Sewing Kit for Adults That Travel: What To Include Plus Practical Tips

April 13, 2022

Traveling is a part of life, but traveling takes time. As an adult, you'll spend idle hours doing something that reminds you of your other tasks. If you're a sewer you'll be fantasizing about getting to your sewing project again as soon as you get to your destination.

Luckily, if you have a sewing kit, you can fill in these idle periods by honing your sewing skills.

sewing kit for adults - A portable sewing kit for travel with threads, buttons, and a shear.

Travel Sewing Kit for Adults: Items to Bring While on the Go

A sewing kit for adults on professional travel must have the following items inside it. These are considered basic tools for the trade. Missing several of these accessories will keep the traveling sewer or hobbyist stuck on an in-progress project.

Dress shears - A handy tool that can fit right inside your sewing kit that cuts not only fabric. It can also be used to cut different threads and acts as all-around cutting equipment.

Tape measure/ruler - You'll have to measure your fabric and your threads, so you don't waste resources when you cut and stitch.

Seam ripper - Stitching by hand can be imprecise sometimes. The seam ripper will help you cut through imperfect stitches with ease.

Needles/needle cushions - No sewing can happen without the proper needles. Of course, you'll also need the cushions where you can bury your unused needles.

Threads - Consider carrying familiar threads like linen, polyester, stranded cotton, and yarn. Also, bring the essential thread colors. 

Bobbins - You can use threads from bobbins to budget the space. You can bring more colorful threads at the right amount with this item.

Pins - This item functions as a stabilizer. It makes sure your fabric is well placed on a surface.

Scrap fabric - Of course, you'll be needing scrap fabric where you can test out your hand stitching skills before you do the real stitches.

sewing kit for adults - A sashiko embroidery on a dark blue cloth and some sewing tools

Tips for the Traveling Sewer

Surviving a long and boring flight while thinking about finishing your sewing projects can be quite a bummer. But this is only true if you have not prepared for the situation.

There's more to being a traveling sewer than knowing what to put inside your travel sewing kit. So here are some tips for you to ensure you stay sewing during your hours in transit.

Prepare your sewing kit in advance

A travel sewing kit for adults who travel must always be ready. It should include all

the basic tools mentioned above. So be sure to use the checklist above and

prepare your sewing kit well before you plan on traveling. That way, you don't panic

looking for items you need at the last minute.

Bring your patterns

Another important thing you must not forget is your patterns. They act as your project blueprint. So unless you know how to do the project by heart, it's best to keep this in mind and store it immediately in your travel bag.

Patterns can be anything from your cross-stitch pattern guide to a clothing design outline. Whatever you're working on, always remember the patterns.

Double-check the materials you need for your project

In line with your patterns, you must also double-check the materials you'll need. The sewing kit checklist above are generic materials you must bring, but every project is different. Double-check the fabrics you'll need to bring, like the types of threads and even needles, and pack them.

Consider air travel regulations

Check the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rules and regulations on items you can bring on board your flight if you're traveling by air. For example, they will have regulations about bringing in sharp tools such as scissors. You don't want to end up leaving yours on the ground.

Wrap or store your sewing items in a portable kit

To organize your sewing kit items, you may wrap them with plastic or cloth bags. This will keep them together, so it's easier to find them.

Portable sewing kits may also have partitions for organizing your threads, bobbins, and needles. 

It's important that every item is organized, so you save space.

Switch to hand stitching side projects

If you're working on a big project that requires a sewing machine and you have to travel, your project will be idle and you’ll be unproductive. Unless you bring your project with you, consider switching to hand stitching and tackling on side projects in the meantime.

Consider bringing a portable sewing machine

If you really want to continue your main sewing project and you want to skip the hand labor, then buy a portable sewing machine.

This machine must be on the light side and have a carry bag inclusion so you can carry it on your shoulders or back when you travel.

sewing kit for adults - A cross-stitch design with thread rolls beside it.

Easy Projects to Do While Traveling

Doing easy, hand stitched side projects can be a fun retreat from your main sewing project. Taking on the projects below can keep you productive whether you're traveling by land, by air or both. New projects may also invigorate you to come up with fresh ideas for your main project. Try the following things next time you're out on a trip.

Sashiko embroidery

This Japanese form of embroidery is initially meant to repair and reinforce worn and torn areas of fabric. Yet the way the stitching is patterned is so beautiful that it is considered as an art form on its own.

You can take a piece of worn cloth and hand stitch patterns to it, such as a wave, flowers, or spirals. The best part about it is that it doesn’t take long to complete at all!

Crochet and knit

These two hand-stitching patterns are similar. The only difference is crochet uses a single hook needle while knitting uses a pair of thick needles. But they're both straightforward to do.

You'll only need a few things to get this started: yarn, the hook or the knitting needles, and a plan. You can start a small project like baby blankets, socks, gloves, or beanies with crocheting and knitting. 

Cross Stitching

This hand stitching project is pretty simple but yields aesthetic results that are fulfilling. You can stitch a "cross" on a special fabric, and these stitches serve as pixels that eventually contribute to an illustration worthy of a wall frame.

Cross stitching is fun and is perfect for long flights and travel times that will leave you sitting for hours.

sewing kit for adults - A hand crocheting a blue blanket to completion.

A Portable Sewing Kit for Adults Is a Must-Have

Traveling can sap your momentum on your projects because it forces you away from them. The only thing that will save you from your separation anxiety with your beloved sewing projects is a portable sewing kit.

Be sure to get one for yourself. Then, you can fill your sewing kit with the best sewing tools and accessories. Threadstop has reviewed some of these items for you. Read our other articles now and become a better sewer today.

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