The Sorcery of Tidying Up: Picking the 4 Sewing Organizers to Boost Your Productivity

April 28, 2022

Admit it—there's something about tidying up that feels like magic. From fabric scraps and thread spools to needles and patterns, it’s a joy to see your cluttered area transformed into a calm and organized haven. 

You don’t need to go back to the old habit where your craft supplies take over your workspace. Now is the time to add a little sorcery to your sewing life. You can check out these four sewing organizers that can boost your productivity. This will make your sewing process more efficient. 

With just a little bit of magic, you'll be flying through your projects in no time.

Ready to Work? Here Are the 4 Best Sewing Organizers and Storage Cases for Your Workspace

Sewing is an art form. Like all artists, we have our particular way of keeping track of all the bits and pieces we need for our work. But it is inevitable that there is a little bit of disorganization no matter what kind of sewing or quilting project you are working on.

You don't have to be swayed by these unfavorable circumstances that can reduce your productivity. Today, we will share four sewing organizers and storage cases that will help you get your craft space organized once and for all.

1. SINGER Sew-It Goes Storage Case

Sew-It-Goes Sewing Craft Storage Kit

The SINGER Sew-It-Goes is an ideal compact sewing box for on the go or at home. It has a thread organizer, and it keeps other sewing supplies accessible because of its elegant, clear travel case and configurable compartments. Below are the other highlights of this sewing organizer.


  • This portable sewing storage system has an easy-to-open handle and a locking clasp for easy transport.
  • It can accommodate 40+ spools of thread and other essential sewing equipment, perfect for whatever sewing projects you're working on.
  • It includes three removable partitions that can be rearranged to meet your needs.
  • It's easy to see what's inside because of the translucent material of the case.


  • The sewing box comes with all the sewing items you need, like thread, needles, and more.
  • The case is made of hard plastic, so it can handle water.
  • It has a lot of extra storage space for your smaller items.
  • It's stylish, so you can send it as a gift.


  • The compartments are small, so if you have a lot of sewing tools, it can be hard for you to maximize the space.
  • Drawers are hard to close and open.

2. MATEIN Sewing Supplies Bag Organizer

Matein Sewing Organizer

You might be bothered by jumbled-up sewing supplies. But with the Matein Sewing Supplies and Accessories Organizer, you can store and protect your sewing tools and accessories from dirt and filth. You can read on the following focal points of this item to see if this will fit your sewing lifestyle.


  • Its dimensions are 11 x 7.5 x 6.25 inches, which is large enough to fit your storage needs.
  • This sewing basket has a double-layer structure for keeping numerous sewing supplies and extras like sewing needles, spools, pins, thread, and more.
  • It is constructed with a top compartment: good for thread storage and sewing supplies.
  • The middle compartment is a double-sided storage space.
  • The bottom section of this sewing thread organizer contains two pockets and one zipper pocket for storing sewing equipment.
  • The main storage chamber has four detachable dividers and one pincushion.
  • The exterior layer is durable, while the inside lining protects the sewing equipment from scratches, water damage, and dust.


  • It's more versatile than a traditional sewing storage box because it holds everything you need in less space.
  • It has plenty of room for sewing items.
  • The customizable dividers are a holy grail, especially if you plan to arrange your sewing kit.
  • It can be brought outdoors without any hassle.


  • The sides feel unsteady, and may not be great for portable storage.
  • It feels flimsy when the storage bag is filled with too many supplies.

3. Bins and Things Stackable Storage Container

Bins & Things Stackable Storage Container with 18 Adjustable Compartments

Keeping track of small home items can be a pain, but with Bins and Things, you can make the most out of your storage and put everything in one place without searching for your missing items. So, if you don’t want the hassle to slow down your hustle, you can consider this sewing organizer as part of your daily grind.


  • Inside the convenient plastic organizer rack, you can separate spools and provide each thread with its own slot.
  • This creative storage box is composed of long-lasting transparent plastic that will last for years.
  • There are three extremely durable detachable layers with six huge adjustable compartments.
  • A sturdy sliding locking system constructed of thick plastic connects each tier.


  • You can remove the separators if you need more space for a compartment.
  • It's so versatile and can fit in small places.
  • It is suitable for lightweight craft supplies like needles, threads, bobbins, and more.
  • It’s great for sewing enthusiasts who are bringing their projects outdoors.


  • It feels a bit flimsy to use.
  • The attachment between each level of compartments is weak and can deteriorate over time.

4. FINPAC Sewing Accessories Storage and Organizer Case

The FINPAC Storage Box is built to hold your supplies in place while protecting them from dust and filth. You don’t need to worry about the amount of tools you’re bringing since the product approximately measures 12.5" x 8.5" x 8" inches. You’ll surely love the variety of designs that this case comes in.


  • The storage case is composed of a three-layer structure that includes an abrasion-resistant polyester outer, cushioned interior, polyester lining, and a stiff polypropylene cover and bottom to keep your sewing supplies secure.
  • This case is ideal for everyday usage and trips, with a robust handle for convenient carrying.
  • An elevated wrist sewing pin cushion is also included to maintain your pin and needles secure and within access.
  • The main pouch features four detachable partitions with hook-and-loop sections on both sides for easy installation and plenty of space for thread storage.
  • The top section has four elastic fastening bands and three transparent PVC zipper compartments for sewing equipment like scissors, needles, tapes, and more.


  • It is made of fabric, so you don't need to worry about your storage box breaking.
  • All items can be seen in one spot.
  • You can adjust the sections in the lower level of this storage case.


  • The sewing organizer and storage case might feel too flimsy, making it difficult to put the inserts into the bottom section.

What’s the Final Answer to Clutter?

In the end, it all comes down to what can make you more productive when sewing. But no matter what you choose to use, you'll likely not go wrong—most organizers have the same key benefits. It will keep your supplies safe and out of sight, so you can avoid losing items in piles of fabric and thread until you finish the project. 

Remember, the right arranger can help you get organized and make the most of your workspace, which means fewer frustrations and more time to sew. So if you're soul-searching for the answer to clutter, these sewing organizers are here to help. By investing in these tools, you'll be able to work more efficiently, save time looking for things, and even boost your creativity

If you’re looking for some help on your sewing journey, browse more of our articles at Threadstop and learn more information about sewing with the right tools.

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