Sewing Machine Kits for Kids to Bring Out Their Creative Side

May 17, 2022

Are you trying to take your kids off their gadgets? Too much exposure to electronic devices and surfing the internet can have negative side effects physically and mentally. If you're looking for new things your kids can try to pass their time, why not introduce them to sewing? They can do a lot of fun and creative things with different vibrant threads, and who knows, maybe they even have a talent for it. 

In this article, we'll check out some of the most popular kid’s sewing machine kits and discuss some of the valuable gains sewing gives. This hobby may be a good opportunity for your kids to explore their artistic side, and you can transform sewing time into quality family bonding time. 

Choosing the Proper Sewing Kit for Your Kids 

Sewing can be a great pastime for your kids. Instead of staring at screens all day, sewing is a better distraction. If you are planning to buy sewing kits for your kids make sure it's something they can enjoy doing and can last for a long time. 

Complete kit inclusions. 

If your child is a first timer in sewing, it is best to get a sewing kit that has complete accessories from threads, needles, scissors and other sewing essentials. It’s a great way to let your kids get familiarized with sewing tools and their uses. When they carry on with this hobby as they grow older and use more advanced tools, it will be easier for them to use. 

Furthermore, it’s also helpful to get a kit with a manual. The manual can help your kids learn the functions of each tool and how to use them. But of course, first hand demonstrations and guidance from parents are highly encouraged. 

Child-friendly tools.

Your kids are only starting to develop their motor skills and they are most likely clumsy. Avoid letting your kids use sewing tools intended for adults. For example, sharp pointed needles and scissors can cut and puncture them. Even inserting thread into needles will be difficult for your kids.

There are sewing kits with plastic and non-pointed needles with bigger holes. Child-friendly sewing kits also have bigger threads so your kids can easily use them on their own. It’s a great way of making them feel independent in a fun and protected way. 

Includes fun activities.

Look for a sewing kit that lets your child explore their creative side. You can teach repairs when they are older and are better at handling tools. But in the first phases of learning, let them have their fun. There are kits that include sewing activities like creating stuffed toys or pillows. 

There are also kits that include mini sewing machines. These kits often include beautifully patterned fabrics that will surely catch your kids attention. 

Comes with a storage bag or box. 

Expect that your kids will make a mess. When you buy a sewing kit, it will be more convenient for you to buy a set that includes a storage bag. The bag will help organize your kid’s sewing tools. Moreover, storage containers help easily access and find tools, especially the small ones.

Take this opportunity to teach your kids to organize and sort their sewing tools. This is a skill they can use in many activities as they grow older. 

stuffed heart sewing craft 

Amazon’s Best: Top Sewing Kits for Kids 

If you are looking for the best sewing kits for your kids to enjoy, you may want to consider these highly rated picks from Amazon. Make sure to check them out and see which your kids will enjoy. 

  1. Craft-tastic: Learn to Sew Kit with 7 Creative Projects
  2. Felt Creative Arts and Crafts Sewing Supply Kits for Boys and Girls
  3. Made by Me Sewing Machine for Kids 
  4. Klutz Craft Kids: Sew Mini Animals 
  5. Pinwheel Crafts Panda Pillow Sewing Kit
  6. Craftillo Bag Charms Cross Stitch for Beginners 
  7. Kylinton Mini Sewing Machine for Beginners 

The Many Benefits of Teaching Your Kids to Sew 

Teaching your kids practical life skills will be useful as they grow older, and one such skill is sewing. Sewing is not just about repairing clothes. There are many benefits your kids can gain once they learn how to sew. Here are some of them: 

Develops fine motor skills

Younger kids usually have trouble with small details and precision. It's normal for them to have a hard time because they are just developing their fine motor skills. Teaching them how to sew will help them improve their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It would be best to start your sewing lessons with hand sewing before moving on to the sewing machine to ensure your kids already know how to control the fabric. Also, mastering the basics will help prevent potential accidents. 

It’s important to take your time with your kids. Develop their precision first before asking them to speed up their sewing. Once they build the muscle memory of the sewing motion, they will eventually learn to sew faster and better. 

Builds confidence and patience

It will take a significant amount of time before finishing a sewing project. Some kids easily get bored and abandon things if it takes a long time to accomplish. However, if you encourage them and support them on their first sewing project, it will teach them that they can make something good out of anything with patience and determination. These traits will be valuable when they grow up. 

Additionally, finishing a project can give your kids the confidence to do great things. This opens them to try new things and explore more challenging ones to test their skills. 

Trains them to follow instructions and develop creativity

Sewing machine kits for beginners are a great way to train your kids to follow instructions. Since they won’t be able to complete their first few projects without following instructions, they’ll have no choice but to read the manuals carefully. This trait will eventually lead to more practical situations like in academics. 

Sewing also opens them to a world of limitless possibilities. Your kid's projects are not limited to the illustrations on their sewing book. Allow them to create designs of their own to unlock their creative side. Maybe designing and creating is where their talents shine. 

teenage boy cutting red fabric 

Final Thoughts 

In a world full of electronic gadgets, it's challenging to keep your kids interested in other activities. When you introduce hobbies to your kids, you have to make it sound fun and interesting to gain their attention. We hope these children's sewing machine kits encourage your kids to try different things.

If you need more recommendations on anything about sewing, you can explore our blogs for detailed reviews on sewing machines, fabrics, sewing tools, and even some tips and techniques for sewing beginners.

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