Deal With Basic Alterations Using These 4 Military Sewing Kits

July 11, 2022

Most military soldiers deal with rucksack seams, broken zippers, or shredded gear in training and active duty. Even though it doesn't seem like a big deal, needles and thread can actually save soldiers from minor inconveniences such as ripped boots or tears in their uniform while out on duty.

In this roundup post, we present four military sewing kits that you may use to fix any sewing issue while you're on the go. These sewing kits guarantee that your seams will keep together in any army condition.

#1 Raine Military Sewing Kit

Raine Military Sewing Kit

Raine Tactical has developed the ideal solution: an army military sewing kit compact enough to fit conveniently in your bag but still has all the equipment required to do the job effectively.

What capabilities lie behind this tactical gear? Let's explore by learning more about the sewing kit's structural qualities.

Product Name: Raine Military Sewing Kit
Included ComponentsScissors, Threads, Buttons
Item Weight0.1 pounds
Color Black

Why Is Raine Tactical a Recommended Sewing Kit?

Raine Tactical has a long history of providing high-quality sewing kits that you can count on in the direst of military circumstances. Consider the advantageous features listed below.

  • Three Pocketed Zippers: Thanks to the nylon sewing case's three pocketed zippers, you won't have trouble accessing your sewing equipment. No more hunting for your supplies every time you sit down to sew. Instead, you can grab thread, scissors, or buttons and get to work.
  • Tactical Sewing Kit: It comes with everything you need to make basic sewing repairs from tents, tarps, or military jackets, military buttons, three large thread bobbins, needles, pins, and a pair of folding scissors.

Where Does the Raine Military Sewing Kit Fall Short?

Anyone searching for economical and reliable sewing equipment might choose the Raine military sewing kit. The kit only fails in one particular place, though. Here's one:

  • Scissors Are Poor-quality: They lack sufficient sharpness to produce precise cuts.

#2  Marine Corps Deluxe Sewing Kit

Marine Corps Deluxe Sewing Kit

Maintain your military gear with the help of the Marine Corps Deluxe Sewing Kit. Take a quick look at its technical information below.

Product Name: Marine Corps Deluxe Sewing Kit
Included ComponentsWoodland/Desert Buttons, Woodland Spools/Desert spools, 1 Black Spool of Thread, Scissors, Tape Measurement, Safety Pins, Sewing Needles
Item Weight0.14 pounds
Color Black

What Makes the Marine Corps Deluxe Sewing Kit an Excellent USMC Sewing Kit?

Service members needing a dependable and convenient sewing kit should consider the Marine Corps Deluxe sewing kit. When we refer to it as trustworthy and portable, we imply its following excellent features:

  • Great for Field Repairs: This USMC military sewing kit has all the essential sewing tools if you want to embrace navy repairs like patching, zipper repairs, grommet placement, braid repairs, and more.
  • Portable: This compact sewing kit comes with a carrying case, so you can bring it to any destination you need—whether a new duty station or boot camp.

Where Does the Marine Corps Deluxe Sewing Kit Fall Short?

Despite being the navy’s absolute necessity, the kit lacks one essential part:

  • Limited Sewing Needles: Only two needles are present in this kit. This amount may not be enough, especially if you frequently misplace your sewing needles.

#3  Sewing Gear Compact Sewing Kit

The Sewing Gear Compact Sewing Kit is somewhat different from the two products mentioned above, but it still includes all the necessary military sewing supplies.

Product Name: Sewing Gear Compact Sewing Kit
Included ComponentsBasic Sewing Supplies + Measuring Tape, Seam Ripper, Thimble, Tweezers, Pencil, and Elastic Holder
Item Weight0.20 pounds
Color Black

What Makes the Sewing Gear Compact Sewing Kit a Great Addition to the Military?

Even with all that high-tech sewing equipment, nothing beats a good old-fashioned sewing kit like the Sewing Gear kit, making it essential to every soldier's gear. 

  • A Large Number of Sewing Essentials: Unlike the two sewing kits above, this compact sewing kit comes with other sewing essentials like a thimble, measuring tape, and needle holder—all of which can come in handy if you’re into specific sewing projects.
  • PU Leather Case: The leather case is sleek, highly durable, and can easily be thrown in a backpack or taken on the go. The zippers and strong elastic holders keep everything in place, so you don't have to worry about losing anything. 

Where Does the Sewing Gear Compact Sewing Kit Fall Short?

Though it is a small and lightweight sewing kit, the Sewing Gear Compact sewing kit lacks some essential areas that would make it more useful for on-the-go repairs. 

  • A Narrow Needle Eye: The needle's eye is quite small, so it's challenging for people with vision problems.
  • Dull Pins: The sewing kit's included pins are blunt and not particularly sharp, so it's difficult to penetrate tougher textiles.

#4 Gear Aid Outdoor Sewing Kit

Gear Aid Outdoor Sewing Kit

We are confident that the Gear Aid Outdoor Sewing kit will be reliable for your outdoor military situations. Discover why this navy military sewing kit is your go-to little helper.

Product Name: Gear Aid Outdoor Sewing Kit
Included ComponentsThimble, Seam Ripper, Threads, Buttons, Sewing Needles, Straight and Safety Pins
Item Weight0.06 pounds
Color Black

What Makes the Gear Aid Outdoor Sewing Kit Useful for Military Activities?

The Gear Aid Outdoor sewing kit is a need for anyone actively participating in military activity and training. The following factors make the outdoor sewing kit valuable:

  • Field-Tested: The kit includes a sewing needle and nylon thread that can be used for military activities such as teaching yourself to create a camouflaged shelter made of leaves and branches to disrupt your appearance against the enemy.
  • Lightweight Size: The lightweight size of this sewing kit helps soldiers save on space and weight so they can carry it around.

Where Does the Outdoor Gear Aid Sewing Kit Fall Short?

The Outdoor Gear Aid sewing kit contains all the supplies for mending gear on the go. However, there is one area that could use some improvement:

  • Flimsy Container: The container doesn't offer much protection for the contents. Perhaps moving it with a portable sewing organizer would be better to ensure its safety.

Mission Possible With These 4 Military Sewing Items

One of these four military sewing kits will have you covered no matter what your sewing needs. Each kit is compact and easy to store, so you're always ready for any basic alteration emergencies. Of course, more sewing kits can do specific heavy-duty repairs, but any of these listed items should give you a good starting point.
On the hunt for more sewing kits? Head over to Threadstop, read our buying guides and improve your sewing techniques.

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