5 Jam-Packed Emergency Sewing Kits for Everyday Survival

April 27, 2022

Have you ever pulled out your favorite frock for a special event, only to find a little tear on it? We’ve all had this clothing fiasco, and most of the time, we’re unprepared. 

Sewing supplies are often the most forgotten in emergency kits, and clothes tearing or ripping is the last thing in our heads when we head out to parties or travel a hundred miles away from our homes. 

With that, we give you these heavy duty emergency sewing kits that might save you from moments of total embarrassment. 

1. VelloStar Emergency Sewing Kit for Adults

Product highlights

You won’t find anything missing from this sewing kit. It has every accessory you need in one compact case. Not only does it hold sewing supplies, but this VelloStar sewing kit also has personal care tools such as a nail clipper and tweezers. This set is a sure steal with a sweet price of $16.97. 

The waterproof case is made from Oxford cloth fabric with a compartment sleeve outside and elastic holders to keep things neat inside. The kit's sewing contents are:

  • 24 spools of thread in popular colours (100 yards for each spool)
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape with a double scale up to 60 inches or 150 cm
  • Seam ripper
  • Safety and push pins 
  • Plastic and metal buttons
  • 30 assorted needles and six large-eye needles
  • Needle threaders
  • Magnet
  • Metal thimbles 
  • Fabric Pencil
Pros Cons
Has a complete set of sewing supplies in one caseHard to pull one tool out without it snagging on others 
Strong threads with an array of colours 
Has other essentials such as a nail clipper and tweezers 

2. Coquimbo Emergency Sewing Kit Travel

Product highlights

Many of us don't have the luxury of packing everything we want and need into our suitcases. So we resort to packing travel-size kits and organizers. Coquimbo's travel sewing kit has all of the important sewing supplies you need in one handy case: 

  • A pair of stainless steel scissors
  • Measuring tape 
  • 12 different coloured spools of thread
  • 16 assorted needles in a needle holder 
  • 3 white plastic buttons 
  • 2 needle threaders 
  • 2 straight pins and 1 safety pin 
  • A seam ripper 
  • 1 metal thimble 

This emergency sewing kit is the right size for your carry-on, and it won't be too bulky in your luggage. This $7.99 kit is the second cheapest one on our list. 

Pros Cons
Very small and portable for your travels You receive the spools of thread in random colours. 
Complete kit for basic sewing 

3. Embroidex Emergency Kit Sewing

Embroidex Emergency Sewing Kit

Product highlights

Embroidex is suitable for easy clothing repairs if you look for basic colours for your quick stitching. It's even smaller than the Coquimbo emergency kit. To give you an idea, it's smaller than a CD case! 

It comes with all of the essential sewing supplies you need, such as:

  • 14 primary coloured spools of thread
  • Measuring tape
  • A metal thimble 
  • Stainless steel scissors 
  • 2 threaders 
  • 2 straight pins 
  • A seam ripper 
  • Assorted needles in a needle holder 
Pros Cons
Sharp, durable scissors that don’t bend easily Difficult and messy to unwrap the threads 
The cheapest priced sewing kit at $5.99 
Smaller and more compact than the Coquimbo kit

4. Evergreen Art Supply Emergency Sewing Kit

Evergreen Art Suppling Sewing Kit

Product highlights

Are you a sewing enthusiast that needs a portable yet expansive kit for your clothing repairs? Do you want long-lasting needles imported from Japan and a metal crochet hook made from sleek faux leather? Then, you can rely on this sewing kit. 

Evergreen's essential sewing kit competes with a list of accessories like:

  • A pair of scissors 
  • 30 assorted needles 
  • Metal crochet hook 
  • Knitting needle 
  • 18 spools of thread
  • Seam ripper 
  • 4 plastic buttons 
  • Measuring tape 
  • 18 pins 
  • 4 safety pins 
  • Threader 
  • Magnifying glass 
  • Metal thimble 
  • Coloured marking pencil 
Has additional tools such as a magnifying glass and a crochet hookScissors have plastic handles and dull edges that make it harder to cut. 
Threads are available in needed colours plus 2 extra whites and 2 extra blacks 
Casing is sturdy and made of a sleek leather material 

5. Juning Emergency Sewing Kit 

Product highlights

An emergency kit shouldn’t have too many pins or buttons; in fact, it should have only the essentials. The Juning sewing kit has the essential sewing supplies with additional personal care tools for your home and travel needs. Instead of extensive tools that you will hardly ever use, this brand focuses more on the spools of thread and needles. 

The set contains:

  • 24 different coloured spools 
  • 30 assorted needles
  • Tape measure 
  • Seam ripper
  • Safety pins 
  • Coloured pins 
  • Stainless scissors 
  • Plastic needle threader 
  • Tweezers 
  • Nail clipper 
Pros Cons
Plenty of threads for a small sewing kit Most spools have no visible start to the thread
Has hygienic tools for trimming nails and pulling out hair 
Great deal for all of its contents 

Final Thoughts

Emergency sewing kits are versatile kits you can use for your wardrobe malfunctions and your DIYs. It's a guaranteed necessity whether you're in the confines of your house or out travelling.

Our top picks above are super convenient and useful anywhere you go. In addition, most sewing needles and tools come in extras, so you won't have to worry about running out. Take your pick, and start your clothing repairs today! 

For more reliable sewing kits and accessories for everyday or emergency use, check out Threadstop for awesome product reviews!

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