What You Sew Is What You Learn: Our Top 4 Picks for Sewing Machine for Kids

April 20, 2022

Does your child love dressing up dolls, making fancy clothes for stuffed animals, or want to sew a Halloween costume? If they do, one great way to practice is by sewing with a needle and thread. By teaching your kids to create their clothing, you give them the gift of fun and learning. In fact, sewing is still one of the finest approaches to teaching children how to be imaginative. 

But like any other hobby or passion, sewing also requires a lot of time and money. It’s apparent that sewing machines are costly. Furthermore, some sewing machines are not user-friendly, which might hurt your kids. As a parent, you might worry about letting your child use such equipment without considering these factors. 

So, it's critical to purchase a sewing machine for your children that meets the highest safety standards and functionality. Clearly, with technology rapidly developing every day, many pieces of equipment are becoming more advanced. So, don't rush into buying one yet as you need to make sure it is the right one.

Instead, take the time to seek out helpful reviews about top brands to prevent frustration and regret in the future. 

Kids’ Growth and Learning Behind Sewing

As your kids sit down at their sewing machine, they’ll enjoy creating something independently. They can express their individuality by choosing different fabrics, colors, and designs. But more importantly, the benefits of stitching don't stop when your child leaves the classroom or turns off the sewing machine.

If you take a deeper look, kids who learn how to sew at a young age gain valuable lessons about patience and practice. They also develop skills that will serve them well as they grow.

Behind the garments and crafts, below are the numerous benefits of sewing on your child's development:

  • Improves fine motor skills through using the foot pedal, needle, and threading the machine
  • Practices hand-eye coordination
  • Develops spatial awareness through measuring fabric and determining how much is needed for each project
  • Increases math skills through counting stitches and fabric measurements
  • Exercises critical thinking when laying out a pattern on the fabric
  • Enhances memory skills as kids learn new techniques and the order of steps in creating projects

Top 4 Choices for Sewing Machine Kits for Beginners

Some parents are hesitant to engage their children in sewing because of safety reasons. There are, however, many sewing machine models made specifically for them. So, if you're trying to find a way to remove that fear, here are some options worthy of your consideration:

#1 NANANARDOSO Child’s Sewing Machine Kit for Beginners

When it comes to functionality, the NANANARDOSO machine has a lot of great features to offer, especially when your kids are planning DIY projects. Here’s why:


  • This mini sewing machine set includes everything they'll need to start, including bobbins, spools, a spare needle, and a needle threader.
  • Among the 12 available stitch options are straight stitch, zigzag stitches, and others.
  • It showcases additional night lighting that is included with the unit.
  • The NANANARDOSO mini sewing machine is very portable, weighing 5.3 lbs. with a size of 12.72 x 12.48 x 6.26 in.
  • It also offers two power modes: an AC adapter and 4XAA batteries, making it suitable for your kids when travelling.
  • It can sew thick and thin materials like denim and silk.


  • The machine is made of plastic, so it might easily break.
  • It takes a little effort to sew thicker materials like denim.

#2 CRAFTBUD Kids Sewing Machine

The CRAFTBUD Kids Sewing Machine features deluxe tailoring accessory kits and guide books to allow your little one to enjoy their craft. Below are other notable qualities of this machine.


  • This kit includes 50 pieces of fabric, a tool pouch, and standard sewing equipment like a thimble, needle threader, tape measure, chalk, and ten clips to maintain the fabric’s position while stitching.
  • The CRAFTBUD mini sewing machine also has extra sewing equipment like 16 spools, thread bobbins, four spare bobbins, and five needles.
  • You won’t have to fear your kids’ safety when stitching since this machine is equipped with anti-slip rubber.
  • The item is compact at 6.75 x 3 x 7.9 in. and weighs 4.33 lbs.
  • This sewing machine kit for girls and boys comes with a sewing project book that illustrates step-by-step guides on creating arts and crafts like hair decorations and home projects.


  • Unfortunately, not all fabrics are compatible with the quilting machine, including silk, polyester, and elastic.
  • The foot pedal is flimsy.

#3 NEX Portable Child’s Sewing Machine

Nex Sewing Machine For Kids

The NEX Mini Sewing Machine can also help your children start their sewing journey. These are just some of the features we like and dislike about it:


  • The NEX Sewing Machine has a unique needle protector that protects your kids from risks or accidents when sewing.
  • It’s also compact, weighing 2.2 lbs., and has a size of 7.7 x 4.9 x 7.9 in., which can be packed in any bag.
  • It is practically designed to stitch a wide array of fabrics.
  • If your kid has poor eyesight, they can use the built-in LED light to reduce the risk of accidents during their work.


  • It doesn't feel sturdy to use.
  • There are instances where jammed threads are hard to cut in this sewing device, leading to having to rethread.

#4 KYLINTON Electric Sewing Machine

The KYLINTON Electric Sewing Machine is one of the best basic and easy-to-use mini sewing machines that you can give to your children. You will surely love this machine as it's portable and a breeze to use, making your kids feel like real sewists. Check it out below:


  • The portable sewing machine kit has 12 built-in patterns: 4 straight stitches, 2 decorative lines, 2 buttonhole stitches, and 4 zigzag stitches.
  • It has automatic low and high-speed options that provide accurate control and simple stitch operations, just like a real sewing machine.
  • This sewing unit is easy to carry. It only weighs 5.15 lbs., making it simple for children to bring outdoors.
  • The Kylinton unit has a 6V AC/DC power supply that helps you save energy.
  • For boy and girl beginners, this kids' sewing machine comes with a user booklet that supports you in getting started with stitching.
  • It has an elegant and cute pink color that makes it the perfect gift for children.


  • The needles tend to break easily.
  • The mini sewing machine has only two-speed settings, making it hard to choose something to suit your needs.
  • The use of plastic bobbins isn't recommended for this unit. This is because the machine is only designed for metal. Therefore, if you change the bobbin, it may wear out a lot faster and cause damage to the machine. 

Start Your Kid’s Journey with a Single Stitch

 Little girl using sewing machine to make crafts

Sewing is a great activity to help kids learn about patience, growth, and the satisfaction of creating something with their own hands. By starting with a single stitch, they can see how working on something small can lead to big accomplishments.

We hope the above information has helped you pick the ideal machine for your kids. These top four options for sewing machines for kids are perfect for getting started in the wonderful world of sewing. Moreover, you will enable your young ones to nurture their creativity and skillset. 

What are you waiting for? Get started today and see what wonderful things you can create together with some needle and thread.

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