Safety in the Pursuit of Precision With the Olfa Rotary Cutter for Fabric

March 8, 2022

Precise cuts on fabric are important when designing clothes. One small accuracy could spell the difference between ill-fitted clothing and one that hugs the contours of your body.

The pursuit of precision requires working closer to the fabric while cutting faster. As a result, safety is compromised. With the Olfa rotary cutter for fabric, you don’t have to sacrifice either precision or safety. Here's why.

Get To Know the Olfa Deluxe Heavy Duty Rotary Cutter for Fabric

The Olfa brand is a pioneer of the innovative rotary cutter. This Japanese brand has been making knives and razors since 1956 under the supervision and leadership of Yoshio Okada. Olfa is popular for its rotary cutter product for sewists, a convenient cutting tool that makes outlining fabric cuts easy. Here's what you'll find out from the Olfa Deluxe.

Cuts Multiple Fabric Layers

The Olfa rotary blade is tough and sharp enough to cut through multiple layers of fabric with considerable force by as much as six layers. While you're not always cut layered fabrics, it's amazing to know Olfa has this capability. This means your regular, single-layer fabric cuts will be a breeze. Running the rotary blade won't require as much effort and will cut continuously.

Tungsten Steel 45mm Rotary Blade

One of the toughest elements that you can use for blades is Tungsten. It grades high on the Mohs scale with an impressive nine on a scale of 1 to 10. So, it's four times harder than a titanium metal.

Olfa has made good judgment choosing Tungsten as their blade. That means you'll have a long-lasting rotary blade that's capable of retaining a sharp edge.

Comes With Single and Multiple Blade Packs

The Olfa rotary cutter is purchased with a single blade of your chosen size. But other sellers in the market offer multiple blades in a single purchase. As a result, you can get several rotary blades of the same size. Sometimes, to be efficient, it's good to get several sharp blades so you can easily switch in case the one you're using has lost its edge.

Safety Trigger

Handling tough and sharp objects must account for safety. The Olfa rotary cutter doesn't just provide a safety measure for their rotary blade. They make it, so you have full control over it.

The Olfa rotary blade has a safety trigger on the handle. You can squeeze the trigger, and the blade will slide down from its protective plastic casing, cutting fabric only when you're ready.

Secure Lock System

Olfa added another safety feature called the secure lock system to ensure complete safety. It's a red button located at the top of the rotary cutter's handle that you can push on either side. This button is like a handbrake that locks the blade in place and prevents pulling the trigger.

The secure lock system is very useful if you have kids playing around as they may see the tool as a toy. The button keeps them from pulling the trigger and accidentally cutting themselves.

Ergonomic Product Design

Olfa's rotary cutter isn't designed to look just like any boring razor cutters. Instead, every curvature of this product is designed to serve a purpose—to make sure that when you hold the rotary cutter, you'll feel comfortable and efficient using it. It's also a pleasant bonus that Olfa's cutter design also happens to serve as its distinguished style, making it stand out from other rotary cutters in the market.

rotary cutter for fabric - Olfa - A yellow rotary cutter with black lever and handle

Why You'll Love the Olfa Rotary Cutter for Your Fabric Set

We've inspected the Olfa rotary cutter to find out what's to love about this amazing cutting tool. Here's what we took from the experience.

Linear cutting precision - The 45mm rotary cutting blade can cut straight and long lines with precision. On the other hand, the 60mm blade size does this perfectly than the smaller version. But the 45mm would suffice if you have steady hands. So not only does the 45mm blade cut straight, but it can also cut faster and smoother.

Easy to use - The shape of the handle makes the Olfa cutter easy to grip. Your hands won't feel tensed holding it. The curvature of the cutter supports a downward force exerted by the cutter. When you roll the blade across a fabric, your hands won't feel as strained, and the motion will just flow smoothly. Lastly, the trigger-enabled blade makes preservation of the blade almost automatic because you only expose the edge at the exact moment you're using it.

Great safety feature - There's a lot of thought put into the safety features of the Olfa rotary cutter enough to make a statement that says, "We care for your safety and those around you." And that's a good impression to have on a product—knowing you'll be safe despite the hazards, making Olfa a worthy purchase for the sewing hobbyist.

Things to Watch Out Before Getting the Olfa Rotary Cutter for Your Fabric Kit

The Olfa cutter, in itself, is an excellent product that we don't have anything to add to it. On the other hand, there are some things that you need to watch out for when buying the product. This includes the following:

Inefficient curve cutting - If you're looking for more than just a straight cut and you're doing narrow curve cuts on your fabric, the 60mm or 45mm blade may not suffice. You'll have to get a smaller Olfa rotary blade.

Dull blades - Tough doesn't always mean sharp. While the Tungsten can last a long time, the blade's sharpness may not be as good out of the box. Best test it first and sharpen it according to your desired level.

A Safe Pursuit of Precision

The Olfa Deluxe rotary cutter is a product that supports your endless pursuit of precision. Whether you're cutting intricate curves or lines, Olfa can do the work. The 45mm rotary blade is designed to cater to both simple and complicated cutting while prioritizing your safety in the process. This allows you to freely pursue precision for amazing clothing design.

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