Unload the Burden: 4 Best Sewing Machine Carrying Cases for SINGER Sewing Machines

May 13, 2022

After long hours of hard work and stitching, it's time to hang your hat up and say you're done for the day. But carrying the sewing machine from one place to another can be very challenging and tiresome. We are sure that this routine has also probably caused you pain in the back and shoulders.

Those days are over now. Investing in the correct carrying case is the best way to avoid hauling this heavy machine. In addition, it is crucial to lessen the annoyance and frustration associated with traveling outdoors. You can also store your sewing supplies with your machine unit whenever you need them.

Different beautiful cases are available, but it's still important to look beyond our wants and stick to real product requirements like durability and functionality. So, if you're not sure which case is right for you, we've put together some suggestions and advice to help you decide what's the best for your sewing needs. Plus, we looked at some of the most well-known brands to identify the best carrying case for you. 

The Significant Advantages of a Sewing Machine Carrying Case

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Sewing machines are extremely important tools and should be treated as such. For further understanding, the advantages of having a high-quality carrying case for your machine are listed below.

1. Prevents Dust and Moisture: A carrying case is composed of strong materials that keep dust and moisture out of your sewing machine's inner components.

2. Protects Your Sewing Machine from Damage: If you need to travel with your sewing machine, a carrying case is a protective material that fends off scratches and damage.

3. Easy to Carry: A sewing machine bag has a shoulder strap or wheels, making it simple to move your machine. So, if you're going on vacation or just going away for a few days, this bag can be a wonderful choice to help you.

4. Fits Different Machines: One of the best aspects of a sewing machine case is that it can accommodate many machines. Whether your machine is small or medium, a top-quality casing will fit it well. Hence, if you're searching for a universal solution for all your sewing needs, you might consider purchasing a storage case.

5. Lots of Space: A sewing carrying case is ideal for holding all of the sewing tools and supplies you'll need for your project. Everything can be kept in one bag, making it convenient to carry with you.

What Are the Best Choices for Your Sewing Machine?

You may have grown up watching your mother or grandma sew beautiful clothes and curtains on their SINGER sewing machine. SINGER has been making quality sewing machines for over 160 years, so it's no surprise that they remain one of the most popular brands today. 

If you are using this sewing machine brand, we've put together a list of four of the best cases to let you work on your projects and take them on an adventure.

1. HOMEST Sewing Machine Case with Wheels

The HOMEST Rolling Sewing Machine Case is the way to go if you want to travel in elegance while keeping your SINGER sewing machine secure. This sewing machine carrying case with wheels includes all the features a travelling sewer would want, such as smooth and durable wheels, accessory pockets, and ample storage space.


  • The robust and portable frame of the HOMEST gives you the much-needed mobility to take it to a sewing lesson, a meetup, or on vacation.
  • You can carry this sewing machine case with a handle or via the shoulder strap.
  • It has well-padded sidewalls that protect your unit and sewing accessories from unnecessary damage.
  • It comes with multiple storage pockets that fit any sewing notions you might need to keep track of.
  • Apart from the SINGER brand, its main compartment is also suitable for sewing machines like Brother and Janome.


  • There is no trap inside that can hold the machine in one place.
  • The pockets inside are made of plastic.
  • It only measures up to 17 x 8 x 13.5 inches, so you’ll need to check the size of your machine.

2. NICOGENA Sewing Machine Case

The NICOGENA Sewing Machine Case offers roomy spaces for your sewing machine kits. Because it's made of nylon, you can rest assured that there’s less friction inside the bag when transporting your tools.


  • The entire top open style makes getting your sewing machine in and out easy.
  • The case's thick padded sides keep the sewing machine safe when on the road and at home.
  • It can be carried as a tote bag, on a shoulder, or by rolling it.
  • The NICOGENA also comes with six additional storage compartments for your sewing accessories to ensure that you have everything you need in one place.
  • This bag weighs 1.81 lbs. and fits regular-sized machines such as SINGER, Brothers, and Janomes.


  • The pad isn't particularly thick, so it's highly recommended to place a cover inside the sewing machine for added protection.

2. EVERYTHING MARY Sewing Machine Tote

Everything Mary Deluxe Quilted Pink and Grey Rolling Sewing Machine Carrying Case

Are you looking for a sewing buddy? The EVERYTHING MARY Machine Case is perfect for storing your sewing needs. This SINGER sewing machine carrying case is designed for travel.


  • This sewing machine trolley is made with high-quality 300 deniers, tightly woven polyester with stamped chrome logos, and zippers for a sophisticated and elegant appearance. 
  • It can hold up to 16.5″L x 9.5″W x 13.5″ sewing machines, making it perfect for universal machines like SINGER.
  • This SINGER heavy-duty sewing machine carrying case has adjustable telescoping handles and inline wheels for traveling.


  • The bag isn’t that padded and the structure isn't strong enough to protect your machine from heavy impact.
  • If you stuff the internal pockets with supplies, the sewing machine may be a little cramped in the bag.

3. CURMIO Sewing Machine Case

CURMIO is committed to designing various bags to make people's lives easier, including a sewing machine case with enormous dimensions and multiple sections for storing sewing supplies and the machine itself.


  • SINGER, Brother, Janome are some of the compatible brands with this case.
  • You can use the top clear pocket to store sewing tool kits such as tape measures, needles, scissors, and other materials.
  • It boasts a big opening and smooth two-way zippers for convenient access.
  • The bag is made of heavy-duty nylon and has enough padding to keep your belongings safe from dust, scratches, and shocks.


  • There isn't a velcro strap to keep the sewing machine in place.

Final Thoughts

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It doesn't matter if you're just a sewing beginner; assembling your equipment and taking a ride won't be difficult by carrying a light case. If you're on the hunt for the best way to protect and transport your SINGER sewing machine, check out our list of the four best carrying cases. With the right carrying case, your sewing trips will be easy peasy.

Don’t forget to check out more of our articles, learn about different threads and needles, and have fun stitching up a storm on your next trip!

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