The Essentials for a New Sewer: Top 4 Picks of Premium Sewing Starter Kits

April 21, 2022

If you're getting started with sewing, you may wonder what materials you’ll need. Things such as threads, the type of needles, or even the right fabric will leave you stumped. Will you also need accessories to begin your craft? Don't stress yourself out by trying to figure it all. We’ve got you covered. In this article, we will talk about all the essentials you need to jump-start your sewing journey. 

We’ve picked out four of the best sewing machine starter kits for beginners. So let's check them to see what fits your needs and your budget. 

What’s inside your sewing kit? 

Before we get into the list of the best sewing kits in the market, you should know your sewing essentials. It's not enough that the kit you have is full of colorful threads. There are tools you need so you can sew and craft your projects. Here's a checklist of the essentials included in sewing starter kits for sewing machines and hand sewing:

  • Fabric and paper scissors 
  • Different size needles
  • Pincushion
  • Spools of thread
  • Seam ripper
  • Rotary cutter 
  • Needle threader 
  • Dressmaker pins 
  • Blades 
  • Circle rulers
  • Washable markers 

Sewing Essentials for Beginners: Our Top Picks 

We searched the market for the best beginner kits for sewing. Each kit contains all the essentials to start and create your sewing project. So let's take a close look at the kit inclusions and choose the best for your needs. 

GOANDO Portable Basic Sewing Kit for Adults - $20.89 

Kit Inclusions: 

  • The GOANDO basic sewing kit contains 41 XL spools of vibrant threads in pastel and basic colors. These sewing threads are highly durable—perfect for repairs and creative projects. Each spool contains 150 meters of thread to ensure you have enough for your many sewing projects. 
  • The sewing kit contains all the essentials you need. It has ten colorful buttons, two different sizes of stainless steel scissors for precise cutting, over 30 pieces of sewing needles in different sizes, pins, thimbles, and even a magnifier. In addition, this starter sewing kit has over 206 materials included in the package. Surely, everything you need is inside. 
  • The sewing case is simple to carry, so you can bring it anywhere, and it's very useful in emergencies. The kit is made from durable material, so your essentials are safe and organized inside the bag. 

Product Drawbacks: 

  • The threads included in the kit are colorful but not as heavy-duty as other branded threads available in the market, and the threads in the kit are good for temporary repairs only.
Singer 07271 vintage basket sewing kit

SINGER 07271 Basket with Sewing Notions Kit - $31.49 

Kit Inclusions: 

  • If you’re into the old school style of sewing, you will surely love the design of the SINGER 07271. This sewing kit has a vintage-look: the basket contains all your sewing essentials. It's stylish and makes it easy for you to organize your sewing materials. The hand of the box is also retractable for convenient storage. 
  • The kit includes ten classic colors of spool threads. In addition, it contains scissors, 100 dressmaker pins, a thimble, a seam ripper, and a tape measure. The vintage basket has a plastic divider tray which you can place inside the basket to organize your sewing notions. 

Product Drawbacks: 

  • All the materials in the sewing basket are manufactured by SINGER and are guaranteed premium quality. But some users report that the basket itself is poorly made. The basket's body is made of cheap plastic, which is easily scratched and easily broken when dropped. 
  • This sewing machine starter kit only includes ten mini threads. So you don't have many options to choose from in colors, and since they’re small, expect your thread to run out easily. Make sure to buy backup threads if you're doing a big sewing project. 
Eversewn premium sewing starters kit

EverSewn Ultimate Sewing Starter Kit - $51.91 

Kit Inclusions: 

  • The EverSewn starter kit contains 14 of the highest quality essentials you need for sewing. The kit includes the following materials: 9-inch titanium scissors, cutting mat, seam gauge rules, safety pins, clipper scissors, magnetic pin catcher, rotary cutter, water, and iron varnish pens. 
  • This sewing kit is perfect for people in sewing classes because of the kit inclusions. It also gives you big savings with all the materials it comes in. Compared to buying these separately, you'll save as much as $25, and you’ll get high-quality tools too. 

Product Drawbacks:

  • The EverSewn starter kit does not include thread spools in their kit. It's mainly composed of tools, so you need to buy thread separately when using this kit. In addition, the kit only comes in a cardboard box, and it has no committed bag or case to store your tools. You’ll have to buy them separately to have proper storage and carry your tools on the go. 
Singer 224pcs sewing kit organizer

SINGER Sew-It-Goes: Sewing Kit and Craft Organizer - $42.26

Kit Inclusions: 

  • If you're an organizing nut, this SINGER Sew-It-Goes kit will make your heart happy. It's a study case with removable drawers and a cover so you can organize your sewing materials any way you want it. The case is also transparent, so you can easily spot the tools you need whenever you need them. 
  • The kit includes the basic tools for sewing plus 42 SINGER threads. The sewing organizer has a fairly large capacity for storing. Aside from the 42 threads it contains, you can still add XL thread spools on the top-most part of your organizer. You can have all the color options you need for your sewing machine. 
  • This sewing kit is available in a deluxe version which includes additional heavy-duty SINGER 8.5-inch fabric scissors and 4.5-inch detailed embroidery scissors. The deluxe kit also includes metallic threads—perfect for your embroidery projects.
  • The organizer can fit over 350 sewing tools and materials with a compact design. It also has a carrying handle that allows you to take it anywhere and a secure lock for your mini drawers and covers, so the contents don’t spill while you transport it. 

Product Drawbacks:

  • The organizer is made from plastic. Be careful not to drop it or hit it with force by accident because some users report that it is prone to breakage. In some cases, the sewing kit organizer came in broken, but whether it's because of poor shipping or the fault of the manufacturer, the cause is unknown. 

Final Thoughts 

If you want to pass the time or start a new hobby, you can add sewing to your list. With endless colorful threads and advanced technology, you can craft anything you imagine. We hope these sewing starter kit picks help you start and enjoy your sewing journey. 

Make sure to check more of our buying guides and reviews for sewing tool and equipment recommendations, or even just for sewing inspiration. 

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