The Perfect All-Arounder: Universal Brother Sewing Machine Needles Multipack

February 8, 2022

Does your sewing machine need some new needles? Looking for needles that would work with your Brother sewing machine might seem like a daunting task. There are a myriad of things that you have to look out for when seeking the best ones for your trusty sewing machine. Getting it wrong can lead to bent needles, poor stitches and, in some cases, breaking your machine altogether.

Keep reading if you want to know more about needles and the universal Brother sewing machine needles multipack.

What Is a Sewing Machine Needle?

Unlike your ordinary needles for hand stitching, sewing machine needles are specifically designed to be used with sewing machines. While both kinds of needles are used to make stitches, they are constructed in different ways. Needles meant for sewing machines are made of different types of hardened steel so that they can withstand a more rigorous workload.

Knowing the anatomy of a sewing machine needle will help you improve your sewing skills while also helping you get to know your machine better. Here are the parts of a sewing machine needle:

  1. Butt - This is the end of your needle that can be attached to the clamp of your sewing machine.
  2. Shank - Serving as a support for your needle, the shank is its thickest and widest part.
  3. Shoulder - The shoulder works as a bridge between the shank and the blade of the needle. When the needle is bottomed out, the shoulder creates a larger hole in the fabric.
  4. Blade - Being the part that makes contact with the fabric the most, the blade extends from the needle’s eye to the shoulder.
  5. Long grove - Running along the blade, the long grove works to lessen the friction endured by the thread to avoid breaking it.
  6. Short grove - Found near the tip of the needle, the short grove aids the thread to create a loop to work with.
  7. Eye - The eye is the slot through which the thread goes. 
  8. Scarf - Positioned around the needle’s eye, the scarf makes it easier to attach the thread to the needle.
  9. Point - This point is the part of the needle that extends from the scarf up until the tip.
  10. Tip - Being the other end of the needle, the tip penetrates the fabric to begin the stitch and creates holes as it goes.

What to Look For When Buying Sewing Machine Needles?

If you are in the market for sewing machine needles but don’t know where to start, the following tips can help you narrow down your options. As you peruse the catalogs online and in stores, you have to know what exactly you are looking for. As such, you need to know what you need so that you can purchase the right kind of needle that exactly fits your needs.

Needle Type

It might not seem like it but there is an overwhelming number of different types of needles in the market. Don’t worry too much about it though. As you familiarize yourself with the most common types, you will get used to them quickly. 

As for the types of needles, here are the 10 most common ones:

  1. Universal Needle
  2. Ball Point Needle
  3. Jersey Needle
  4. Stretch Needle
  5. Leather Needles
  6. Quilting Needles
  7. Topstitching Needle
  8. Sharps/Microtex
  9. Jeans Needles (Denim Needle)
  10. Double (Twin Needle)


As you settle down on the kind of needles that you are going to purchase, you also need to consider the kinds of fabric that you are going to work with. Different fabrics require different needles. Some kinds of fabrics are tougher than others and may require heftier kinds of needles. For example, if you wish to work with leather, then you might want to buy 14/90 needles.

Sewing Machine Brand

As mentioned before, there is an immeasurable amount of sewing machine needles up for sale in the market. Some sewing machine manufacturers choose to use proprietary needles instead of the already widespread ones. Instead of incorporating the most commonly used needle type into their machines, they chose to innovate and use their own. Take note of machine compatibility first!


As with other commodities, the higher the price is, the higher the quality would be. While this is not certainly a universal rule, it happens often enough to consider when buying needles. When you buy the expensive ones, you can expect that they are made of higher quality materials and, as a result, would last longer than the cheaper ones. There are always exceptions though!

Introducing the Brother Multipack Needles

brother sewing machine needles - Brother Multipack Needles

Specs at a Glance

  • Available on Amazon for $11.15
  • Contains a set of five Style 2020 needles
  • Covers three different needle sizes
  • Can handle light fabric and heavy fabric
  • Includes 11/75, 14/90, 16/100 sizing options
  • Perfect for sewers who work with different fabrics
  • Compatible with Brother needle guard sewing machines

About the Brand

If you have a printer on top of your desk, then there is a good chance that it is a Brother desktop printer. More popularly known as a printer brand, Brother also designs and manufactures sewing machines and related accessories for different markets. Whether you are a sewing enthusiast or own a textile factory, Brother has a sewing machine that suits your needs.

Style 2020

With a history that can be traced back to the late 19th century, the Universal style of needles was originally introduced by Singer. Known before as the 15x1 design, other sewing machine manufacturers also adopted the needle design and incorporated it with their machines. Today, the 15x1 style is more commonly known as Style 2020 or Universal style.

Unless you work with highly specialized fabrics, you can use the Style 2020 needles that come with the Brother Multipack Needles for your needs. This needle type was designed to make stitching and working with woven fabrics a breeze.

Jack of All Trades

If you don’t have time to browse through the many options in the market, then grabbing the Brother Multipack Needles is a no-brainer. Whether you work with a single type of fabric or with multiple kinds, you will certainly benefit from the three sizing options that come with this Brother sewing machine needle kit.

For instance, these Brother sewing machine needles (heavy duty size) can even work with denim, corduroy, and tweed!


While also noting the high quality of these needles, some customers complain about its steep price. If you tend to break needles or find it necessary to replace them frequently, the cost of buying this needle pack regularly can quickly pile up.

Final Thoughts

Brother sewing machines are known for their durability and high performance. Whether it’s a consumer-grade machine or an industrial one, you won’t go wrong with choosing Brother. Their needles also live up to their reputation as they are notably made of strong materials and endure heavy and long workloads. 

Grab yourself a pack of Brother Multipack Needles and get stitching!

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