A Review of the Sentro Knitting Machine: Cast On, Crank, and Cast Off

May 4, 2022

One of the popular gifts you can make for your loved ones is something knitted, but the hours and sweat you put into even a little beanie are no joke. Knitting takes days or even weeks to finish if you're a beginner. For expert knitters, it takes at least a couple of hours. Even so, that's a lot of time spent on a tiny hat.

Stop your hand knitting right now, and check out this efficient knitting machine that will blow your mind. 

Sentro Knitting Machine Inclusions 

Aside from the circular knitting machine itself, this nifty machine comes with the necessary tools and knitting supplies you need to start knitting. 

Crochet Hook

Your hook's size matters because you can't crochet bulky yarn clothing with a small hook. The Sentro Knitting Machine comes with a large plastic crochet hook with a tapered tip. This inclusion is suitable for closing fine knitting yarn or picking up dropped knitting stitches.


Yarns are the most important knitting material for your Sentro Knitting Machine. There are different yarn weights to choose from; however, keep in mind that the Sentro 48 knitting machine can only accommodate up to 4 medium-weight yarns. 

The four balls of yarn in this knitting machine are in random colours and different thicknesses. There isn’t any information about the yarn weight, but you can physically see the difference in their weights. 

Darning Needles

Needles are underappreciated in knitting machines, but they may come in handy when pulling your fabric out of the machine and mending loose ends together. 

With the machine comes three plastic large-eye darning needles in different sizes to suit every yarn size. Note that plastic needles tend to slip, unlike bamboo or wooden needles.

Suction Cups 

This add-on to your Sentro Knitting Machine may be nothing to you at first. But suction cups can save you from the frustration of holding the machine in place. While you crank your Sentro, it needs a solid foundation so that it won't move around. These four suction cups will do the trick. 

They stick perfectly on smooth tabletops but not on textured ones like wood. 

Magnetic Screwdriver 

You need the screwdriver to screw on the legs of the Sentro Knitting Machine. The machine comes with a screwdriver, so you don't have to rummage in your toolbox to get one. 

Instruction Manual

The manual comes as a pamphlet, and it's quite easy to follow with its illustrations and simple instructions. 

Features Of The Sentro 48 Needle Knitting Machine

Sentro Knitting Machine and knitted fabric

The Sentro Knitting Machine is for anyone who wants to make knitted fabric easily and breezily. Here is what you get from buying this awesome product: 

48 Teeth

The Sentro Knitting Machine has different variations, with one having the biggest number of teeth or needles. This allows you to make larger clothing such as scarves or even sweaters. 

The numbered pegs are all pink except for the number 48, which is white. This peg is where you start and finish your knitting. 

Yarn Guide 

This feature keeps your yarn in place to keep the knitting gauge nice and even, and helps prevent loose stitches. Put your yarn at the bottom of the yarn guide so cranking will be hassle-free. 

Row Counter 

With many needles, it's hard to keep track as you crank along, so having a row counter will help you manage the number of rows you want for your knitting. Every time you go back to the white teeth of the machine, it counts as a row. 

You can also reset your counter with an easy push of a button at the top right corner of the counter. 

Tension Lever/Gauge 

Knitting, whether by hand or on a machine, needs tension to gauge the tightness of your knitted fabric. The Sentro's tension lever comes in four settings, and results vary depending on the tension lever setting you put: 

Tightest: The gauge closest to the machine creates close-knitted fabrics, but cranking the machine will get much more difficult. 

Tight: The second gauge closest to the machine is the most commonly used setting. It produces no holes in the fabric or drop stitches. The machine can run smoothly without pressure on this tension level or the crank handle. 

Moderate: The swatch on this set is bigger than the first two gauges. The fabric output is airy and loose, but it doesn't have drop stitches. 

Loose: This tension lever setting has the biggest hole to put your yarn in. It has the fastest knitting time, but the fabric produced will have big holes and drop stitches. This works best for bigger yarn weights. 

Crank Handle 

The handle allows you to knit smoothly and quickly by simply turning the crank downward and clockwise. In minutes, you can produce a well-knitted fabric thanks to this feature.

Tubular or Panel Modes 

At the side of the Sentro Knitting Machine, you will notice a switch labeled T and P for tubular and panel modes, respectively. 

You can create tubular knits for hats and any other closed fabric on the tubular mode, and on this setting you can easily wind your machine around and around.

Panel mode, on the other hand, produces flat knits of fabric. When you're in this mode, the crank handle won’t allow you to make a full circle. Therefore, don't force your machine past the point where it stops or you'll break it.

Sentro Knitting Replacement Parts 

The item doesn't have spare parts, such as a Sentro Knitting Machine handle replacement or a Sentro Knitting Machine needle replacement. However, Sentro allows you to return and replace the machine within 30 days. 

You might as well have it replaced, especially if you need complicated parts like a Sentro knitting machine gear replacement.

What We Love About the Sentro Knitting Machine 

The Sentro Knitting Machine is the cheapest knitting machine on the market right now. Others, such as the Addi Knitting Machine, are too expensive for a manual crank operation. In addition to its affordable pricing, here are other things we love about this adorable machine: 

  • Incredibly fast and free-flowing knitting: Whether tubular or panel knitting, the Sentro can finish your knitting in minutes.
  • Great for both beginner and advanced knitters: If you're tired of knitting the old-fashioned way, it doesn't hurt to use this cool machine. With a couple of tutorials, you can operate this circular knitting machine with no problems. 
  • Create An Array of Clothing: With its two modes and 48 needles, you can create different knits, from gloves to sweaters. You can even overlap different colours of yarn and create contrasting or complementary patterns. 

What We Don't Like About the Sentro Knitting Machine 

It isn’t easy to find cons for this machine, but we want Sentro to improve on some minor drawbacks: 

  • Not for thick, chunky yarns: The Sentro 48 needle knitting machine doesn't work well with chunky yarns (from 5 weight yarns and up). It might break if you push your machine to knit such thick yarns. 
  • Plastic body: The machine and its tools are made mostly of plastic, so it feels flimsy and fragile to use. 

Final Thoughts

The Sentro Knitting Machine is great for both pro and beginner knitters. You don't have to regret the hours you spend knitting with the Sentro. If you want to give someone a knitted gift in a flash, this is the machine for you. 

If you’re interested in more information about knitting or sewing, check out our other reviews at Threadstop.

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