Expand Your Creative Space: Reasons Why You Should Get a Sewing and Cutting Table

February 1, 2022

Finally, you are getting yourself a proper sewing table. For quite some time now, you have been using your kitchen table as your cutting table. This may have earned the ire of your family members, especially when it is already time for dinner and you have yet to pack everything up. Any self-respecting sewing enthusiast would want to buy themselves a dedicated sewing table.

A cutting table protects your kitchen table from scratches and damages that your scissors and rotary cutter might cause. Aside from not having to deal with a damaged table surface, a proper sewing table will also protect your cutting tools from getting dull too soon. However, nailing down the best fabric cutting table for you can be tricky and time-consuming.

Keep reading if you want to know more about what a sewing and cutting table is and how to look for the perfect one for your sewing needs!

What Is a Cutting Table for Sewing?

As the name already suggests, a cutting table allows you to cut pieces of fabric with ease and comfort. New sewing enthusiasts start out with any table surface they can find at home. As such, your dining table or your computer desk might be too low or too high for your needs. Aside from height, these common furniture might lack the surface area you need for larger fabrics.

If you want to build a sewing room in your home or dedicate a corner for your passion, a sewing table might meet your needs. Usually, cutting tables have storage space for your sewing accessories. A storage drawer can fit all your needles and threads, letting you put all of them in one space. No longer should you buy separate storage bins for your tools and materials.

Why Should I Get a Fabric Cutting Table?

Most people neglect to appreciate the value of having a dedicated table surface for cutting and sewing, and instead settle with using a dining table or any surface at home for their sewing needs. If you are still undecided whether you want to purchase a fabric cutting table for yourself, consider the following reasons to get one. 

Expand Your Storage

As you accumulate sewing accessories and materials, you will eventually find it harder to store and organize them. Many sewing enthusiasts have spools of thread and needles lying around in every nook and cranny of their home. Oftentimes, this is because of not having enough room for materials and tools, rather than being just lazy and disorganized.

A sewing and cutting table with storage has more than one drawer and typically has multiple storage solutions for your tools and sewing accessories. Some come with multiple drawers, others have cabinets built for your spools of thread; a cutting table is more than a surface when you cut fabric and work on your sewing projects.

For Your Ergonomics

You probably have been using any table surface you can find in your home as a place to cut and stitch pieces of fabric together. Some of these tables can be too short or too tall for your comfort. When working on your projects for long periods of time, your back might eventually get hurt because of bad ergonomics. Cutting tables are designed to be ergonomic and comfortable.

Everything In One Space

If you keep going back and forth between your different storage bins around your house, then maybe it’s time to reorganize all your sewing gear into one place. A fabric cutting table can serve as your one-stop sewing station for all your sewing needs. Whether you need a rotary cutter or some needles for your sewing machine, you can find them in the storage space of your table.

Keep Your Little Ones Safe

When working on your sewing projects while having children and pets around, you always have to consider their safety. Your needles, rotary cutter, and scissors are all dangerous hazards for your little ones. Fortunately, sewing tables have legs that are tall enough to keep your table surface away from your toddlers and pets.

Saves Floor Space

If you are running out of floor space in your home, consider a sewing and cutting table (foldable) that can be tucked away when not in use. While these kinds of sewing tables trade storage space with the ability to hide it neatly when you are not using it, they can be perfect for sewing enthusiasts who have smaller homes or can’t find the perfect spot for their sewing station.

What Should I Consider When Buying a Fabric Cutting Table?

Before you head to the store to look for a fabric cutting table, be sure to know what you need first. Fabric cutting tables come in a variety of specifications. Some can be larger than others while some also offer creative ways for storing sewing accessories and yards of fabric. Here are the specs that you should check before making a purchase!


A cutting table is like any other home furniture that will take up your floor space. You have to think and plan beforehand how much space you can spare for your sewing table. If you have limited space in your home, you might want to move your furniture about and make room for it. Otherwise, there are other alternatives such as foldable cutting tables that won’t need as much space.

Leg Height

Another thing to consider is the height of your table. This is entirely up to your individual preferences. If you are a taller person, you might want to buy a cutting table that has longer legs. Otherwise, get a table that has a lower height and feels comfortable to you. Remember, you will have to spend hours working on this table and it will affect your posture and health.

Table Surface Area

The purpose of getting a dedicated table for cutting fabric is for you to fully maximize your table surface. If you see yourself working with large pieces of fabric, then opt for a fabric cutting table that has a wide surface area.

Storage Drawers

Aside from the surface area of your table, you also have to check how much storage space the table will give you. Drawers can come in really handy when you have already accumulated many sewing accessories and materials. 

Caster Wheels

Another creative way to find a place for your cutting table in your home is to look for tables with caster wheels. Caster wheels let you easily relocate your table anywhere inside your home. Instead of having it fixed in one place, you can freely move it about as much as you like.

Final Thoughts

Buying a cutting table and making room for it inside your home is a big leap in your sewing journey. It takes extra commitment and passion to the craft to invest time and money in sewing furniture. As such, you have to make sure that your hard-earned money won’t go to waste on a substandard and unsuitable cutting table.

Expand your creative space by getting yourself a cutting table for sewing!

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