Sewing for Beginners Featuring the Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine

March 18, 2022

Anyone who hasn't done any sewing must at least be intimidated by the thought of doing it. When you hear the word sewing, your mind's eye pulls an image of surgical hands pulling intricate stitches that make beautiful patterns worthy of a wall frame.

That's not usually the case.

The reality is you'll be a busy person faced with a small hole on your shirt that you're itching to sort out. But you just don't know how. That's where Brother sewing machines can help.

Features of the Brother XM2701 Lightweight Sewing Machine

The Brother XM2701 is a sewing machine model suitable for sewing hobbyists of all levels. Here are the notable features of this model.

27 Built-in stitches

An XM2701 model is a small machine that's loaded with options, particularly where it matters—stitching options. You'll be content with just the basic stitch pattern if you're doing a quick fabric repair. But if you're working on a sewing passion project, personal or otherwise, you'll need beautiful and functional patterns. These 27 stitches can be used for decorative and quilting projects.

Automatic threading

Sewist or no sewist, we've all experienced putting a thread inside a needle using only our fingers. We can all agree there aren't many positive words to associate with the endeavor. Now, imagine doing the entire process of sewing manually. You'll bend your back and get a cross eye, and still won't get the thread in.

Thankfully, Brother has an automatic needle threader feature—a hook-like system that flawlessly shoots the thread to the tiny needle hole, so you don't have to spend hours doing so. 

Easy selection of stitches

For a newbie sewist, it's understandable to be overwhelmed by the number of stitches Brother offers. But that doesn't mean it will be hard to explore them all.

Brother has a dial knob attached to its body that users can easily turn to select the stitch styles. A stitch pattern is displayed on top of this knob that serves as your guide. Just turn the knob, and you're set.


When you envision a sewing machine, your mind naturally hovers over it being huge, heavy, and difficult to move around. Those days are long gone. Brands such as Brother offer lightweight and portable sewing machines that you don't have to push around.

The XM2701 has a dimension of 17.8 x 7.6 x 15.1 inches. It's smaller than a cabin suitcase and weighs only 15.8 pounds. This level of portability will let you sew fabric on any surface that has a surface area of a small coffee table

Ready-to-use machine

When you purchase the Brother sewing machine, you get everything you need to start sewing soon as it comes out of the box. If you're clueless about sewing, don't worry. The Brother comes with an instructional video and an operation manual in the English and Spanish languages. This should get you set up and ready to run those needles.

After-sales support

If you manage to set up the sewing machine but later have technical problems, that's okay. Brother has a free after-sale technical support team that you can reach via chat, phone, or online. This support is composed of specialists who can help you with troubleshooting any issues with your sewing machine, and then some. So, if you're not very tech-savvy or you're not into discovering a fix yourself, just hit the internet, and you'll get help.

brother xm2701 sewing machine - A small sewing machine with blue floral designs on its body

Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine Accessories

Aside from these great features, Brother XM2701 also comes with other awesome additions as a cherry on top. These are all the necessary items you will need to start sewing right away. Making sure you get your money’s worth, Brother offers the following package inclusions:

1 Buttonhole foot

1 Zipper foot

1 Zigzag foot

1 Narrow Hemmer foot

1 Blind stitch foot

1 Button sewing foot.

3 Brother XM2701 sewing machine needles

1 Screwdriver

2 Spool pins (one for use and one for spare)

3 Bobbin

1 Darning plate

1 Power cord

1 Instruction manual

What Makes Brother XM2701 Sewing Machine Stand Out?

After looking at this embroidery machine from Brother, here's what we found to be awesome about this product.


Any adult can operate the Brother sewing machine. It only has a few controls to tweak and several things to turn or pull. You don't have to find your old sewing lesson notes from your schooling days to sew a few shirts. It's straightforward if you have the most basic know-how. It may take some exploring here and there for people who don’t have any sewing background, but if you're willing to call for tech support or take a peek at the manual, you'll do just fine.

It can be carried around anywhere

It's also a huge plus that this sewing machine can be carried around anywhere. This is pretty awesome, especially for those beginner-intermediate sewists who are always on the go. They can carry this wherever they go so they can continue working on their everyday sewing projects rather than dreaming of coming home to finish them. It's also amazing for getting clothes repurposed or fixed laundry-damaged clothing immediately. Just whip it out and put it on a surface, and you can patch a hole on your fabric faster than a manual sewing kit.

Can be used by experts too

The Brother sewing machine doesn't just cater to beginners. Experts can also use it. So, a beginner can go from practicing sewing with small projects like patching or stitching holes to designing clothes with complicated yet visually appealing stitch patterns. The Brother sewing machine is favored among sewing enthusiasts because of its easy use and multiple sewing options. This is something every expert wants to have, especially if they want to work faster and better.

Improvements for the Next Brother XM2701

The XM2701 is an admirable product, but it does have some areas for improvement. Here's what upgrades we're looking to get in the next sewing machine models.

Speed Control

Several users have noticed that reaching a mid-level speed is challenging. This has something to do with the presser foot control's sensitivity. It can sometimes be a bit slower or faster than what the sewist needs. Speed control is something that can be improved in the next product development. 

Fabric Jams

Sewing machine fabric jams are normal. On the other hand, there's an expectation that if there's an anti-jam feature added to the product, this incident shouldn't happen very often. Yet, several users do experience it. This isn't a dealbreaker. However, this just means that Brother has to make a few tweaks to the anti-jam feature to meet beginner sewist's expectations.

A Product for All Types of Sewists

No matter what skill level you're on in sewing, the Brother XM2701 is a good purchase. It's reasonably priced at $250.00 and gives you plenty of value and more than enough stitch options. You can pick this up and start immediately with all the inclusions. Then, you can continue using this machine until you get good.

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