A Complete Review of The Heavy Duty Singer 4452 Sewing Machine

May 27, 2022

As an experienced sewer, you know that having a reliable machine is key to completing your big projects on time and with ease. That's why today, we're reviewing Singer's latest model of the 44 series—the Singer 4452 heavy duty sewing machine. This machine is designed for skilled sewers looking for a durable, high-performing machine. With over 6,600 customer reviews on Amazon, the Singer 4452 has been a popular choice for many. So let's delve into what this machine has to offer!

First Impressions

The Singer 4452, at first glance, looks bland. The colors don't stand out, and its pink accents don't match the dull green base hue—pretty much a bad color scheme. It also looks bulky and weighs 7.14 kilos or around 15 pounds, so it's definitely not lightweight. The stitch selection is printed on the selector dial and not on a separate area of the sewing machine. It's not the ideal design for beginners who aren't familiar with the different stitches. Its overall look is clean and simple, but it's not pretty.

singer 4452 sewing machine - SINGER 4452

Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Price: $219.99 on Amazon

Dimensions: 15.5 x 6.25 x 12 inches

Voltage: 110v

Stitch Width: 6mm/adjustable

The Singer 4452 is a great choice for a versatile and durable sewing machine. It's perfect for a large variety of projects, from quilting to leather sewing. The machine is well-built and easy to use, with various stitches and features that make it ideal for seasoned sewers taking on big projects. In addition, the price is in the low-mid end, making the Singer 4452 an excellent value for your money. Overall, this is an outstanding sewing machine that would be a great asset.

Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine Accessories

  • Even Feed / Walking Foot
  • Non-Stick Foot
  • Clearance Plate
  • All-Purpose Presser Foot
  • Zipper Presser Foot
  • Seam Ripper / Lint Brush
  • Buttonhole Presser Foot
  • 5 Pieces of 16" Needles
  • Auxiliary Spool Pin
  • Bobbins
  • Spool Pin Felt
  • Screwdriver
  • Soft-Sided Dust Cover
  • Quilting Guide


  • 32 built-in stitches for 110 stitch applications
  • Durable & sturdy
  • 1,100 stitches per minute
  • One-step buttonhole
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Top drop-in bobbin system
  • Pedal-controlled speed
  • Comes with an LED light
  • Reverse lever


  • It's difficult to use the foot pedal as a beginner.
  • Some users report that it isn't as heavy duty as advertised.
  • A lot of plastic is used in the machine's construction.
  • Several folks have experienced top tension issues when sewing too thick fabrics.

Standout Features of this Machine

This sewing machine is packed with features that are sure to make sewing easier. From the built-in stitches to the pedals, it's got everything you need to finish projects with ease. Here are the standout features that make this machine worth checking out:

110 Stitch Applications

This sewing machine features 32 built-in stitches, which include one buttonhole, 18 decorative, seven stretch, and six basic stitches for 110 stitch applications for all your sewing needs. These stitches are great for all types of sewing in home decor crafts, quilting, and many more.

Durable & Sturdy

If you're looking for a machine that's built to last, you can't go wrong with the Singer 4452. This model is the latest of the 44 Singer line. It's designed for heavy duty use and features a sturdy metal frame to handle even the most strenuous sewing projects. 

In addition, the 4452 is backed by Singer's reputation for reliable sewing machines, so you can be certain that it will provide dependable service. The motor also doesn't overheat easily, even through continuous use. Finally, its mechanisms around the chassis are built sturdy to prevent it from skipping while sewing.

1,100 Stitches Per Minute

The Singer 4452 has a phenomenal 1,100 stitches per minute speed. It's remarkable for various projects like home decor, quilting, and even heavy duty fabrics. With such a high speed, it can easily stitch through multiple layers of fabric without breaking a sweat. It sews smoothly with no hassles at an even pace.

One-Step Buttonhole

This feature allows you to easily sew perfect buttonholes in a single step without having to adjust the stitch size or fiddle with settings. To use this function, select the buttonhole stitch from the selector, then place your button under the foot and start sewing. The machine will automatically sew a perfectly sized buttonhole to accommodate your button. It's an extremely convenient feature that can save you a lot of time and hassle when sewing garments.

Automatic Needle Threader

The automatic needle threader of Singer 4452 is one of the best additions to this sewing machine. It does a great job of pushing the thread through the needle so that you don't have to do it by hand, and it's so easy to use! Just follow the instructions in the manual, and you'll be threading your needle like a pro in no time. Even if you're a beginner, this feature makes sewing so much easier and less frustrating. It also helps to ensure that your stitches are nice and straight.

Top Drop-In Bobbin System

The top drop-in bobbin system is one of the easiest ways to load a bobbin. Drop the bobbin from the top, thread the tail through the guides, and start sewing. It's easier to load, and it's also less likely to jam. In addition, it's a huge time saver compared to the old side-loading system.

The best part? It has a transparent cover. So it means you can easily monitor your thread supply. This is helpful because it eliminates the guesswork and frustration that can come from running out of thread unexpectedly in the middle of a project. The clear case also makes it easy to keep your bobbin area clean and free of lint buildup. So it ultimately leads to fewer sewing machine problems and extends the life of your machine.

Pedal-Controlled Speed

Controlling the speed of your sewing machine is important, especially when sewing delicate fabrics or working with intricate patterns. This sewing machine has a pedal that you can step on to control the speed of the stitch. The more pressure on the pedal, the faster the needle will go. It can be helpful when you need to sew quickly or when you're working with thicker fabrics.

The downside to this system is that it can be hard to control, especially as a beginner or if you're used to computerized speed control in other sewing machines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can beginners still use this sewing machine?

Surprisingly, it rates high for beginner-friendliness according to many users. Of course, its simple design may have influenced this feedback. But with that said, this sewing machine is designed for more experienced sewers with its big library of stitches, although it's not a huge hindrance even if you're still a beginner.

What makes this different from the other Singer 44 sewing machines?

What makes the 4452 unique is that it has a bigger stitch library than the previous models making it a true workhorse for extensive projects. It also includes some bonus accessories such as the 16" needles and heavy duty presser feet.

Is this machine good for quilting?

This machine is good for quilting as it can easily sew through multiple layers of fabric but avoid stacking them too thick. If the fabric layers are thicker than what the machine can handle (above 4mm), the top tension will disengage, and you won't be able to create a proper stitch. Remember, this sewing machine is heavy duty and not an industrial machine.

Is it easy to set up?

Yes. The package comes with an instruction manual that's easy to follow. Even beginners can set this up easily because the mechanics are simple and intuitive.


The Singer 4452 sewing machine is heavy duty and great with an impressive number of features, stitches, and accessories. It is also durable and easy to use. The speed and power of this sewing machine are sure to please even the most experienced sewist, while its simple design makes it easy enough for beginners to use. Of course, it's not made for novices, but it's simple enough to set up and operate.

We highly recommend this sewing machine to anyone looking for a quality product that will last for years. Its downsides, mostly isolated cases and subjective, are clearly outweighed by the value you get for getting this beast of a sewing machine.
If you'd like to continue your search for the best sewing machine that fits your needs, browse through more of our product reviews and buying guides.

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