How to Find the Perfect Craft Cabinet with a Foldout Table for You

March 15, 2022

When you first took up sewing as a hobby, you may have started with just your dining table and a small sewing kit. Everything you ever needed to get your projects done is in the kit, and you were satisfied with using your dining table (or even your computer desk) as your sewing table. However, all that changed in just a short time.

After exhausting the far reaches of the Internet for the rarest spools of thread, you have amassed quite a collection. You also have countless needles of different types and sizes lying around. Now everything’s all over the place! As a result, organizing all your sewing materials has become quite a headache.

What you need is a craft cabinet with a foldout table. Aside from giving you more than enough storage for your sewing and craft supplies, it has a built-in craft table as a bonus. 

Before you head to the store to buy one, keep reading and learn more about craft cabinets for your sewing room!

What Is a Craft Cabinet?

Now that you are more than a sewing newbie, you need an upgrade. No longer do you have to stash your sewing supplies in the nooks and crannies of your room. Instead, you deserve a piece of furniture that screams “Sewing is my passion” while also serving as a highly functional storage cabinet. 

If this sounds right up your alley, consider buying a craft cabinet.

Craft cabinets come in all colors and dimensions. What they all have in common is a massive storage space for all your sewing and craft supplies. They have multilevel drawers for your threads, needles, and other sewing accessories. Some even have creative storage options for your bolts of fabric. 

Aside from drawers and cabinets, they usually sport a craft table that you can work on.

Benefits of Having a Craft Cabinet

A craft storage cabinet can be a serious commitment. It will take up considerable space, especially if you have little floor space to begin with. Thus, you have to create room for it. 

If you still feel unsure about buying a craft storage cabinet or making one yourself, consider these benefits.

Tabletop Working Station

At the beginning of your sewing journey, every surface of your home probably served as your working station. Be it the kitchen island or your dining table, it had to do, as long as it could hold all your sewing accessories. 

However, as your craft supplies pile up and your projects get bigger, you need a dedicated space to work on. Craft cabinets and storage with a foldout table provide the convenience of having both your sewing supplies and working table in one place. Once you have a working station, you no longer have to ferry your supplies and tools from your shelving unit to your desk. All you have to do now is fold out the built-in working table and start stitching!

One-Stop-Shop Storage Cabinet

With the immense storage space that a craft cabinet offers, you no longer need any other space for your sewing and craft supplies. Everything you need can fit inside the many drawers and storage options that a craft cabinet can provide. So say goodbye to having your craft supplies all over the place and looking for them like a needle in a haystack!

Low-Profile Sewing Station

If you are really committed to your hobby, you need to carve a space for it in your home. This space will serve as a visible monument to your passion for the craft of sewing. 

However, it doesn’t mean that your sewing station has to steal everyone’s attention all the time. Sometimes, you just want your sewing furniture to fit in with the rest of your interiors.

You can neatly tuck away your craft cabinet with a foldout table and doors, assuming a low-profile appearance. Once you fold in the drawers, cabinets, and table, your sewing station will look like any other space in your home. 

If you’re aiming for a more cohesive look for your home’s interiors, this is the way to go.

craft cabinet with fold out table - Different colored threads in cabinet

Things to Check When Buying a Craft Cabinet

Not yet sure what to look for when shopping for a craft cabinet? With the countless offerings out on the market today, nailing down the perfect craft cabinet for your home can be a tedious task. So let us assist you in finding the best sewing cabinet for your craft room! Read more to learn about the things to check when buying storage furniture for your sewing supplies.


Like any other furniture, your sewing storage furniture will take up a considerable amount of footprint in your home. Before even browsing for potential candidates, you have to bring out your measuring tape and take measurements. Make room for your craft cabinet and note its dimensions (length, height, and width).


The durability and longevity of your craft cabinet depend on its materials. A solid wood cabinet can be pretty expensive, but its top-notch quality and impressive aesthetics will surely be worth its steep price tag. If you are on a tight budget, however, you can opt for cabinets made of cheaper yet considerably durable materials such as medium-density fiberboard.

Storage Space

Craft cabinets can come in varying sizes, meant for different needs, and they can be too much. That’s why before even shopping for one, make sure you know exactly how much storage space you need. This way, you can avoid wasting cash on unwanted space.

Final Thoughts

Being committed to a passion requires time and money. To be the best in your craft, you have to spend hours on end practicing your skills. However, your skills may go to waste if you don’t have the right equipment at your disposal. A craft cabinet with a foldout table and storage options will definitely be a massive improvement in your sewing journey.

Now that you know what a craft cabinet is and how to shop for one, go ahead and take home the sewing cabinet of your dreams!

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