A Sewing Machine Cabinet Buying Guide to Carve a Sewing Corner in Your Home

April 15, 2022

Are you running out of space? When you first began as a newcomer to the sewing scene, you probably had a run-off-the-mill sewing machine and placed it atop your desk. For some time, using your desk as your sewing workplace seemed enough. However, as the needles, threads, and fabrics started piling up, you soon realized that you needed a proper working space.

If you’re on a search for a sewing machine cabinet, then here’s a helpful read for you. Learn more about what a sewing cabinet is and what to look for when buying the best sewing cabinet for your needs. 

What Is a Sewing Cabinet?

Most people, especially those with limited space in their homes, often neglect to see the value of having a dedicated working space. New sewing enthusiasts often start with their already existing table. Some even use a kitchen table for its wide-open surface area, suitable for working with big fabrics. But in due time, for example, when you start your own business and the orders pile up, a makeshift sewing table won’t be enough.

A sewing machine table will be your one-stop-shop for your sewing needs. Everything that you need, from your sewing machine to your collection of needles, can all fit in the various compartments of a sewing machine table. You can even turn your sewing furniture into a cutting table if it includes such a feature.

Thoughts to Ponder Before Buying a Sewing Cabinet

While a sewing cabinet is a must-have for any sewing hobbyist, you first have to settle whether you need one and if your situation allows you to have one. You need to dwell on some questions before you go ahead and order a sewing cabinet. In this section, we share some questions that might help you make a better decision.

Do I Have Enough Space for a Sewing Station?

Most consumer-grade sewing machines are compact. This means that you can simply purchase one and use it on any surface you have at home. Then, once you’re done using it, you can simply tuck it away and out of your sight. But if you are ready to take your commitment to your hobby one step further, you might want to consider dedicating an entire space solely for sewing and nothing else.

Which Type of Sewing Machine Do I Own?

Sewing cabinets are as varied as sewing machines. However, it all boils down to what kind of sewing machine you have. There are sewing cabinets designed to be used with free arm sewing machines. Otherwise, if you use a flatbed sewing machine, you should look for a sewing table that allows your machine to be installed flat on its surface.

How Much Can I Spend?

Like any other commodity in the market, you buy tables at different prices. As the price of the cabinet goes up, you can expect better build quality and stronger materials. So be wary of buying sewing tables that are too cheap as these manufacturers also tend to cheap out on materials to keep their prices low. If you patiently browse online, you might discover bang for the buck deals on sewing furniture!

sewing machine cabinet - Young sewing hobbyist making stitches

Factors to Consider When Buying a Sewing Cabinet

Numerous manufacturers offer different sewing cabinets that cater to diverse needs. Finding your way through these numerous options can be difficult without someone guiding you. Without proper research and knowledge beforehand, you might find yourself purchasing sewing furniture that doesn’t meet your unique needs.

As such, here we provide you with some things that you should consider when you are out shopping for a cabinet for your sewing station.


Some manufacturers take the time and effort to create leverage over the competition—they try to incorporate new features that add value to their products. For example, some tables come with an ironing cover to quickly transform into an ironing board. In addition, there are other sewing machine cabinet accessories that can make your work a breeze.

However, if you are committed to using a specific model, you can place an order for sewing machine cabinet inserts that can make your machine work with any table you order.


Materials going missing is not new for any sewing enthusiast. At some point, you have probably lost a needle or two. Finding your way through heaps of fabrics can be tricky. As such, you would most likely appreciate sewing tables with ingenious storage designs. Manufacturers may include numerous drawers for your needles and threads so that you’ll never run out of storage space!

If you are stuck with limited floor space but need plenty of working area, you might appreciate sewing machine cabinets with lift. With a lift mechanism, these tables can hide your sewing machine when not in use, leaving you with more surface area to work with. 


A good sewing cabinet should be able to withstand hours of continuous use. Because of the vibration that the sewing machine produces, unfortunate situations such as screws coming loose can happen. That’s why you have to make sure that the cabinet you are aiming for is well-built for rigorous and demanding workloads. 


Sewing cabinets are huge pieces of furniture that require extra effort to transport. If you are going to place an order through a website, they would most likely offer you the option to have it delivered right to your door. However, if you want to opt for the traditional route, you might want to consider how the package will fit into your car.


Before you head out to the store:

  1. Sketch your floor plan.
  2. Pinpoint where you would exactly place your sewing cabinet.
  3. Grab a measuring tape and nail down the exact dimensions of the space you can dedicate to your new furniture.

Diligently doing this preparation will save you from bringing home a sewing table that won’t fit your room.

Final Thoughts

Committing to a hobby does not only take your time but can also be expensive. Taking up sewing as a hobby, you already probably have accepted that spending money on consumables like thread, needles, and fabrics is inevitable. Aside from those, you also have to shell out cash to carve yourself a dedicated sewing station in your home.

If you know what kind of sewing furniture you are looking for, you can save yourself from wasting time and money. It’s essential to look into these details first before heading to the store to get yourself a sewing machine table—the same is true for pretty much any kind of investment. The perfect table should make your workflow seamless and more efficient without tearing a hole in your pocket.

Revamp a corner of your home into a sewing paradise with the sewing machine table of your dreams!

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