Everything Mary Rounded Crochet Knitting Bag: A Must-Have Leather Crochet Bag for Crocheting On-The-Go

August 1, 2022

Have you been hooked on crocheting lately and can’t leave your hook and yarn when going outdoors? We understand your excitement and joy in crocheting! If you're a crocheter who's adventurous and willing to take your project on the road, a handy and stylish crochet bag is your next best friend.

However, bringing your crochet project with you can be messy if you don’t have a functional handbag for your crochet supplies. A sturdy organizer bag for crocheting essentials will make your crochet gaming easier while also looking fashionable.

Want to protect your work from the mess? Read on to learn more about the qualities to look for in a crochet bag and why a crochet bag can help you make crocheting outdoors fun and easier.

Things to Look for in Crochet Project Bags

When searching for project bags for knitting and crochet, keep in mind that it should be durable enough to protect your work from tangles and keep your crocheting essentials in place.

Here are other things to consider before buying one:


Just like ordinary bags, a crochet handbag has a wide range of sizes. Before buying a bag, consider the size of the projects you usually work on. Choose a crochet bag that can fit all your tools and supplies in one place without sacrificing space and style..


Who doesn't want enough pockets in a bag? Let's face it, the number of pockets in a crochet bag is one of the most important factors to consider when buying one. Pockets have a critical role in holding your project, crochet hook and knitting needles.

A crochet bag should also have a larger pocket to hold yarn and another one for personal belongings. If a bag has enough pockets where you can put some of your things, it's also suitable to be your daily handbag!


If you're planning to take crocheting seriously and you're going to bring your project with you on trips, aim for a crochet bag that is easy to carry around. Also, identify your preference when it comes to straps. For example, do you want a removable strap, or will you carry the bag as a shoulder bag or handbag? You have the flexibility to choose!


The bag needs to be durable enough to hold up to a lot of use and won’t puncture easily, especially if you’ll be using it more outdoors. Project bags made of fabric are popular because they’re easy to clean. However, if you’re looking for a strong and durable bag, you may want to consider bags with a leather base.

Why Leather Is Better

Now that you already have an idea of the factors to consider when buying a crochet bag, let's look into why a leather crochet bag is a good match for your projects.


Leather is known to be durable, which is why it is a commonly used material for handbags. No fear of getting it torn compared to other materials such as fabric. Real leather also absorbs water, which means your project and tools can be protected from moisture.


Many people think that leather bags are costly. However, compared to buying a low-quality bag every year, leather is a good investment as you can still use it for the next five or ten years, depending on how you take care of it.


Whether it's the leather base or leather strap, this material screams fashion and elegance. Anyone can easily look sophisticated and in style with a leather bag.

Everything Mary Rounded Crochet Knitting Bag

Crochet Outdoors with Everything Mary Rounded Crochet Knitting Bag

Are you ready to take your crochet project with you and have some alone time with yourself or with a crochet buddy? We recommend the Everything Mary Rounded Crochet Knitting Bag so you can efficiently store your crocheting essentials and crochet projects.

Product Details

The bag comes with the following measurements:

Dimension: 15. 5 x 4. 5 x 11. 5 in

This bag is capable of holding many essentials you would like to protect.

Weight: It only weighs 1.15 lbs, making it travel-friendly and easy to carry around!

Reasons to Buy This Bag

The Everything Mary Rounded Crochet Knitting Bag is packed with features that make it the perfect partner for crocheting on the go! Here are some of our favorite features:


Canvas bags are great for the outdoors and can outlast hand-crocheted bags in terms of resistance to water. This bag is made of high-quality canvas, known for being durable and heavy-duty. The bag is also lined with PU leather, which is vegan and can be quite water-resistant from the outside.

Large Compartment

Everything Mary Rounded Crochet Knitting Bag’s top priority is organization. It has two large compartments. This bag also has a front zipper purse which can hold other items you would like to protect. Its main compartment can be used for storing yarn, crochet needles, and other crocheting requirements. What’s even better is that the bag has nine storage spaces!

Portable and Lightweight

This bag is created with your convenience in mind. With its lightweight design, you can travel anywhere with this bag. In addition, it's also easier to carry because of its handy shoulder strap and carry handle.

Reasons Not to Buy This Bag

Despite its good features, the Everything Mary Rounded Crochet Knitting Bag also has some limitations. Here are some of its drawbacks:

Not Entirely Leather-Based

The bag does not have a leather base, and the PU leather is only used to line the bag. Although PU leather is vegan, sustainable, and more affordable than real leather, it can look synthetic and smell like chemicals or plastic. However, the smell also goes away after some time, and PU leather is also easy to clean.

Short Handle

Although the bag has two handles, which makes it easy to carry, the bag’s shoulder strap is not adjustable. Its strap can be quite short if it is carried over the shoulder.

Meet Style With Functionality and Durability

So, what’s our final verdict on the Everything Mary Rounded Crochet Knitting Bag? Stylewise, its diamond print and synthetic leather lining are impressive. Its functionality and durability also outweigh the limitations it has.

If you’re looking for an efficient yet chic crochet bag for your crochet supplies, the Everything Mary Rounded Crochet Knitting Bag is worth considering.
Want more options and ideas for crocheting and knitting storage solutions? Browse our reviews to know more.

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