Sewing Table Foldable Workstation: Create a Cozy Corner for Your Craft

June 15, 2022

You love to sew, but your house doesn't have enough space for all of your sewing tools and supplies.

Not having a designated sewing space can make it hard to get your craft on. All of your materials and tools are probably scattered everywhere, and you can never seem to find that one thing you need.

Here's an excellent solution—a foldable sewing station! However, there are tons of features to consider with many great products available. Luckily, we've picked the best folding tables for you! Let's explore each product's specifications and features for your sewing projects.

Four Space-Saving Sewing Tables for Small Spaces 

One common challenge people face when choosing a sewing table is finding one that is big enough (with enough storage space) to accommodate all of their supplies and materials. Another plus is being foldable so that it doesn't take up too much space in a small home. More factors include finding a sturdy sewing table that won't wobble or shake when you use it. 

Below are four studio design folding sewing tables with different storage and furniture details. 

#1. Sew Ready Comet Sewing Machine Table Foldable Station

One of the best-selling sewing machine tables by Studio Designs, the Sew Ready is the most affordable hobby table on our list. It doesn't only work as a sewing table but also as a craft table or a computer desk. 

Product Specifications:

  • Overall dimensions: 45.5" x 23.5" x 30" 
  • Adjustable platform: 23" x 10.75"
  • Folding side shelf: 9.5" x 23.5"
  • Lower storage shelf: 31.5" x 11.75"
  • Weight: 37 lbs.
  • Material: Laminated wood and heavy-gauge steel
  • Color Variation: White and black
  • Type of sewing: Free arm and flat-bed 
  • Assembly: Assembly required 

What's in it for you?

  • Durability: As most of its parts are steel, it can hold your heavy-duty sewing machines without any issues. 
  • Storage capability: The work surface has a decent space to put your sewing supplies. Plus, it has a storage shelf at the table's base where you can put the rest of your sewing accessories. 
  • Compact & portable: It doesn't have wheels for you to roll around your living space, but it is small and lightweight that you can carry it wherever. 
  • Functionality: It has an adjustable platform where you can fit your sewing machine perfectly. Additionally, you have a folding side shelf, acting as a cutting table, where you can cut fabrics.
  • Comfort: If your platform is down, there is no risk of banging your knees, and you have plenty of work surface to do cutting and stitching simultaneously. 
  • Value & pricing: For $101, you get a foldable and sturdy table with adequate storage. 

What to watch out for:

  • You might experience a slight vibration on this table while using your sewing machine. 

#2. Best Choice Products Sewing Table Foldable With Storage 

Best Choice Product sewing table

If your house is too cluttered or small, you should definitely check out this foldable sewing table from Best Choice Products. 

Product Specifications: 

  • Overall dimensions: 16" x 23" x 29.5"
  • Weight: 45.1 lbs.
  • Material: MDF wood
  • Color variation: Gray, espresso or white 
  • Type of sewing: Free arm 
  • Assembly: Assembly required 

What's in it for you?

  • Durability: Despite its smaller dimensions, it can hold all your sewing supplies and machine even while moving. 
  • Storage capability: It has 20 pegs for spools, two bins for sewing tools, and a lower shelf for your sewing machine located at the legs of the table. 
  • Compact & portable: You can turn it into a tiny side table if you're not crafting or sewing. Plus, since it has five caster wheels, you can easily roll it out of the room. 
  • Functionality: This piece of furniture can function as a narrow crafting table, a tabletop, or a work desk.
  • Comfort: The work surface is narrow for cutting fabrics, but you can easily accomplish any sewing machine project. 
  • Value & pricing: For a reasonable $125, you can have a convertible and mobile sewing table to store your supplies discreetly. 

What to watch out for:

  • The wheels are made of plastic, so it doesn't roll smoothly, especially on carpets. 
  • It shakes a bit when you turn your machine to medium and high speeds but it is bearable. 

#3. SewingRite Foldable Sewing Table

Next, we have another table for limited spaces from a well-known sewing table brand, SewingRite. If you like your sewing station completely tucked away, this foldable sewing table is suitable for your storing needs. 

Product Specifications:

  • Overall dimensions: 40" x 19.75" x 28.5"
  • Weight: 35 lbs.
  • Material: Melamine table top and steel legs 
  • Color variation: Black or white 
  • Type of sewing: Free arm and flat-bed 
  • Assembly: Assembly required

What's in it for you?

  • Durability: Its steel leg pins give you a sturdy workspace, and you won't scratch or leave marks on your work surface due to thermoplastic resin material. 
  • Compact & portable: You can keep your space tidy by simply folding up your table and rolling it under your bed. 
  • Functionality: It has proper working space for sewing, crafting, and cutting. You can run your machine at different speeds without the table wobbling. 
  • Comfort: It has a comfortable height even for tall sewists. 
  • Value & pricing: For $142, you get a heavy-duty portable table that's reliable for bigger machines like the Juki 2010Q or Brother Serger. 

What to watch out for:

  • It doesn't have an extra work surface that you can easily fold up, nor does it have drawers you can put your tools and supplies in. 

#4. Arrow Sewing Machine Table Foldable With Drawers

Arrow Sewing Cabinets folding table for sewing

Despite Arrow Sewing Cabinets being a bit pricey, we can't overlook this vintage-looking folding table's high-end materials and storage features. 

Product Specifications:

  • Overall dimensions: 19.75" x 63.75" x 30.5"
  • Weight: 50 lbs. 
  • Material: Engineered wood
  • Color variation: White or oak
  • Type of sewing: Free arm and flatbed 
  • Assembly: Assembly required 

What's in it for you?

  • Durability: This folding table has thick wood and a back brace that gives a sturdy feel, and it's quite hard to put a dent in its nice wood finish. 
  • Storage capability: It has four tiny drawers to stow your supplies easily. You can fold up its sides for your extra sewing materials.
  • Compact & portable: You can convert it into a cabinet and, with the wheels, you move it from room to room.
  • Functionality: Thanks to the airlift feature, you can easily move your machine without carrying it.
  • Comfort: It has enough space for your hands and legs to move around to work on various projects.
  • Value & pricing: This folding table doesn't come cheap. It costs $599 but the quality that comes with it is excellent. 

What to watch out for:

  • You need a few hours and a lot of patience when assembling this table. 
  • It’s more expensive than the other options on our list.


Which folding table fits best for your small space? If you ask us, the foldable sewing table from Best Choice Products is exactly that: the best choice. Its design is compact yet heavy-duty for its low price. In addition, it is simple to assemble and convert into a tiny side table. So say goodbye to your cluttered sewing station and hello to a minimal one. 

If you need a space-saving sewing table, we hope that one of the four tables mentioned catches your eye. Be sure to explore our other reviews today for updated and innovative products like these!

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