bright combination of this colorful set will give you the energy to start and finish your projects in the blink of an eye!

The design of these ergonomic hooks is not your usual style. Instead, it is unique and pleasing to the eyes but, at the same time, manufactured and tailored for ultimate comfort and efficiency. 

The brightly colored set provides the crocheter with ultimate control over their projects. The hooks feature a soft grip and an easy-to-use thumb rest, making them perfect for extended periods of crocheting. With their sleek design and bright colors, the Prym ergonomic crochet hooks are sure to stand out from the rest!

Let’s review the design of this set.

  • Synthetic material - The crochet hooks set is made of high-performance, lightweight, synthetic material which is flexible and pleasant to hold.
  • Rubberized, color-coded grip - Each tool is color-coded so you  know which one is for which task. You can also look at the letters and words printed on each tool to see its purpose.
  • Optimized hook - The optimized, aluminum crochet hook quickly captures yarn and glides it through stitches with ease. 
  • Shaft and handle transition - A smooth and seamless transition from the shaft to the handle which makes the ergonomic crochet hook grip user-friendly. No bumps and lumps can hurt your fingers and give you wrist pain while you’re doing your thing. 


This crochet hook set is ideal and appropriate for all yarn types and colors. You can never do wrong with this ergonomic set!

Compared to regular crochet hooks, big crochet hooks produce a stretching effect. Depending on what project you are working on, you can transform a simple thread of yarn into something incredible or memorable. 

The Prym Ergonomics Value Pack is versatile because it includes a variety of hooks in different sizes. This allows the crocheter to use the set for multiple projects. The set also comes with a stitch marker, row counter, tapestry needle, and crochet keyring, which makes it a complete set for all your crocheting needs!

Hook Sizes

Prym Ergonomic Crochet Hook Set Large Size

The set includes 7mm, L (8mm), M (9mm), N (10mm), and O (12mm). The sizes are ideal for newbies who are still experimenting and trying out basic stitches and beginner patterns. 

The different sizes are also optimal to use for bulky yarns! So crocheting experts can opt to purchase this set because the hook glides easily through the yarns, creating effortless knitting projects

What We LAbout This Set

  • Handles are soft and provide a secure pencil grip
  • Ergonomic features that provide comfort and pain-free crocheting
  • The hooks are clearly labeled
  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eyes
  • The grip is ideal for arthritis-affected hands

Rule of thumb: always put your comfort as the number one priority before thinking about purchasing your very own crochet hook set. Style may be pleasing to the eyes, but if it’s not pleasant to use, this may result in stress and, worse, injury. But both comfort and aesthetics are the best of both worlds! That's what we like about Prym products—the effortless crochet experience!

What Are the Drawbacks?

  • The set is a bit costly compared to other crochet hook sets at $20.45.
  • There are only a few hooks available compared to other crochet hook sets. 
  • ​​The set does not come with a case or storage pouch, so hooks may become lost or damaged over time.

Where to Purchase?

The Prym Ergonomics Value Pack Large Crochet Hook Set is easily available for you to order on the Prym Store

The set is available in a smaller size for $19.00.

You can also purchase the Prym Crochet Hook Roll Travel Bag for $12.99 to store your precious hooks so you can carry them around easily.

Final Verdict

Even if you have a huge amount of experience crocheting or are just getting started, you'll need a good collection of tools. The Prym Ergonomics Crochet Hook Set could be exactly what you need.

Crocheting using Prym Ergonomics Crochet Hooks will make you look at crafting in a different light. The streamlined hooks readily capture yarn, and the ergonomic grip makes them easy to work with. 
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