Blurred Lines? Here Are the 4 Best Fabric Markers for Sewing

May 5, 2022

Not everyone is born with perfect eyesight. Some people are nearsighted, while some are farsighted. When you're visually impaired, sewing tasks can be difficult to manage, especially when you need to cut, mark, or line your cloth.

Traditional chalk is a great tool to use, but it can easily smudge. It will only add to your frustration to remove those unnecessary streaks. Luckily, there’s a hassle-free solution to your problem—fabric chalk markers!

Fabric chalk markers are designed solely for marking fabric, and they don't smudge the way traditional chalk does. These markers make it simple to see your strokes, even with blurry vision. They are, more importantly, designed to be easily visible on any textile.

If you are big in choosing what works best for your sewing performance, you can find the best fabric markers here in this article. We promise you that these are tailored to your exact needs. So, browse this handy guide and find the one that’s worthy of marking your sewing project.

What’s So Remarkable about Fabric Chalk Markers?

For sewists, eye strain is one of the most aggravating problems. Sewists suffering from eye strain have trouble reading the lines on the fabric due to their impaired vision. The grainline on the pattern, for example, is frequently invisible to them. This problem gets tricky, particularly when a pattern piece is small or oddly shaped. So, when they cut out the fabric, it creates unpleasant seams.

Fabric marking tools can be your best friends when sewing and quilting. These markers are an amazing way to make your project look great. Aside from that, they are useful because they wash out easily when you don't want them to be there anymore, unlike regular pens that can bleed through your fabric or dry out.

You don't need to rely on safety pins and paper patterns to mark your fabric while cutting. These sewing markers show up so well on any fabric, whether light or dark.

4 Best Chalk Fabric Markers for Sewing You Can Put to the Test

Even if your eyesight is poor, you'll want to ensure everything remains in place when stitching. So, it's time to reduce the difficulty and check out these best four fabric chalk markers for sewing.

1. LOHAS SELECT Fabric Chalk

These triangle-shaped chalk markers from Lohas Select come with ten pieces in one box. It has a compact transparent plastic box for simple storage. In addition, this tailor's chalk is made of calcium carbonate, which is very safe to clean. It leaves clear sewing lines on the fabric that are obvious to detect and will fade over time.


  • The product can be wiped off very easily.
  • They can make a line with just one pass.
  • There are several colors to pick from that can match the color of your apparel.
  • It comes at a reasonable price.
  • Lightweight yet handy to use.
  • It has a little plastic container that shelters the chalks.


  • They are very thin chalks, which can break easily.
  • They are not wax-based, so they cannot create a very bright and clear mark.

2. MADAM-SEW Chalk Fabric Marker

Madam Sew Chalk Fabric Marker for Sewing

These fabric marking pens allow you to create precise marks to indicate modifications and placement on clothing, quilting pieces, and other textile tasks. Moreover, Madam-Sew enables you to draw straight, curved, or intricate lines, even on tough fabrics.


  • It can slide effortlessly across knit and jersey fabrics.
  • Once the changes are finished, the temporary marking can be brushed away with your hand or gently wiped away with a moist cloth.
  • It can indicate the positioning of hemlines, pleats, and buttons.
  • It comes with a dosing wheel with a unique design that generates guides on soft and hard textiles like leather, knit, and cotton.


  • It is not intended for use on certain fabrics like yarn.
  • Not meant for white fabric because it leaves a permanent mark for longer than a few minutes.

3. Bright Creation Store Sewing Marking Pencils

Bright Creations 18 Pack Fabric Marker Chalk for Sewing

In case you have an allergy to chalk, the fabric marking tool from Bright Creation is ideal for tailors and seamstresses who don’t want any hassle. This 6.7” fabric pencil tool ensures correct lines, measurements, and seam allowance before stitching fabric.


  • It works excellent on general fabrics like cotton.
  • The availability of six vibrant colors is helpful for use on multiple fabrics.
  • The line washes off easily.


  • It doesn't work on some types of materials like leather.
  • It's greasier and slightly messier to use.

4. ANDGOO Tailor’s Chalk Markers 

Using the AndGoo washable markers on fabric and knitted clothing allows you to make a precise cut, or guarantee that your stitches are even. Its shape is solid triangular, giving it the best edges for noting modifications and drawing defined lines directly on the material.


  • These fabric chalk markers for sewing and quilting are very pigmented.
  • The texture is smooth when gliding on the fabric, so it doesn't get chunky.
  • The form of the marker is especially useful for people with numb or arthritic hands.
  • It's suitable for machine quilting.
  • The drawn line is easy to see and remove with just a damp cloth.


  • While thin lines help create precise marks, the chalk easily breaks off, making it unsuitable for pressing down hard (e.g., when lining).
  • The chalks are not protected in any way by the protective case.

Final Thoughts

Dressmaker work on the sewing machine

Instead of wasting time and getting frustrated with traditional chalk, use the best fabric markers to ensure flawlessness in your sewing projects. While there are numerous options, these four products should make it easier to narrow down your choices.

At the end of the day, it boils down to personal preference because they all have specific characteristics that make them perfect for certain applications. So, experiment and find out what works best for you. Always remember that making your design an expression of who you are is the most important, and these markers can help you achieve that. 

Don’t forget to check out more of Threadstop and find information on your sewing needs—we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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