Singer Sewing Kit: Stock up on 4 Must-Haves for Your Sewing Machine

June 28, 2022

Sewing can be a fun, creative way to express yourself, but it's hard to get started if you don't have the right tools. Many beginner sewists give up on sewing because they think they need to restock on expensive supplies. 

However, that's not true! You can start sewing with quality accessories and tools from Singer. You probably have a sewing machine from this brand. And if you're like most people with this equipment, you've probably had to replace the needle at some point. Sooner or later, a sewer needs to stock up on some essential supplies for their machine. Here are four kits that should be on your list!

#1. Singer Sewing Supplies Kit for Sewing Machine Maintenance

Even though sewing machines are quite durable, they still require regular maintenance to run smoothly. A maintenance kit for sewing machines is a great way to make sure that your equipment is always in top working condition. The kit usually includes everything you need to oil and clean the machine.

What's Inside the Kit? 

  • 1 vinyl sewing machine cover
  • 1 needle organizer
  • 1 needle thread with a magnifier 
  • 1 screwdriver set (2 flatheads and 1 Phillips)
  • 1 machine oil and 0.7 oz oil
  • 1 lint brush with needle inserter

What We Love About It

For All Machines 

It may be a sewing maintenance kit from Singer, but it is made to ensure any brand or model of a sewing machine runs smoothly. 

Repairs and Maintains 

It has all-purpose oil to reduce and eliminate friction between metal parts. It also has a screwdriver set with different heads for changing needle plates or adjusting bobbin case tensions and other hard-to-reach areas. You can then cover your machine right after fixing it. 

Travel Size

The whole pack is 0.94 x 8.5 x 8.82 inches, which you can easily fit inside your pocket. It's perfect for on-the-go sewists who go door-to-door for their sewing services.

What We Don't Like About It 

You might get a magnifying glass with a marked thumbprint because of a manufacturing problem, making it useless. Moreover, some customers get broken oil containers due to shipping issues. 

#2. Sew-It-Goes Singer Sewing Kit for Sewing Machine 

Have you ever had a sewing emergency? Whether you've ripped your pants at work or your child's favorite stuffed animal has a torn seam, it's always handy to have a sewing kit on hand. That's where the Sew-It-Goes Singer sewing machine kit comes in! This kit includes everything you need to work, from most used color threads to different hand needles. 

What's Inside the Kit? 

  • 1 storage case
  • 18 large spools of thread
  • 60-inch tape measure
  • 3 needle threaders
  • 40 hand needles with storage 
  • 15 safety pins 
  • 24 small polyester machine thread spools 
  • 3x metal thimbles
  • 6 snap fastener
  • 1 pin cushion
  • 1 seam ripper
  • 100x dressmaker pins 
  • 4 hook and bar sets 
  • 4 hook and eye sets
  • 1 5.5-inch comfort grip scissors
  • 12 buttons 

What We Love About It

Colorful Spools

Do you want a kit with metallic and neon threads? This Singer kit has them for you. This way, you have the right color for every fabric. 

Customized Organization

Aside from having a compact carrying case, the kit has three removable translucent drawers that you can rearrange to fit large sewing supplies. The large spools on top fit snugly to avoid tangles and knots while carrying it during travel. 

Lightweight Space Saver 

Whether outside or at home, working on your sewing project, you can easily move around with the Sew-It-Goes, thanks to its grip handle and tight yet easy-to-open latch. Together with supplies and tools inside, the kit weighs about 4.49 pounds. 

What We Don't Like About It 

The casing is part acrylic, so it can crack or break easily if improperly handled. 

#3. Singer Sewing Machine Accessory Kit 

Singer Presser Sewing Machine Kit

If your presser foot is at its limit, this Singer sewing kit can replace it with any type, from sewing to quilting. It's also great for more experienced sewers who need replacement parts or want to have a spare set on hand.  

What's Inside the Kit? 

  • 1 storage case
  • 1 blind hem foot
  • 1 cording hem foot
  • 1 darning/freehand embroidery foot
  • 1 even feed/walking foot
  • 1 gathering foot
  • 1 narrow rolled hem foot
  • 1 overcasting foot
  • 1 satin stitch foot
  • 1 straight stitch foot
  • 1 twin needle 

What We Love About It

Versatile Functions

Do you have a multi-functional machine or two different ones for sewing and embroidery? This kit is ideal for enthusiasts like you. It has an even feed foot, a perfect addition to your Singer sewing machine quilting kit. 

Advanced Accessories 

Professional sewists do repairs and decorative stitches that will wow every customer. Luckily, this kit has feet for cording and freehand embroidery to make embellishments like cords or monograms. 

Compatible Feet

All the feet in this kit are compatible with the most low-shank sewing machines and are not limited to Singer models and other brands. 

What We Don't Like About It 

The feet are so snugged in the padded case that removing them is hard. 

#4. Singer Sewing Kit for Cutting and Marking

Sometimes, when you look at your sewing station, you don't feel the spark because of mundane-looking tools and accessories. Singer has the perfect kit to brighten your sewing projects—Singer Measure, Mark, and Cut.

What's Inside the Kit? 

  • 1 duo tracing wheel 
  • 200 head pins in a jar with a pin cushioned lid
  • 1 heavy-duty scissors 
  • 1 leatherette retractable pocket tape measure

What We Love About It

Vintage Look

It’s the color cyan with black accents, especially on the cushioned lid, that makes you feel like you're in the 50s again. It's colored-coded right down to the pearlized pins, which are black, white, silver, and cyan. 

Multi-Tool Wheel

You don't have to rummage through your sewing supplies for different tracing wheels if you have this multi-tool on hand. It has a smooth edge wheel and a serrated edge wheel that you can use together to mark 1/4 inch of fabric. Plus, it's retractable to avoid any accidents when you retrieve it from your storage.

Ambidextrous Scissors 

This kit comes with a pair of sharp shears suitable for right and left-handed sewists. The blades are tempered and ground for durability and strength. 

What We Don't Like About It 

The scissors don't come with a sheath or cover, making them dangerous to store and retrieve. 

Per-Sew Sewing With All of the Kits!

Sew-It-Goes Singer Sewing Kit for Sewing Machine

Have you tried out any of the Singer sewing kits mentioned above? There's no clear winner here. They all serve an important function, which is to help you keep on pursuing what you love. We highly suggest you purchase everything and put them in the big Sew-It-Goes storage case to anticipate any sudden sewing project or machine issues. 
Check out our other Threadstop reviews and guides for amazing sewing supplies like thread, fabric, needles, and more. Happy stitching!

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