Handheld Sewing Machine: Portable and Handy Tool for Quick Fabric Fixes

April 7, 2022

The handheld sewing instrument is a type of portable, hand-operated machine used for tailoring clothing. When you are on the go or need to sew in tight spaces, this is the perfect type of machine for you. A handheld machine has many benefits, including being lightweight and easy to use. It can also have different attachments to perform more than just basic threading stitches.

Handheld sewing devices come in many different shapes and sizes with a variety of features that will suit any need or budget. To help you in your search, this article will talk about the best handheld sewing machine you can find on the market. 

In Focus: The SINGER Stitch Quick Handheld Mending Machine 

With hundreds of options available in the market, it’s not easy to find a high-quality and long-lasting handheld sewing machine set today. That said, we’ve singled out the top handheld sewing machine set that we think will give great value for your money. 

Let's take a closer look at the SINGER Stitch Quick handheld mending machine and learn why this could be your best purchase yet. 


No more knotted wires to untangle. The SINGER Stitch Quick is cordless and battery-operated. This machine is an excellent on-the-go tool for quick repair. In addition, you can also use this machine to repair fabrics that are too big for sewing machines, like curtains or table cloths. Just plug in your desired thread, and you can fix any hole or tear in places your ordinary machine can’t reach. 

There are also models that use charging technology instead of batteries. Just plug in your devices, and use them anytime and anywhere and with less cost for spending on battery replacements. 

Ergonomic design 

The SINGER handheld machine has an ergonomic handle design so that the curve of your finger rests comfortably on the machine's handle, encouraging a firm grip for better sewing outcomes. Handheld mending devices greatly depend on how tight or hard you can push the device against the materials. The harder you do, the stronger seam outcome you can get. 

Additionally, the machine's power switch is ideally located in the handle so that you can turn the machine on and off with a flick of your fingers. You don't have to worry about changing gears and functions because, with this pocket machine, you can stop and continue with ease without compromising the quality of your outcome. 

Built-in storage sewing notions 

In sewing, notions are small accessories like buttons, snaps, or collars. These are attached to the finished product of sewing. The SINGER snitch has built-in storage for your sewing accessories. This helps you to organize your notions, especially the small ones, so you can find them easier and finish quicker. 

For example, you can store the accessories you need for a certain project so that every time you need them, you will spend less time searching for the object in your accessories pile and do more work in a shorter period. 

Kit inclusion 

When you purchase the SINGER handheld mending machine, it comes with basic sewing needs, such as needles, bobbins, a needle threader, and a spinner. This machine needs four AA batteries, sold separately. 

Two thread machine 

A two-thread machine is especially useful when doing your creative sewing project. The two-thread feature of the SINGER handheld machine allows you to put two threads in your machine while using it. If you need to use two colors alternately, this feature allows you to switch in a snap, making sewing faster and easier. 

blue fabric with sewing kit and accessories.

The Pros and Cons of a Handheld Sewing Machine 

Handheld machines are great for mending clothes, bags, and other types of fabrics. Before deciding to buy, we have listed down some of the pros and cons of a handheld mending machine. 


  • Affordable price. Most handheld machines cost around $25. If you only sew for emergency purposes and not regularly, a handheld is enough for your needs. Other heavy-duty handheld sewing machines can give a tougher stitch. It can cost more, but it is definitely worth the price. 
  • Easy to use. A portable sewing machine is easy to use and beginner-friendly. Unlike larger sewing machines that require skills and experience, you can use a handheld as directed in the user manual. 
  • Lightweight. Handheld devices usually weigh less than a pound, making them great for traveling. It also has a compact design so that it won't use up too much when you bring it with you on your travels. 
  • Battery-operated. Common handheld devices are battery-operated, which means no more messy cords. There are also rechargeable devices that you can plug in or use wirelessly. 
  • Versatile. Depending on what brand you purchase, you can use the handheld machine on various materials. For example, you can use it on lightweight fabrics like silk and satin. You can even use these machines on craft materials and leather. Just make sure to know the capability of your devices before using them to avoid breakage. 


  • Poor seam. Handheld machines are good for quick fixes or as a guide for your projects. However, most handheld devices can feel very light that you can tear them apart by hand. That is why we don't recommend using it on tough fabric and permanent fixes. 
  • Manual knotting. There are other models where you need to manually knot the two ends so the seam won't move in. This can be a hassle, especially for people in a rush or who do not know the basics of hand sewing.
  • Forward lockstitch. Most handheld devices are limited to only one type of stitching–the forward lockstitch. Other stitches such as backstitch that can reinforce the thread's strength are not available in handheld mending machines. 

Final Thoughts 

Don't make a fuss about ripped shirts, holes in your pockets, and tears in your bags. With the SINGER Stitch Quick handheld mending machine, you can easily fix them at home. It's a great device to fix all your sewing problems with ease quickly. 

Invest in one today and always be a step ahead when it comes to your sewing needs. 

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