Let This Bernette Sewing Machine Bring Your Sewing Projects to the 21st Century

March 25, 2022

For some people, sewing is a fulfilling and rewarding hobby. Aside from the meditative and calming effects of hand-stitching, you get to appreciate a tangible reward at the end of a sewing project. Once you feel confident about your sewing skills, you can easily transform your hobby into a full-time job!

Unfortunately, hand-stitching is painfully slow, considering the number of projects you have to finish. Your turnaround time will suffer if you remain sewing garments by hand. So why not invest in a high-performance sewing machine?

If you are excited to discover what Bernette sewing machines have to offer you, then scroll down and continue reading below!

What Is a Sewing Machine?

Are your hands getting tired because of non-stop stitching all day and night? Maybe it’s time to get yourself a sewing machine! A sewing machine can help you improve your turnaround time while drastically reducing mistakes in your sewing projects. Even small tailoring and sewing businesses choose to invest in sewing machines.

While the price tags of sewing machines widely vary, make sure you are getting the most out of your hard-earned money. As such, there are things you have to consider when purchasing a machine for yourself and your future small business. In the following section, we enumerate some characteristics of a good sewing machine.

What Makes a Good Sewing Machine?

bernette sewing machine - Seamster frustrated about his machine

Have you decided to buy a sewing machine but have no clue where and how to start? Let us help you out! Below are some things you must be acquainted with before making a purchase. While they may all look the same and serve the same purpose, not all sewing machines can meet your needs. 

Become a better-informed seamster by familiarizing yourself with the following:


No matter how good any sewing machine is, it is useless if you cannot afford it. So you must set a price range that you can comfortably work with. Your budget will determine which sewing machines on the market you can consider.  

However, do not go for the cheapest option as such machines usually cut corners, resulting in a cheap but substandard machine. If you are at the store, ask the sales representative about similarly priced machines. Having a catalog in hand can be useful when considering your options.

Stitch Options

While learning how to sew, you became familiar with the basic stitches that every sewer needs to master. Likewise, your sewing machine must be capable of doing the most basic stitches and some more. These basic stitches include the straight stitch, the zigzag stitch, the straight stretch stitch, the tri-motion stitch, the blind hem stitch, and the buttonhole stitch.

To make your workflow quicker, do not forget to check the controls on the machine. Switching from one stitch to another should be seamless and easy so that your workflow will not be disrupted.

Additional Features

Aside from making stitches, sewing machines can also come with a wide variety of features. These features can make your workflow quicker. For instance, some sewing machines come with a digital display which you can use to make adjustments easily. There are even sewing machines that let you import digital patterns and designs.

Introducing the Bernette b79 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

bernette sewing machine - Bernette b79 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Do you want to go beyond a simple sewing machine? The Bernette b79 sewing and embroidery machine might be the perfect sewing buddy for you. As the latest flagship product of one of the most respected names in the sewing industry, the Bernette b79 offers a compelling set of features perfect for new and seasoned sewers alike.

Specs at a Glance

  • Available on Amazon for $1,999.00
  • From Bernina Textile Group
  • Bernette’s flagship sewing machine
  • Perfect for both sewing and embroidery in a single package
  • Comes with a 5-inch digital touchscreen display
  • With multi-function knobs for navigation
  • Has three embroidery hoops and hoop detection
  • Produces even stitches, thanks to the dual-feed mechanism
  • Countless embroidery possibilities with Bernina Toolbox
  • Compatible with common embroidery design formats
  • Can read embroidery designs from a USB flash drive
  • Comes with a Bernina 20-year warranty

Two Machines for the Price of One

Are you fond of making dresses with intricate embroidery? With the Bernette 79 sewing and embroidery machine, you can make beautiful and sophisticated embroidered dresses without buying separate sewing and embroidery machines. You can think of the Bernette b79 as a fusion of other Bernette sewing machines: the b70 Deco and the b77. 

Made for Absolute Beginners

Most beginners are probably from the younger generation who grew up with smartphones and tablets. If you are one of them, you will find using and setting up the Bernette machine easy and intuitive. It has a 5-inch display that also works as a touchscreen, making it easy to adjust settings and input a wide range of embroidery designs. In addition, the multi-function knobs make navigation fast and easy.

Comfortable Working Space

If you see yourself working with large projects, you can rely on the Bernette machine to give you enough room for them. From the right side of the needle, you can take advantage of the 230 mm of working space. To help you see and appreciate every detail of your project, the Bernina sewing machine also comes with four LED lights. In addition, the free arm table adds more room for you to work with.

Near Limitless Design Possibilities

Have you run out of creative ideas for your embroidery designs? With the Bernina Toolbox software, you can import a wide range of embroidery designs to your Bernette b79 and have them stitched for you. Aside from ready-made designs, you can also design your own. The Bernette b79 also has a USB port for your embroidery files.


When televisions became “smart” and shipped with more functions such as internet connectivity and smart apps, what many people noticed was that they also took a while to start up. Likewise, the Bernette b79 takes up a few seconds up to an entire minute to start. While this sounds like a minor inconvenience, for some, it could easily become a source of frustration.

If you already have a sewing machine, you probably find it easy to carry and move around your house. Small compact sewing machines are easy to store when not in use. Unfortunately, the Bernina sewing machine weighs around 44 pounds, making it difficult to carry since it is a bulky mechanical sewing machine. This computerized sewing machine is more suitable for those with dedicated sewing rooms.


As a Bernina brand, Bernette products are covered by their extensive warranty policy. Their warranty can be summed up as a 2-5-20 scheme. You can have the electrical parts of your machine serviced within two years from the date of purchase (DOP). For five years from DOP, you can have the printed circuit boards (PCB) repaired, and for 20 years, its mechanical parts.

Final Thoughts

Starting a new hobby can certainly be an expensive commitment. Aside from the thread and fabric, you also have to invest in a sewing machine. However, with the right sewing machine, you can easily earn the money you invested back. 

The Bernette sewing machine (b79) combines the functions of both sewing and embroidery machines in a single package. Bring your sewing and embroidery skills to the 21st century with the Bernette b79 sewing and embroidery machine!

Want to learn more about other machines? Check out some of our sewing and embroidery content here! We have reviews and buying guides for your every sewing adventure!

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