A Review Of Mira Handcrafts' Beginner Crochet Kit, The Treasure Bag Of Crocheters

March 21, 2022

These days, treasures aren't only the ones that come from a chest filled with golden coins, bars, and jewelry pieces. It may now come in a bag filled with all the crochet tools you need for crocheting! These instruments may not be as shiny as gold. Still, they are valuable in creating lovely pieces you can use. You can also give them to fellow crocheters to spread some happiness gems.

Quit the hunt as we'll discuss in this post the treasure we've been talking about—the Mira Handcrafts' crochet kit for beginners. It may not be in a chest, but with all its goodness, they are riches—in a bag!

Crochet Supply Set Inclusion 

This learning to crochet for beginners kit has all the tools you need and even more! There are 40 multi-colored yarns, a carry bag, some stitch markers, two types of crochet hooks, two needles, and seven eBooks with topics helpful for crochet rookies and experts! Despite it being made for amateurs, even experienced crocheters will love it. Let's check each content!


Crochet yarns have different weights, and each one is best used for certain types of stitches and projects. For instance, a yarn with medium weight is best for beginners as they are easier to handle. If you want to see your stitches easily, the best yarn to use is acrylic and wool yarns with light colors. 

With the Mira HandCrafts easy crochet kit for beginners, you can crochet in rainbow colors as you'll get acrylic yarn with 40 colors. There are two yarns each for the 16 shades, while eight colors are available in single yarns. 


Keep in mind that crochet hooks should match the weight of the yarn you are using. To ensure you are getting the right hook, check the label at the back of the yarn, and it will show what hook best matches it. 

The crochet hooks you'll get from the Mira HandCrafts starter kit measures 4.5mm and 5.5mm, so you'll have something to use for lightweight yarns and heavy ones. If you want an all-around hook for beginners, the ideal sizes are 4.25mm and 5.00mm. Although, you need to buy them separately. 


If you are still beginning to crochet, using needles may not be on top of your priority. It is because many steps in crocheting can be done using the hook. However, when you jump from rookie to an intermediate and advanced level crocheter, you'll find a needle helpful. 

Two needles are included in the Mira HandCrafts to join Afghan squares, close seams, and perform other complicated crochet tasks. 

Stitch Markers

Crochet is all about patterns, and as you learn how to do it, you'll know how important counting the loops is to create a visually pleasing output. You can keep track of patterns and counts with the help of stitch markers. These tools come in ring and lock designs, but in the Mira HandCrafts kit, you'll get four pieces of the latter. These markers are enough for you to mark, then crochet the next part and add another hook once you are done counting. If you ever rest in between crocheting a certain piece, you can start again from where you ended with the help of stitch markers. 


Crochet often starts as a hobby, and as a hobbyist, you'll figure out many things through the help of free tutorials and from the books. Mira HandCrafts knows their customers so well that they have included learning resources in the kit. They did not include just one eBook, but there are seven of them with these topics:

  • Cool Yarn Crafts Projects
  • The Magic Of Yarn: Getting On The Path Of Creativity and Inspiration
  • Discover the World Of Crochet
  • The Mini Skein Crochet
  • Crochet Made Simple, Chapter 1: Beginners Level
  • Crochet Made Simple Chapter 2: Intermediate Level
  • Crochet Made Simple Chapter 3: Advanced Level

You will be guided with proper knowledge in every stage of your crochet journey with these books!

Carry Bag

Keeping every tool and your work area neat and organized when crocheting is a must. You do not want yarns to be all looped amongst each other or the tiny needles and hooks missing. Good thing the kit from Mira HandCrafts keeps everything inside a carry bag—the treasure chest! Even if you want to take your equipment outdoors or together with you on vacation, it won't be a fuss as everything you need is inside a carry bag. 

Mira HandCrafts beginner crochet kit

Why Mira Handcrafts' Beginner Crochet Kit Is A Treasure Bag

There are plenty of crochet kits sold, but the Mira HandCrafts is still the best choice and can be considered a prized treasure for the following reasons. 

  • Mira HandCrafts kit is complete with all the essential tools you'll need. You can begin crocheting from the basic patterns to intermediate and difficult ones when you have the kit. There are a variety of hook sizes and yarn colors to crochet with flexibility. 
  • The kit offers a couple of yarns in 40 various colors. The makers also know that you may use different yarn sizes, so they've provided two hook sizes. Even the less used needles are in the set. And, of course, the carry bag!
  • Despite the variety of content in the kit, the Mira HandCrafts set remains affordable at $21.22. Some counterparts are as expensive as $44-$50. While the sets with higher prices have more inclusions, your $20 investment in the Mira HandCrafts kit is sufficient and worth it if you are looking for a beginner set. 
  • If an inclusion makes the Mira HandCrafts set stand out, it definitely would be the seven eBooks. Many kits include yarn, hook, needles, and markers. Still, Mira HandCrafts is one of the few that considers the need for learning, especially for beginner crocheters. 
  • Aside from crocheting, you can utilize the set to have different activities for you and your family. With the surplus of yarns, you can make string art. Switch from crocheting to knitting and more string crafts to make the most of your time and the set. 


  • Can be given as a gift because of its presentability
  • You can make different crafts from hats, finger puppets, pompoms, dolls, and more
  • The yarns are washable
  • Sold at an affordable price


  • Needs extra care in washing the yarn to ensure excellent quality 
  • Has lesser kit content compared with counterparts with 60-80 pieces tool in a kit

Final Thoughts

The beginners' crochet kit by Mira Handcrafts is a treasure bag of crocheters. If you're new to the craft, this set will give you everything you need for your journey into mastering it. It includes all the tools and instructions needed to teach yourself how to crochet with ease. 

This beginner's crochet kit has every tool one needs to learn how to succeed at crocheting. The set includes different shapes of hooks (from small ones used for amigurumi projects up through larger sizes), yarn needles, and stitch markers!

Indeed, treasure isn't only found in chests. For crocheters and individuals who want to learn a new craft, it comes in the Mira HandCrafts crochet kit carry bags! If you are thinking of giving yourself or someone a treat, this could just be it!

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