Machine Maintenance Essentials: Sewing Machine Oil

April 8, 2022

If sewing is your hobby, you know that sewing machines are an essential part of the sewing process. They make it possible to sew fabric together to create clothing, curtains, and many other items. However, sewing machines require maintenance. One way to keep your machine sewing seamlessly is by regularly using a sewing machine oil and lubricant. 

The machine oil helps keep sewing machines running smoothly by lubricating all moving parts of the sewing machine. This article will speak to the benefits of sewing machine oil and why it is essential.

Product Spotlight: SINGER 2131E All Purpose Machine Oil 

Regular maintenance is the key to a product's long life, and with the proper tools, taking care of your sewing machine is as easy as 1,2,3. One of the essential things in your kit is machine oil. For a sewing machine that runs all day long, lubricating it will keep working more efficiently for longer periods. 

This review will look at SINGER All Purpose Machine Oil. Let’s learn why it should be used to maintain your sewing machines. 

Prevents metal corrosion 

The majority of the parts that move and do the stitching for you in your sewing machine are made from metal. The last thing you want for your sewing machine is to rust. This is where your oil comes into action. 

Coating certain parts of your machine with oil will help block the moisture that causes rust. It will also help your machine run smoothly. SINGER multi-purpose oil, in particular, can coat for a long time, so you won't have to apply it very often. 

Safe to use 

The oil is safe to use. Even with direct contact with skin, it will not trigger reactions. It is also odorless, so it is perfect for people who are sensitive to a strong smell. In addition, the machine oil has no expiration, so you can store it for a long time, and it will work just as effectively as the first time you use it. 


Many users have proven the effectiveness of the SINGER machine oil. The oil’s coating is enough to protect and keep your machines running. Some reviews also state that it is good for common household items like hard door hinges. Additionally, it is a great value for money because it only takes a drop or two for single use. This product is effective and will last you long. 

To help you maintain your sewing machines, make sure to purchase the SINGER sewing machine oil and cleaning kit. It’s better to have the proper tools for cleaning lying around, especially when you’re dealing with small and delicate parts of the machine. 

The Things You Need to Know About Oiling Your Sewing Machines 

Now that you have the correct tools for maintenance, you should know the proper ways of lubricating your machines. 

  • If you are using your sewing machine daily and for long periods, it is recommended that you lubricate your machine before and every time you finish using it to keep the parts running smoothly. But for standard practices, lubricating your machines at least three times a week will make them last longer and perform the maximum capacity. 
  • If you are using natural oil, make sure to lubricate only the metal parts of your sewing machine. Although if you have synthetic oil, you can use it as a cleaning agent even for the non-metal parts because it won't damage your machine's build. 
  • Always use a cloth to lubricate your machines. Never pour the oil directly into the parts. Too much oil can cause malfunction and can cause sewing accidents. 
  • Always be informed of the oil you will be using. There are flammable and poisonous oils. For your safety, buy non-toxic ones in the market specifically for machine maintenance and cleaning. 
  • Oil the machine depending on the directions instructed on the manual, and make it a habit to inspect the parts when you oil to prevent potential problems. 
  • Always dust and wipe clean your machine before putting oil. 
  • Before oiling your machine, wrap the motor in cloth to prevent liquid substances from reaching it—this may cause malfunction. 
lubricating machine with singer machine oil

The Basics of Sewing Machine Maintenance

Besides oiling your sewing machine, there are also other procedures to keep the health of your devices. Here are some crucial best practices in maintaining your sewing machines. Make sure to have the sewing machine oil kit for these procedures. 

  • Always turn off your machines before you start cleaning to prevent any accidents. 
  • A soft brush should remove dust and loose thread around the rotary hook. These parts are delicate, so don't use too much force when cleaning to avoid breakage. 
  • Make it a habit to rotate the handwheel manually to tick off the loose threads stuck on the wheel. 
  • Lint is common when you use your machine every day. Make sure to wipe off the lint on your machine with a dry cloth to avoid malfunctions. 
  • Make sure the needle is clean, and the eye is unclogged. You must secure all bolts and screws of your machine in place and make it a habit to tighten from time to time. 
  • When cleaning the removable parts of your sewing machine, it is recommended to do it part by part rather than removing it all at once. This is to help you put the parts in their proper positions correctly. 
  • Cover it with a cloth when the machine is not being used to prevent dust from attaching to the machine. 
  • If you hear your machine making unnecessary noise while in use, immediately stop it and do an inspection. This will help prevent your sewing machine from sustaining more damage. 

Final Thoughts 

SINGER has been providing quality products for 171 years. If there's one thing to say about their products, it’s that they do not disappoint. However, the longevity of any machine will always lie in maintenance and how you use it. Protect your machine with the best sewing machine oil available in the market. Taking care of your device has never been this easy and affordable. 

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