The Best Rolling Sewing Machine Tote: Everything Mary Collapsible Rolling Tote

February 24, 2022

Being a seamster is a great way to be creative and make a living. Whether you're just starting out or have been sewing for years, you should know how important it is to have a good sewing machine. You will need a machine that not only does the job right but is also easy to transport. 

That's where rolling sewing machine cases and totes come in. 

A rolling sewing machine case or bag allows you to easily move your sewing machine around without having to carry it by hand. Plus, it doubles as a container so that you can store all of your things in one place. 

If you're looking for an easy way to move and store your sewing machine, then be sure to check out Everything Mary’s Collapsible Rolling Tote! Here’s what we think of the product.

rolling sewing machine tote-1 – everything mary’s collapsible rolling tote with cheetah print

Why Everything Mary Is Leading the Rolling Sewing Machine Tote Market

Everything Mary has been around since 2007 to provide meticulously crafted storage solutions. This family-owned company’s mission is to help customers organize everything they need for work or hobbies!

The stylish and innovative products that Everything Mary offers are a great help for people to get organized, especially now that there’s a high demand for sewing. Their thoughtfully designed storage products will undoubtedly keep your space clutter-free and make transporting your tools and supplies easy!

Product Specifications

Color/DesignCheetah Print
Dimensions (L × W × H)17.5 × 16.5 × 10 in
Weight4 lb


✅ Affordable

✅ Made of durable polyester

✅ Stylish design

✅ Gives easy access to your sewing machine

✅ Universal size with a wide storage space

✅ Versatile

✅ Offers utmost stability

✅ Easy storage with multiple accessory pockets

✅ Lightweight

✅ Portable with extendable handle and wheels

✅ Easy maintenance


❌ Average zipper quality

❌ No hand or shoulder straps

❌ Wheels are not multidirectional.

❌ Telescoping handle is not ideal for taller people.

rolling sewing machine tote-2 – opened everything mary’s collapsible rolling tote with cheetah


Everything Mary’s Collapsible Rolling Tote is a deluxe sewing machine case that has it all! This rolling sewing machine tote with wheels and a handle is portable and lightweight, so it’s easy to carry even without hand or shoulder straps. It’s also made of robust polyester, a durable material that requires very little maintenance. 

Its thoughtfully designed zip-down front panel and wide storage space make it easy for you to access your sewing machine. It even has multiple spacious pockets, so you can carry your tools, supplies, and accessories and enjoy the easy reachability it offers! Don’t worry: the stabilizing strap and padded central compartment will keep your machine secure while transporting it.

The greatest thing about it is its collapsible and versatile design. It will automatically fold in when not in use; that’s what you call a convenient space-saver! The exceptional cheetah print design is also a huge plus that you can’t find anywhere else!

Considering both the highlights and drawbacks of this product, Everything Mary’s Collapsible Rolling Tote is a highly competitive sewing machine case. It provides the perfect balance of style and usability at an affordable price! You can ask for nothing more with this handy and versatile sewing machine rolling tote!

Rolling Tote Buying Guide

We’ve given you an amazing recommendation, but it’s still important that you know what to consider when buying a sewing machine rolling tote. Here is an informative buying guide to help you with the specifics!


When buying a rolling tote, the first thing you need to know is if it can comfortably accommodate your sewing equipment. A tote with a universal size would be the most convenient recommendation.

It’s also better if it offers multiple compartments for your other tools, supplies, and accessories like a pair of scissors and a sewing case. That way, you won’t have to carry a separate bag for them.

Material Durability

The durability of the materials used in your carrying tote is crucial. It will determine its usability and sustainability. 

You don’t want to have a sewing machine carrying case that easily gets broken upon use, especially when you’re carrying something as heavy as a sewing machine. Additionally, having custom framing is another characteristic of the best sewing machine case.

Thus, you should choose totes made of polyester or nylon. These robust materials will ensure that your tote will last long and keep your sewing equipment safe. Plus, they’re dust- and water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your tote getting dirty or wet! 

Sturdiness and Security

Since you are carrying a heavy yet fragile item, you should consider how much security and sturdiness your carrying tote can offer. It should have adequate padding and straps to keep your sewing machine safe and secured when you take it to different locations.


It’s great if your tote has multiple carrying options, such as hand or shoulder straps. However, it’s not necessary to have them if you’re getting a rolling tote or sewing machine trolley. 

The most important things to inspect for a rolling tote’s portability are its wheels and handle. Ensure that its wheels are strong and working properly. Additionally, see to it that you can comfortably use its handle.


Your rolling tote’s weight is also an important factor to consider. It must be lightweight, even with tough construction material. This way, you won’t need to exert extra effort while carrying your sewing machine. Remember that the tote bag must ease how you transport your machine, so find a lightweight one that you can easily carry around anywhere.


Your rolling tote’s appearance may not be a very crucial factor to take into account, but it is one of the many ways you can express your personality and sewing craft style. There’s no reason you shouldn’t carry around your sewing machine inside a stylish carrying case! Therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate to pick a design that suits your taste best.

Final Thoughts

It can be a bit tricky to look for the best rolling tote because there are so many different options to choose from. Additionally, you must consider various things when buying a carrying case that’s perfect for your sewing machine. Thus, you might spend a lot of time thinking about all those things.

Whether you’re buying sewing accessories, a rolling sewing machine tote, or a sewing machine itself, just remember to weigh its pros and cons. As long as you keep this in mind, you won’t make a mistake when buying any product you want to have!

We hope that this review has helped you make a decision about which type of sewing machine tote to buy. If it has, then don’t settle for anything less than what Everything Mary’s Collapsible Rolling Tote offers. Get yours now!

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