Bernette Sewing Machine: A Charmer for Learners and Teachers

March 7, 2022

Masters who teach the sewing craft find the Bernette sewing machine a good learning tool. This is a statement with weight considering the level of skill and experience teachers have about the art of stitching things. That's enough for us to be intrigued with the Bernette machine. If you're planning on learning sewing as a hobby or profession, join us in exploring this beautiful machine and what makes it a good choice for you.

Features of the Bernette Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Professionals see the Bernette as a teaching tool for beginner sewing hobbyists and aspiring seamsters alike. So, let's take a look at the features of the Bernette embroidery and sewing machine that make it worthy of being brought to the student's table.

LED lights

Students and experts alike will benefit from any visual boost, especially where the needle strikes the fabric. It's important to see the quality and consistency of the stitches from start to end.

Bernette helps the sewist visualize patterns and see more of the fabric with the two built-in LED lights under the machine's arm. LED lights are brighter than regular lights and have more lumens. These make sure you see everything happening under your needle day or night.

Manual Settings for Needle Positions and Stitch Styles

The Barnette B05 Academy machine lets you easily configure needle positions and style preferences. Instead of a complicated digital settings screen, the machine goes the classic route with manual knobs that you can turn clockwise or counterclockwise.

Beginners who are not tech-savvy will appreciate the straightforward knob approach. They can determine the stitch width (for zigzag), needle position, and style by just turning each knob dedicated to each of these configurations.

30 Plus 2 Exclusive Stitches

A wide selection of stitch styles is a nice thing to have. A selection of around 20 would be common for most sewing machines. The Bernette B05, however, rises above average with thirty different stitch styles to choose from, plus two exclusive stitches. A student may only use one, but it's amazing to have plenty of stitches to learn in the future.

12 Unique Feet

The more sewing feet you have, the more creativity you can put into your project. Bernette B05 Academy, once again, offered more than your average sewing feet options of 3 to 6 and doubled it to 12 unique presser feet. These options will help you think up more ideas for stitching and embroidering. Check out the list of these twelve presser foot options in the next section.

Easy Buttonhole Stitches

Tackling embroidery projects will often need some buttonhole stitches. And it could get tricky, especially if you're using an embroidery machine. Barnette makes it easy for you to execute this stitching process with their easy buttonhole stitch feature that only takes one step to do.

Extension Table

A sewist often works with a variety of fabric sizes. And varying fabric sizes need different surface areas for the sewist to work economically. Bernette B05 has an extension table you can attach to the machine's bed for larger or even thicker fabrics. Remove the standard bed surface and attach the extension table if you need a wider sewing table.

Stitch Speed Control

Learners who are still getting the hang of using a sewing machine will always prefer starting slow. That's why stitch speed control is important. The Bernette has a stitch speed of 1100 per minute. For an amateur, this can be overwhelming, but Bernette has a speed control feature that sewists can use to slow the movement of the needle, allowing more accurate stitching.

Needle Protector

The needle protector, also known as the finger guard, is a small yet significant feature. This addition practically eliminates injuries from sewing or embroidery, especially for those who are inexperienced.

Sewists will guide the fabric along the sewing needle with their fingers, and they will hold it close to where the needle strikes. If you’re not careful, a finger can get caught in between. The finger guard keeps your guiding finger at a safe distance while letting you help the fabric along with precision.

bernette sewing machine (2) - Front side of a white and blue Bernette sewing machine.

The Bernette Sewing Machine Accessories

The purchase of a Bernette B05 Academy comes with other accessories that will make it functional immediately out of the box. Check out these items that make up the Bernette package. Note that these accessories may not all be part of the package variations.

12 Different Sewing Feet

  • Free motion foot
  • One-step buttonhole foot
  • Blind stitch foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Rolled edge foot
  • Open toe foot
  • Edge joining foot
  • Overcast foot
  • Invisible zipper foot
  • Teflon foot
  • Edgestitch foot
  • Zigzag foot

Sewing Accessories

  • Bernina needle set
  • Finger guard
  • Extension table
  • Height compensation tool
  • Screwdriver
  • Spool pin
  • Spool felt
  • Oiler
  • Spool net
  • Seam ripper

Things We Like About the Bernette B05 Academy Machine

The B05 Academy is loaded with features that any wide-eyed learner will find fascinating. So, we're going to put our newbie lenses to see the things a starting sewist will like about this machine. Here are some of them:

Wide range of options - Having plenty of choices in a single product is always a delight not just for beginners but for every sewist. And Bernette gets this. That's why they stuffed their machine with 32 stitch styles and threw in 12 kinds of the presser foot.

Makes buttonhole stitching convenient - Beginners who are tiring to get into embroidery projects will encounter this stitching technique, it may not be an easy thing to learn, but at least Bernette will guide them through it.

Speed set-up - Slow is key when trying to learn new things. And we're glad Bernette understands this. The speed control serves as training wheels for learners until they're confident enough to do a swift pass on the fabric.

Safety - The most important feature we like about the Bernette B05 Academy is the finger guard. Learners will make mistakes, and we're hoping it is not as awful as stitching their own fingers during the learning process. However, Bernette makes sure this is prevented, so learning how to sew becomes a fun activity.

One Little Thing We Want to See From the Bernette Heavy-Duty Sewing Machine

Weight is one thing we'd like to see an improvement on because 19.5 pounds is a bit on the heavy side of a sewing machine. Not to mention the addition of other large attachments such as an extension table which the learner must carry. It can cause a bit of hand and arm strain.

The Sewing Machine for the Serious Learner

Bernette is a sewing machine designed with a contradiction. It looks simple, but it can deliver complexity. That's what makes it perfect for learners. They get hooked on how modest this machine appears, but it also delivers the range of options a student needs to satisfy their curiosity and creativity. Sewing masters will definitely find the Bernette B05 Academy a good teaching medium that students can grow on.

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