The La Canilla Sewing Machine Case Is No Simple Tote as You Might Have Thought

February 17, 2022

Do you fancy sewing? Do you prefer carrying your pretty and mighty machine on your trips? Perhaps you have a friend who's into sewing and you're looking for the perfect gift? Then you're only a few minutes of reading away!

If you're looking for the perfect item to include in your or someone else's sewing kit, a sewing machine case would be a good investment. It's not a mandatory sewing item, but if the scenarios above sound familiar to you, then the sewing case is a perfect item. 

At first, you might think sewing machine cases are just like standard totes. But that's certainly not the case with the La Canilla Sewing Machine Bag. This sewing case is not your typical tote, it's so much more than that! It has a plethora of features designed for sewing enthusiasts.

We've outlined features that we think might be up your alley. So go on and keep reading! 

Unzipping the La Canilla Sewing Machine Carrying Case: A Product Review

The La Canilla Sewing Machine Case is a heavy-duty sewing case perfect for taking your sewing machine on the go. Its features make it the perfect addition to a sewing enthusiast's kit.

sewing machine case and box - la vanilla sewing carrying case image

Why Should You Buy It?

First, let's outline the reasons why it's a good investment.

#1: A Storage Master

Storage capacity is one of the first things you'd usually look at on a sewing case because sewing machines have different shapes and sizes. Other features won't be useful if your machine doesn't fit in the first place. The La Canilla Sewing Case does well in this department.

The main compartment's dimensions are 17.7x12.6x7.8 inches. This is good enough to store small to large sewing machines damage-free. There are also ten regular and mesh pockets to hold other sewing supplies. 

#2: Worry-Free Sewing Machine Protection

A sewing case protects the sewing supplies in it. Naturally, you'd want the bag to be strong and durable. You want to keep your sewing machine and other supplies safe from damage, especially as you take them from one place to another.

The La Canilla case is made of polyester and foam, combining sturdy, portable, and durable features. Moreover, it comes with waterproof zippers, stabilizer pads, and protective bag layers to ensure your materials are safe. 

#3: Packed With Portable Features for Traveling Convenience

Suppose you're taking sewing materials in your casual or professional travels. For this reason, a portable rolling tote case is a must-have. It is especially important when you have many items and a heavy sewing machine to bring. Look for features that make your items transferable in the safest way possible.

The La Canilla Machine Case is a sewing tote bag designed with portability. First of all, it has a detachable wheelbase; you get to choose between using a hook system to attach the tote bag to the base or converting the tote into a travel bag. Customers note how the trolley rolls smoothly and sturdily, even on tricky surfaces like carpets.

#4: A Convenient Space for All Your Sewing Accessories

It's not a bad idea to bring one or two separate bags to accommodate your sewing supplies. However, if we consider traveling and convenience, it would be best to get one bag to carry all of them.

Storing sewing accessories can be difficult due to their difference in size and placement considerations. Pins and needles, for instance, are sharp and small objects. Although they have their own storage kits (mini cushions or cans), you must still ensure they don't fall off or poke on the case for safety. As mentioned, the La Canilla Sewing Machine Bag consists of ten pockets to hold and secure these accessories.

#5: Reliable Trolley Wheels

A sewing machine bag with nice wheels is perfect when you're bringing your sewing machine and supplies while traveling. Good quality wheels are sturdy, durable, and smoothly rolling to stabilize your sewing items.

The La Canilla Sewing Bag contains five reliable trolley wheels that you can easily install on the base or attach using adjustable straps for security. They're smoothly rolling and sturdy enough to prevent problems with various road hurdles.

sewing machine carrying case - la canilla bag and trolley product image

#6: Sophisticated and Versatile Design

If you're planning to travel with a sewing case, you might want to get one that reflects your personality or one that stands out from the rest. 

The La Canilla Sewing Machine Bag offers a simple and elegant design in two colors: gray and green. You can sport a classy student look with this bag when you attend your sewing class.

Other Technical Specs

Here are a few more details of the La Canilla Sewing Machine Bag that we find necessary for your purchase considerations.

  • External Dimensions: 47x35x22 cm
  • Internal Dimensions: 45x32x20 cm
  • No. of Wheels: 5
  • No. and Type of Pockets: 10 (regular, mesh, back, and side pockets)
  • Manufacturing Materials: Polyester 900D and foam
  • Other Notable Features: A sewing machine cover (42x32x20 cm) and magnetic side pockets.

Product Lowlights: Should You Consider Other Options?

A sewing machine tote bag is a must-have for sewing enthusiasts. However, it may not be the best option for the following reasons:

  • It might not withstand tough traveling conditions, resulting in wearing out. Ensure to take good care of the case when taking it with you.
  • It's not one of the most affordable sewing machine cases and boxes in the market.
  • Some users report that some parts of the case, such as the zippers, don't work properly.
  • Despite the variety of pockets, some customers still had trouble fitting their huge machines and other accessories in it. Ensure to take precise measurements of your machine to see if it's compatible with the bag's size.

Carry a Handy Sewing Tote With Elegance

We hope you find this sewing machine case review helpful for your sewing endeavors. Buying a sewing tote bag is an investment if you intend to use it for professional sewing, so make sure to get the appropriate one for your needs.

The La Canilla Sewing Machine Tote Bag/Case is a good investment if you're aiming for sophistication and convenience. It incorporates a spacious compartment for your sewing machine, a variety of pockets to shoulder all your accessories, and a sturdy trolley with smooth-rolling wheels to bring your sewing essentials without breaking a sweat.

If you want to explore more brands or informational content about sewing machines with a case included, feel free to stop by Threadstop and read some of our blogs.

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