Battle of the Bestsellers: Four Quilting Cutting Mats For Those Seeking Excellence

June 14, 2022

We all want the best cutting mat. But, quilters and crafters like us looking for cutting excellence will soon find out that we can't find everything we want in just one mat.

One best cutting mat doesn't exist because there are several best choices and they all sell. So if there is no one excellent cutting board, how do you choose among the best? Well, you pit them against each other of course!

We've curated four of the bestsellers worth their spot, so you can save time finding each of these tools and accessories for cutting. Have a read and see which cutting mat should win the battle of the bestsellers.

quilting cutting mats - Three pieces, light green mats from Cricut


Cutting Mat Overview:

Standing: Number 1 Bestseller (as of writing)
Sizes: 12" x 12" and 12" x 24"
Grips: Standard grip only
Colors: Green

Why is Cricut a bestseller?

Cricut is a top brand when it comes to crafting products. Its cutting mat is one of many high-quality tools that fit most crafters' and sewers' preferences. The standard grip gives the best value and comes in two for an affordable price.

Cricut's bestselling feature

One important feature that Cricut mastered is the grip. It has the exact level of stickiness that's great for crafters that love to use vinyl as material for quilting machines. In addition, it'll keep the vinyl steadily in place as you cut it into broad or intricate shapes.

Cricut's stumbling block

If there's anything to keep watch with Cricut's cutting mat, it's how long the stickiness will last. If you're a frequent and heavy crafter, you'll have to replace the mat after at least a month of use. Good thing Cricut offers great value for their cutting set. It's cheap but good quality, and you can order without thinking twice.

Where to get more details about the Cricut Mat

This is one of the best non-rotating cutting mats for quilting suited for vinyl, but it is also amazing for other materials. You can find Cricut on Amazon.

quilting cutting mats - Three pieces, light blue mats from Nicapa


Cutting Mat Overview:

Standing: Number 3 bestseller (as of writing)
Sizes: 12" x 12" and 12" x 24"
Grips: Fabric, Light, Standard, Strong
Color Options: Green, Pink, Blue, Purple

Why is Nicapa a bestseller?

Some brands offer more than the product. They also offer a stellar experience. Nicapa is one of those brands with fantastic customer service. If you have any questions or issues regarding their product, reach out, and the team behind Nicapa will attend to your needs.

Nicapa's bestselling feature

Nicapa thrives in offering you the right amount of adhesive on the cutting mat. This is important if you're diverse in your use of quilting materials. No matter what you lay on the cutting board, it will hold it relatively steady, allowing you to do cutting and weeding easily.

Nicapa's stumbling block

If there's one material you'll need to manage when using Nicada's cutting mat, it's paper. The mat's cutting surface leaves a residue that sticks to the paper material. So best to only use it with fabrics and vinyl.

Where to get more details about Nicapa mat

If you do many weeding for fabrics, vinyl, or paper, the Nicapa mat will have a home in your creative space. Find Nicapa on Amazon.


Cutting Mat Overview:

Standing: Number 5 bestseller (as of writing)
Sizes: 18" x 12" (A3) and 12" x 9" (A4)
Grips: None (double-sided mat)
Color Options: Green only

Why is Anezus a bestseller?

Economy is why Anezus holds one of the top spots in the best-seller list. The brand offers its cutting mat with all the necessary features a crafter would need and sells it for a reasonable price. As a result, Anezus is the kind of brand that attracts pragmatic buyers.

Anezus's bestselling features

Durability and sturdiness are the features it sells best. This mat will stick firmly to your cutting table's surface and protect it from scratches when using the rotary cutter.

It also maintains its pristine condition even after months of use. In addition, the mat's thickness makes a great condition for self-healing. So whether you cut lightly or heavily, the mat surface will look unscathed.

Anezus's stumbling block

Measurements are important when doing precise work. So if you get an Anezus, be sure to check the measuring grid. It should have 12" x 18". If you get a cutting mat that measures 11” x 17”, get a replacement.

Where to get more details about Anezus Mat

If you're the kind of quilter who values the essentials for the right price, these non-rotating self-healing cutting mats for quilting are your best shot at getting more for less. Discover the details of the Anezus mat on Amazon.


Cutting Mat Overview:

Standing: Number 65 bestseller (as of writing)
Sizes: 8" and 14"
Grips: None (foam bottom)
Color Options: Green only

Why is Omnigrid a bestseller?

Omnigrid ranks among the best selling products because of innovation. The cutting mat's design is unlike any square rotating mats you've seen, and quilters and crafters couldn't help but take notice.

The Omnigrid's bestselling feature

Ripple design for easy turning. You cannot turn most square or rectangular cutting mats because it sticks to the surface. This can be a challenge for crafters because they are the ones who have to adjust.

But the ripples of the Omnigrid lets you rotate the mat with just a finger's flick. A huge improvement that cuts time and effort, making quilting and crafting more efficient.

Omnigrid's stumbling block

Omnigrid is built to be light and thin for easy rotation. As a result, the mat does not self-seal very well. You'll have to go easy on the rotary cutter to make this innovative cutting mat last.

Where to get more details about Omnigrid Mat

This mat is one of the best rotating cutting mats for quilting we've seen. The efficient rotation of this cutting board is enough to be worth your attention. Go ahead and see what else the Omnigrid rotating mat has on Amazon.

quilting cutting mats - different cloth strips laying on a green cutting mat

Cricut Is Our Choice for a Quilting Cutting Mat

In the battle of bestselling products, there are many different reasons why these cutting mats ended up among the top players. Value, quality, customer experience, and practicality are some of the most glaring ones. In the end, we choose what sells best, and that is the Cricut.

Cricut has the advantage of offering a lower price with several mat pieces. In addition, they are a reputable brand trusted by many. The sales it rakes in prove that Cricut mats add value to a crafter’s work, no matter the skill level.If you want to pit more bestselling cutting mats against each other, just explore our blogs. We have in-depth reviews about mats and other crafting materials that may fit your needs better. Check them out by exploring more of our website.

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