Beginner’s Best Friend: Magicfly Mini Sewing Machine

June 23, 2022

Learning how to sew is a great hobby and a skill that will be useful in your household. From doing simple repairs in clothing and household items, doing crafts, creating new clothes, and even turning it into a business—sewing is a very practical hobby to learn. Although the art of sewing takes years and unending practice to master, it's also important to have the right sewing tools with you every step of the way. 

Don't jump over to advanced and professional sewing machines if you're a beginner. There are beginner-friendly machines that will help develop your skills over time, and they will make the learning process easier. In this blog post, we'll highlight the best sewing machine choice for beginners like yourself. 

We’ll take a closer inspection of the Magicfly mini sewing machine and run down the product highlights and potential drawbacks to see if this sewing machine is worth your money. 

magicfly mini sewing machine

The Features of the Magicfly Sewing Machine 

The Magicfly sewing machine boasts many features for a beginner model. You’ll surely have fun with your sewing projects with this machine. Here are the key features of the Magicfly machine you shouldn't miss out on. 

Portable size 

The Magicfly is the perfect on-the-go sewing machine. Its small size makes it easy for you to carry it anywhere and store it in tight spaces. The machine comes with a dust-proof bag where you can place the machine when you need to bring it on your travels. It’s also lightweight and weighs only three pounds. You can easily bring this anywhere you want to work without the trouble of a heavy load. 

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the machine’s power source. The sewing machine has two power modes. You can either plug it from a power source, or you can install batteries if there's no source to plug into. This feature is really useful when you are not working in your workspace if the voltage of the place does not match the machine’s specifications. 

Reverse stitching and 12 built-in stitches 

The Magicfly sewing machine can do reverse stitches on your projects. This feature is a big addition to this machine because not all machines, especially the traditional ones, can do reverse stitching. Reverse stitching is useful when making clothes, as it ensures the fabric stays in place at the seams. The machine also has a double stitch mode that gives extra strength to your stitches. 

Moreover, the sewing machine has 12 built-in stitches, including straight stitches, zigzags, and other decorative patterns. You can easily switch between stitches via the dial attached to the side of the machine. All you need to do is twist the dial to the correct number of the pattern, and it's good to go. No extra preparations are needed. 

Comes with an accessories set 

The sewing machine comes with essential accessories you’ll be needing for your sewing project. The accessory set includes three replacement presser feeds, buttons, and zippers. It also includes spool accessories, a tape measure, and an extension table which gives you more space to operate on bigger sewing projects. 

Furthermore, the sewing machine is compatible with three needle types so that you can equip your machine with the correct needle depending on the fabric thickness, from lightweight to heavyweight fabrics. The machine also features an automatic needle threader and a motorized presser foot for easy thread insertion. 

Another inclusion for the mini sewing machine that other machines do not have is a mini light. You can simply attach this to your machine, so you can keep working in dim environments. Instead of having an external lamp, you can have this light attached to your sewing machine. 

Easy to operate 

This sewing machine is best for beginners and kids alike, not just because of its small size. The machine includes a speed dial to customize your sewing speed. The machine also includes a threading guide to help differentiate the different patterns. Moreover, the machine includes a manual that gives clear instructions on operating the machine and links to demonstration videos to help you create various arts and crafts. 

mini sewing machine 

Product Lowlights of the Magicfly Sewing Machine 

Magicfly is one of the top choices for sewing machines for beginners. This machine is the perfect choice for individuals who want to learn sewing basics and how to handle a sewing machine. However, to keep your expectations of this machine aligned with your needs, here are some potential drawbacks you might experience. 

Limited types of fabric are compatible with the machine 

Not all types of fabric are compatible with this mini sewing machine. You can sew lighter fabrics like cotton with this machine. The machine will have no problem with your project, whether it be soft, hard, thick, or thin. But fabrics like wool, polyester, silk, and elastic will be difficult for this machine to handle. 

Furthermore, this sewing machine cannot do upholstery repairs. Much thicker and tougher materials require heavy-duty sewing machines. Do not force extremely heavy fabric on this machine to prevent it from malfunctioning. 

Feels like using a toy 

When you receive the sewing machine, it weighs no more than three pounds and the size will be smaller than you think. Some users report that it feels like you're playing with a toy and say it's more compatible for children than beginners trying to learn the basics. In case you want something that feels sturdier, there are other sewing machines that are more adult-sized and can perform more functions compared to the Magicfly mini sewing machine. 

Mini Sewing Machine Alternatives 

If you want to explore your choices on mini sewing machines, some reputable brands are also worth considering. Here are some worth mini sewing machine choices for beginners. 

  1. SINGER 01664 Stitch Quick 2 Mini Sewing Machine 
  2. Central Mini Portable Sewing Machine 
  3. Varmax Mini Sewing Machine 
  4. Suteck Sewing Machine for Beginners 
  5. NEX Portable Mini Sewing Machine 
  6. Neala Mini Portable Sewing Machine 

Our Takeaway 

A mini sewing machine is a great way to learn the basics of sewing. It's compact, lightweight, and, most of all, affordable. So, is the Magicfly mini sewing machine worth it? We'll give this machine a thumbs up! Even with its compact size, this machine is packed with features close enough to standard sewing machines. It has 12 built-in stitches, it can do reverse sewing, and it even has three needle options to handle different fabric thicknesses. With its affordable price of $70, you're surely getting more than what you're paying for. If you're more advanced in sewing, we have many more recommendations for you. Subscribe to our blog for more in-depth reviews on sewing machines, quilting machines, knitting, and other essential sewing accessories.

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