Upgrade Your Sewing Game With Brother Sewing Machine Accessories

May 18, 2022

Have you been using a sewing machine but want more functionality out of it? Or did your sewing machine break down, and you need more spare parts? Sewing machine manufacturers like Brother offer spare parts and sewing accessories for their sewing machines. If you own a Brother sewing machine, you should think about buying sewing accessories.

Sewing accessories can massively improve the way you use your Brother sewing machine. For instance, if you would like to stitch zippers for your sewing projects, an F004N zipper foot can make the process faster and easier. There are other Brother sewing machine accessories and supplies like this one that can improve your workflow and make sewing much a more enjoyable experience.

Read more to see which ones can suit your sewing needs!

What Sewing Machine Accessories Can You Buy?

brother sewing machine accessories - Closeup of the bobbin compartment

A sewing machine is a complicated piece of machinery. While it is designed to fulfill a very specific task, you can make it better by installing additional sewing accessories. These sewing accessories can give you the exact function you are looking for without buying another sewing machine that has it built-in. 

Below are the other kinds of sewing machine accessories that you can buy individually or as a Brother sewing machine accessories kit.

Presser Feet

Every sewing enthusiast starts by doing sewing projects by hand. They have to do hand-stitching, and, as they do, they must hold the fabric so that the needle and thread pass through with ease. When using a sewing machine, however, they no longer have to. Instead, a presser foot "steps" on the fabric to keep it in place as it works on it.

Most sewing machines come with an all-purpose presser foot that works well with sewing projects. However, if you wish to focus on a specific sewing project, you can buy specialized presser feet specifically designed for it. For instance, sewing enthusiasts who want to do quilting projects can attach an F034N quilting walking foot.

Embroidery Hoops

Do you enjoy embroidery? Doing embroidery by hand is an excellent way to pass the time. However, if you are producing embroidery projects as a source of income, doing it by hand will be tedious and painstakingly slow. Fortunately, embroidery machines can save you from hours of hunching over your desk.

If you have a Brother embroidery machine, you can replace the pre-installed embroidery hoop or embroidery frame with alternative ones. If you wish to work on a small embroidery project, the Brother EF61 small embroidery frame can do the trick. On the other hand, if you have a large project, the Brother EF60 extra-large embroidery frame can fit a working space with the dimensions of 300 x 130mm.


Whether you use your hand or a sewing machine to make stitches on fabric, you may have ended up with a tangled mess of threads. A sewing machine chugs along as it takes in the thread from the spool and makes stitches on your fabric. An improperly installed thread can result in a frustrating mess in such a situation.

Bobbins in a sewing machine facilitate thread flow from the spool up to the presser foot. They are detachable, so you can replace them with those you prefer. Unfortunately, they are not universal. Some manufacturers use a different design that won't fit on other machines. You can use plastic or metal bobbins for your top-loading or front-loading Brother sewing machine.

Embroidery Thread Sets

Rather than buying embroidery thread individually, you can save money by purchasing embroidery thread sets. An embroidery thread set contains a collection of threads with varying colors and different textures. So if you need to work on an embroidery project involving a wide range of colors, an embroidery thread set can save you from a trip to the craft store.

Brother sells different embroidery thread sets with a varying number of colors. The smallest embroidery thread set you can find has the 12 mostly used primary colors. Meanwhile, more expensive thread sets can go up to 40 colors, including different shades and hues. The 40-color embroidery thread set works best with large projects involving a high amount of detail and complexity.

Extension Tables

Brother sewing machines come with ample workspace for your projects. However, large projects may require a bigger workspace. If this is the case, you can attach an extension table for your Brother sewing machine. Extension tables make the workspace larger to suit your needs, and they come in different dimensions.

For instance, some extension tables are long while others have a square shape. When buying an extension table, make sure that it is compatible with the specific model of your Brother sewing machine, as they are not universal. Examples of Brother extension tables include the WT10, WT12, WT13, WT14, WT15, and WT16.

Embroidery Designs

Unlike hand embroidery, machine embroidery lets you take advantage of the consistency of an embroidery machine. With a digital embroidery machine, you can repeat the same embroidery design again and again with near-perfect accuracy. Brother also sells embroidery designs on USB flash drives which you can plug into compatible sewing machines.

Brother has themed embroidery designs, including the Petit, Summer, Spring, Winter, Oriental, and 3D collections. There are also third-party embroidery designs that can offer you more alternatives to choose from. Do take note that first-party offerings are sure to work with your Brother sewing machine.

Circular Sewing Attachment

Do you know that you can make stitches in different shapes aside from a straight line? If you deem guiding the fabric under the presser foot a challenge, you should get a circular sewing attachment for your Brother sewing machine. They work similarly to a ruler. They come with different measurements and angles to help you make circular, angled, and zigzag stitches.

You can easily install the Brother Circular Sewing Attachment in seconds. The sewing accessory has angled measurements from 0 to 90 degrees. If you also work on quilting projects, you can think of this accessory as a must-have. With the help of this sewing accessory, you can produce near-perfect curves and angles.

Final Thoughts

After investing in a Brother sewing machine, you can expand its functions and add more features using a Brother sewing machine accessories and supplies kit. Instead of buying them individually, you can buy sets online or from your nearest craft store. Sewing machine accessories won't cost you an arm and a leg, making them great value for your sewing hobby.For more sewing accessories, you can visit our Tools and Accessories section, or read more of the rest of our blog.

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