Kids Embroidery Kit: The 5 Sets for Fun and Productive Bonding With Your Not So Little One

June 2, 2022

Many parents feel a strong desire to bond with their children. Sometimes, this is done through reading stories together, playing games, or engaging in arts and crafts projects. One fun and unique way to bond with your little one is by embroidering together! 

You can find kids' embroidery kits at many stores and online, and they are perfect for all ages. They typically come with everything you need to get started, including instructions. Plus, it's a great way to spend some quality time with your child while teaching them a new skill too! 

With that, here are the top five choices for kids embroidery kits, ages 8–12.

Craftiloo Embroidery Kit for Kids Ages 8–12 Girls

Product highlights

The best part about embroidery for kids is that they get to see the output of their work. The Craftiloo embroidery kit allows you and your child to create something useful, like designs that you can attach to your kid’s backpacks, pencil cases, and organizers. To accomplish this, Craftillo includes these in their kit:

  • 17 pieces of embroidery floss
  • Embroidery needles
  • 5 keychain clips
  • 5 plastic round shape hoops
  • 5 embroidery fabric with printed patterns
  • Instructions
  • Stylish gift box


  • Complete with hoops so you can use the finished product
  • Has instructions and printed fabric for beginners
  • Has a box to keep all the tools neat


  • There is only a single floss for each color

4M Kids Embroidery Kit

Product highlights

Little kids need to start somewhere to cultivate new hobbies. It is an excellent thing that the 4M embroidery set is friendly for a kid’s development. This is made for younger children (think aged 3), so the pressure to create a more complicated pattern is taken out. Instead, this kit encourages a young crafter to practice different stitches. 

Nevertheless, if your kid learns embroidery quickly, they can begin stitching simple patterns like a flower, a butterfly, or an owl. The following tools are included in the kit:

  • 1 embroidery hoop
  • 6 spools of embroidery floss
  • 3 embroidery canvass
  • 2 outline templates
  • 2 plastic needles
  • Pillow stuffing
  • Instructions

Despite the output being basic, it still helps your little one’s development, and the result is still a small cushioned pillow your little one can be proud of making.


  • Patterns are easier, so it’s best for young crafters
  • You can make a small embroidered pillow with the supplies given


  • The supplies are enough to make only two outputs

Craftlab Kit for Embroidery

craftlab kids embroidery kit

Product highlights

The embroidered output from kids need not be perfect. The imperfection makes their work more beautiful. It's a good thing the CraftLab kit includes ten ready-made projects you can iron on fabric or an Aida cloth. As your kid practices, they can eventually work on their crooked lines and make the perfect output each time. To bring their projects to life, these tools are included in the kit:

  • 10 iron-on transfer designs
  • 2 embroidery hoops
  • Fabric
  • Embroidery floss with 12 colors
  • Needles
  • An instruction book
  • A tote bag

The ten designs can keep your child busy for a couple of weeks, and they can even do it with their friends because of the extra supplies. 


  • Has ten designs to work on
  • Has a tote bag to keep everything neat and organized


  • Needs adult assistance when ironing the design onto fabric

Pllieay Craft Kit

Product highlights

Embroidering can be more fun when it is done with other family members and friends. If you are looking for a pack that will provide tools for your child and their friends, the Pllieay craft kit is the best choice! The following tools are supplied in extra numbers, so your child can share them:

  • 10 pieces of embroidery fabric with patterns
  • 5 embroidery hoops
  • 15 embroidery threads
  • 10 needles
  • An instruction book

The patterns provided are simple, so they are best for beginners. 


  • Includes extra tools, so a group of young kids can use it
  • The pieces of fabric already have patterns printed on them


  • Does not have a case or tote bag for organization

Aiamixo Embroidery Mermaid Tail Kit for Kids Ages 8–12

Product highlights

Some of the cutest patterns you can do for your embroidery projects are a cat, mermaid, elephant, unicorn, bunny, deer, doll, swan, or fox. These creatures become lovelier and more magical when brought to life using embroidery floss. They even look cuter when framed! Let your child enjoy the kit from Aiaximo that includes the following embroidery must-haves:

  • 3 pieces of cloth with a pattern
  • 1 embroidery hoop
  • 3 instructions for each design
  • 1 scissor
  • Colored threads
  • Needles

Prepare yourself to buy more than one set when your child gets hooked on crafting. Aiaximo has seven sets with different designs, so you won’t run out of tasks if the other sets are done. 


  • Has three designs per set
  • Complete with hoops, needles, and fabrics with designs


  • It can only cater to one crafter as it only supplies a single hoop and needle

Final Thoughts

It’s always a good idea to spend time with your kids, especially if they are at an age where they can enjoy crafting. These embroidery kits for children should provide entertainment and bonding opportunities to help you get through the tough moments in parenting while strengthening your relationship with them. Whether it be a mother-daughter night, father-son outing, or a bonding moment with friends, these projects will make any event more fun! 

We hope this blog post has helped you find something new and exciting for you and your not-so-little one! If you want more information about sewing machines for kids, knitting and crocheting supplies, embroidery and quilting, and more, feel free to browse through our reviews and buying guides to find what you need.

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