A To-Do List for Smooth and Fun Traveling With Your Sewing Machine and Why You Need a Sewing Machine Cover

March 11, 2022

Are you having your first ever sewing trip? Or are you going for a quick vacation, and you just want to bring your mighty little machine? Whether you're the former or the latter, traveling with your sewing machine can be both exciting and stressful.

Whether it's before you leave, during the trip, or after it, there are some things to consider. It might be overwhelming for beginners, but don't worry! We're here to help you make the most out of this trip. We have compiled a quick list of sewing-related tasks if you plan to take your sewing machine out anytime soon. 

We'll include a brief section about using a sewing machine cover for your sewing machine as a bonus. It is useful in many more ways than you might think. Let's get this checklist rolling!

sewing machine cover and case - woman wearing a yellow dress and holding a quilting bag 

Sewing Adventures: A To-Do List to Make the Most Out of Your Trip Without Breaking Sweat

It's your first time traveling with a sewing machine that you cherish so much. So naturally, you want this trip to be as enjoyable as possible. However, first times are notorious for mistakes, so you might be worried about various things.

You may use this to-do list as a guide to minimize mistakes and not miss out on anything important for sewing enthusiasts like you! Check out our list below.

Prepare Complete Sewing Supplies

Before you do anything else, check if you have packed all of your sewing supplies. It should at least include the following:

  • Sewing machine
  • Tape measure
  • Sewing needles (for sewing machine and hand sewing) in various sizes
  • Sewing scissors
  • Threads and fabric
  • Sewing pins and pincushion
  • Seam ripper or crochet hook

Of course, these might not be the only tools you will need. However, they're the most common sewing essentials so that you can make something out of sewing. So list down all the necessary supplies beforehand. 

Put Sewing Supplies in Safe Storage

Once you have all of your sewing supplies, it's time to put them in a safe place. You wouldn't want to lose or break any of them while on the go (especially your sewing machine). Most importantly, safe storage will spare you the hassle of traveling with sewing equipment.

There are many types of storage that can accommodate different sewing accessories. First, you have a sewing machine case or bag as general storage and a sewing machine cover as a dust cover. There are also transparent jars, wooden containers, or hanging pockets. If you have a talent for creating, you can also take the DIY storage route.

Visit Fabric Stores

Here's one of the most fun parts when you're on a trip with your sewing kit. If you're looking to purchase fabrics, now is the time to do it! You might not have a chance to do it later when you reach the destination. Plus, fabric stores are great places for sewing inspiration and techniques.

Do you have a specific fabric or any sewing-related store in mind? Some fabrics are best bought from their local stores (e.g., floral prints from Hawaiian local fabric shops). It will also be a good experience to see what the sewing departments are like in other places. 

sewing machine covers for all machine - colorful fabric store

Get Souvenirs and Provide Extra Space for Them

It's inevitable. You will find something lovely, colorful, and unique to take home with you as a souvenir from your sewing-centered trip. Don't worry; we're not saying you should leave empty-handed! Instead, be mindful of providing extra space for souvenirs in your luggage.

This takes us back to the preparation stage. Don't forget to bring some extra bags with you; something lightweight but sturdy enough for storage like tote bags. If you're lucky, you might find enough space in your sewing machine case.

Meet Like-Minded Sewing Enthusiasts

Adventure time is socializing time! A sewing trip is a great opportunity to meet fellow sewing enthusiasts and learn from each other. As mentioned, fabric stores are one of the best places for it. You'll most likely meet someone there who shares your sewing passion.

Moreover, you can meet sewing professionals, especially if your trip is to a sewing class or a workshop. A simple connection can go a long way, so don't hesitate to start a conversation with your fellow sewing lovers and make the most of your journey. Also, don't forget to exchange contact information before you part ways!

Take Your Lessons Seriously

We know it's your first time, but try not to get too carried away. Don't miss out on significant sewing lessons, especially if you're traveling for a class or workshop. Keep in mind that you're on a trip to learn new techniques and hone the skills you already have besides having fun.

When you talk to other sewing enthusiasts or professionals, grab the opportunity to ask about important matters. Don't just chat about trivial things; blend in some sewing subjects and learn from each other. These lessons will be helpful for your career in the long run.

Sewing Machine Material Highlight: Sewing Machine Covers

How would you like a pretty cover to protect your sewing machine?

A sewing machine cover and case is a soft material that you place over your sewing machine to protect it from dust and other harmful external particles. You should have one because dirt will accumulate and cause damage to your sewing machine over time without it. It's especially important when you're traveling.

When Should You Use a Cover for Your Sewing Machine?

As much as possible, we recommend using sewing machine covers for all sewing machines. Dust and dirt are the greatest enemies of machines like this, and this item can protect your investment.

Even when you're not traveling, you can put on the cover when the machine is not in use. Want more? You can take the DIY route and show off your fantastic sewing skills with a gorgeous sewing machine cover pattern.

Fly High With Your Sewing Passion on Hand

Traveling with your sewing machine is a great opportunity to showcase your sewing passion and learn significant lessons that will help improve your skills. Whether you're going for a sewing-related trip or simply on vacation, bringing your machine can open doors for inspiration, connection, and growth.

However, it can be challenging for beginners. You want to enjoy the whole trip, but you find yourself overwhelmed with various concerns. Where should I go first? What should I do to make the most of every minute? How should I pack and bring my sewing kit?

That's understandable. You don't have enough experience yet, and it's not easy to bring an entire sewing kit along. For this reason, we made this checklist for you. We hope it helps you create a memorable first sewing trip. Cheers to fun and rewarding adventures! 

Should you need more information about sewing supplies or buying guides for a portable sewing machine, browse more of our helpful articles.

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