A Quick Review of Fiskars Rotary Cutter Set

June 17, 2022

Looking for an easy breezy way to cut your fabric? If you're like most sewists, cutting fabric can be the most tedious sewing process. But a reliable rotary cutter and mat set can make a huge difference. So check out the Fiskars Rotary Sewing Cutter Set! This practical set has all you need to glide through fabrics with ease. Read on for our thoughts, plus pros and cons to consider if you're planning to buy it.

First Impressions

The Fiskar Rotary Cutter Set comes with a neutral gray mat with clear lines so you can see your work clearly. Plus, it has two sides for extended use. The cutter looks sharp, and the whole thing except the blade is made of plastic, making it rather lightweight. It seems the handle, while sporting a blade guard, is not ergonomically designed and just feels like a regular cutter.

The ruler is made of clear acrylic, making it easy to align your cuts for precision. It also has angled indicators for different cutting angles, and a bright orange highlighted edge. Overall, the set looks sturdy and will endure the rigors of fabric cutting.

Fiskars Rotary Cutter Set

Fiskars Crafts Rotary Sewing Cutter Set

Price: $25.57

Cutting through multiple layers of fabric can be a real pain—literally. A lot of times, regular scissors just won't do the trick. Instead, you need something that can effortlessly glide through materials like butter. That's where the Fiskars Crafts Rotary Sewing Cutter Set comes in handy. 

This versatile set comes with a 45mm rotary cutter, 18x24 inch cutting mat, and 6.5x24 inch ruler, making it easy to cut fabric for any project.The rotary cutter is perfect for cutting straight or curved lines, and the ruler is great for measuring and cutting precise angles. The included cutting mat is self-healing and double-sided so that you can use it over and over again.

If you're looking for a high-quality rotary cutting set that can make your life easier, this rotary fabric cutter and mat set is a great option.

Reasons Why You Should Buy

  • Sharp rolling cutter
  • Wide and double-sided cutting mat
  • Clear, visible grid lines on the mat and ruler
  • Comes with a highlighted seam allowance on the ruler
  • "New style" option that features a darker mat and a more ergonomic cutter design
  • Great set for beginners
  • Value for price
  • Ambidextrous ruler and cutter

Reasons Why You Should NOT Buy

  • The cutter's blade is not durable and will wear off after a few uses, especially on thick fabrics
  • The cutting mat is not non-slip
  • Hard to store, doesn't come with a storage box
  • The grid lines don't have waterproof coating
  • Not as self-healing as advertised

Standout Features of This Set

Here are just a few of the features that make the Fiskars Crafts Rotary Sewing Cutter Set stand out from the rest:

Sharp 45mm Stick Rotary Cutter

This cutter has a powerful 45mm blade that can easily slice through materials like paper, fabric, and even cardboard. The design is easy to use and comes with a blade guard, which ensures that you won't accidentally cut yourself. The blades are replaceable, so keeping the cutter in top condition is a breeze. So whether you're cutting out squares or long strips, it won't disappoint.

Large Cutting Mat

The included cutting mat is large enough to accommodate a wide range of projects. It's also double-sided, and you may use either side for different projects. In addition, the grid lines are clear and visible, so you can easily align your cuts. Plus, the mat has a self-healing property which means that it will close up after each cut—though as we mentioned earlier, this feature isn’t so great.

Clear Ruler with Precise Angles

The see-through acrylic ruler is marked with angles, so you can easily cut precise angles. It's also ambidextrous, so you can use it whether you're right or left-handed. Plus, the markings are bold and easy to see, so you can always make accurate cuts. In addition, it includes a highlighted seam allowance for strip cutting fabrics. This is an essential tool for every sewist as it guarantees accurate measurements, whether you are working on a small or large project.

Who should buy the Fiskars Rotary Sewing Cutter Set?

This cutting set is ideal for beginners. It has the tools you need to get started, including a rotary cutter, mat, and fabric ruler. The cutter is comfortable enough to hold and easy to use, and the mat provides a stable surface for cutting. The fabric ruler ensures that you cut straight lines, making it easy to create neat, professional-looking seams. Even with all that, there are better options out there, like an Olfa Cutter, which is more durable and sharper. But what you're getting from this ruler, cutting mat, and rotary cutter set is value for its price.

Where to buy the Fiskars Rotary Sewing Cutter Set?

There are a few options where you can buy this set. The first option is to check your local sewing or craft store. If they don't have it, another option is to shop online and search for "Fiskars Rotary Sewing Cutter Set." You'll probably find a few different online retailers that sell it. Just be sure to read the reviews before you buy to make sure you're getting a good quality product and not a fake.

Finally, we recommend getting it from Amazon. The product listing scores 4.8 stars with over 11,000 customer ratings. It's a sure hit for many beginners and experienced sewists alike.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many layers of fabric will this rotary cutter cut?

Generally, a sharp enough blade can cut through up to four layers of fabric. However, the maximum layers can vary depending on your blade, so see what works and adjust accordingly.

Will this cut through paper?

Yes. You can cut paper and thin cardboard with the rotary cutter. But it's recommended to use separate blades for paper and fabric. If you use the same blade for every material, the blade will dull faster.

Where can I find replacement blades for the cutter?

Fiskars sells replacement blades on their Amazon store. You may also use other brands but make sure they are 45mm so they'll fit in the blade holder.

Final Thoughts

So, is the Fiskars Rotary Sewing Cutter Set right for you? If you're looking for a quality rotary cutting set within a comfortable price range, this one should definitely be at the top of your list. It has everything you need to get started with precision cutting, from a sharp 45mm stick rotary cutter to a large cutting mat and clear ruler with precise angles. 
However, if you're on a bigger budget or simply looking for better options, our other product reviews may suit your needs. We hope this review was helpful and that you find the perfect rotary sewing cutter set for your crafting needs!

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